July 11, 2006 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

DRAFT Minutes 7/11/06


Present: Todd Wildermuth, Greg Benz, Barb Stevens, Rosemary Lundell, Mari Taffe, George Effrem, MGC Rep Cher Underwood Forsberg, coordinator Ahndi Fridell

Absent:  Dan Blackburn

Guests: CM Betsy Hodges, Twin Cities Marathon reps Dennis Babcock,


Treasurer’s report

Barb reported that there is $1143.98 in the NRP account and $481.09 in the development account.  She got a couple bills, PostNet and do-good.  Approx $700 for last minute (?), more money should be coming soon.


Council Member Comments – Betsy Hodges

  • Ben – traffic light fixed?  Give her feedback if not fixed.  Rodgers told Betsy about issue with pedestrian light there too.
  • Met with people today re: W 32nd St, going wrong way on one-way.  They will start with signage.  Jim Jennings with Minikahda willing to track Minikahda people and send them a letter.  Try to make driveway one-way to club – will deter some.  Additional signs on Excelsior that the entrance is 2-way.  Rosemary brought up the timing of lights at that intersection.
  • George talked about the light at the Woodcarvers – sometimes 5-6 minute wait.
  • Path to Whole Foods from W 31st St – Ben checking on.
  • 7/20 7-9pm meeting at Christ the King regarding teardown, in-fill housing
  • Ward 13 breakfast 3rd Weds 8am at Pearson’s 50th and France
  • Figure out next meeting with neighborhood leaders
  • Betsy met a woman named Kathy Cobb – coming to our winetasting – talk to her about board – new to neighborhood.


Chain of Lake coalition – Todd Wildermuth

Last meeting, 3 people – no real updates – meet once a month – will be info-sharing until something comes up.


Midtown Greenway Coalition – Cher Underwood Forsberg

The kiosk was tagged.  Barb had called Mari and Mari called 311 to report.  Betsy said, if don’t get a call back in a week, call her and she will get on it.

Towing if people park in WFM lot and ride bikes – have been warning people.  $27 to park whole year in the pay lots.


Twin Cities Marathon

  • 25th anniversary
  • They will send out a party race kit, neighborhoods can compete with each other for best party, money will be awarded
  • For volunteer opportunities, contact mtcmarathon.org
  • TCM mascot and trinkets are available for festivals, contact marathon office


Safety strategy

  • Betsy said that the City pays for graffiti on public locations.  Homes and businesses are responsible for graffiti on private locations.
  • Ahndi will check into paint color to replace graffiti on kiosk.
  • Greg will talk to Jennifer at the City to get info on graffiti-resistant products


West Calhoun Community Garden Fundraiser

  • Please note this event was cancelled due to expense of wine and slow ticket sales
  • Thursday, July 20, 6:30-8:30pm, Whole Foods Market patio
  • All proceeds will benefit the garden at the Midtown Greenway Access Point
  • Michael Hauser is the flamenco guitarist ($150 for 2 hours)


Density and Development Guidelines

  • See what the Minneapolis Plan has to say about the issue of density and the impact on traffic
  • Also review the South Lyndale master plan (link on Ward 13 website)
  • Add a separate section about the process WCNC wants developers to follow
  • Add a statement that for multi-family units, the neighborhood would like more input with the developer
  • There is a dilemma with the City’s plan that growth needs to take place along commercial and traffic corridors to preserve the neighborhoods.  This impacts West Calhoun because it encompasses two major corridors, Excelsior Blvd. and Lake St.
  • Ask developers to partner with neighborhood in advocating for mass transit
  • Break the document into sections
  • Emphasize that there are very different areas within West Calhoun:  growth corridors, residential areas, property fronting Parkway, commercial property, office property, single family and multi-family, golf course, greenspace
  • Break document into use categories
  • Question was asked, “What is the physical limit?  How much density can infrastructure support?”
  • An argument was made that although there are commercial and traffic corridors in the neighborhood, it is unique because of the environmental amenities.  WCNC should preserve the lakes and the character of the area due to the unique aspects of the area.
  • Another question: “Are there places we might want to take a stand?  Where are limits we want to set?”
  • Issues such as pollution – imposing on the environmental health of the lakes; recreational use and enjoyment – there is a limit for enjoyment of users.  It is a regional recreational destination.
  • Recognize that the neighborhood is a “hotspot” for development.  There is a collective impact produced by individual developments.
  • How are shading and water issues addressed in the zoning code and Minneapolis Plan?
  • Should we overlap these issues in our document?  Todd & Ahndi arrange to meet with area planner and invite her to Sept. meeting.


Parade of Community Gardens

  • Saturday, August 19, 10am-2pm, 53 gardens on the tour.
  • Board members requested to staff the event
  • Mari will ask Shannon O’Halloran to be present early to answer questions and to write up a description of plants at site
  • Handouts:  map of site, factoids on plants, free seed packets
  • We will ask Chipotle, Noodles, Ben & Jerry’s, other businesses to donate food and drink for that day


Other Business

  • Metro Transit has agreed to let us install one customized shelter at W Calhoun Pkwy & Excelsior Blvd.
  • Can we get some sort of “restaurants here” road sign installed along Greenway?
  • Can something be done about the planting by Jiffy Lube?


Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm


Next meeting will be held Tuesday, August 8, 2006 at 7:00pm in the cooking classroom at Whole Foods Market.  There will be a community vote on safety strategy.

June 13, 2006 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

DRAFT Minutes 6/13/06


Present: Todd Wildermuth, Greg Benz, Barb Stevens, Rosemary Lundell, Mari Taffe, George Effrem, coordinator Ahndi Fridell

Absent:  Dan Blackburn, MGC Rep Cher Underwood Forsberg

Guests: Charlie Ainsworth, John and Margarita Johansson


Corrections to minutes:  No Treasurer’s Report


Treasurer’s report

  • Staff – 2307.56 (2005), 2658.50 (2006); mailings – 1321.65 (2005), 1982.29 (2006); miscellaneous – 670 (2005), 165 (2006)
  • Recent checks:  $200 – sailing moderator, $200 – insurance, permits
  • Got $2000 CPED grant
  • Close is paid up, one bill for Postnet still to be paid


Board Member Elections – Mari Taffe, Chair, Todd Wildermuth, Vice Chair, Barb Stevens, Treasurer.  Slate of nominees unanimously elected to continue positions for one more year.


Council Member Comments from Betsy Hodges (via Mari)

  • Tuesday, June 20, 7pm – Christ the King church will host a meeting to talk about how to be of assistance to North Minneapolis community

Chain of Lakes group – Todd Wildermuth

  • Group has formed but there is no formal responsibility, want to keep in communication about issues related to the Lakes, talked about how to better exchange information
  • Park Board is having a visioning session regarding the Legacy, Park Board headquarters, Wed, June 14
  • Shoreline restoration grant from DNR due in September.  West Calhoun may apply.  Fenced-off section of southwest Calhoun is studying shoreline restoration options.

Neighborhood Summit – Greg Benz

  • Ward 13 group to get together about 4 times a year
  • Pressing concern was communicating about issues and sharing best practices
  • Some neighborhoods have email groups, Greg will be setting up a Google group – newsletters, postcards, table at an event, SW Journal
  • Need to continually market it to have larger


Variance request at 3408 Zenith Ave. S. – Property owner John Johansson and Charlie Ainsworth, Charles Cudd Co.

  • Requesting two variances regarding setback and garage larger than 1000 sq.ft. (two garages combined)
  • Would like Board to send a letter saying that they presented this project to us.  Email to Tara Beard at City Planning Commission, need info in by June 21.
  • Some Board members are concerned about precedent of tear down
  • Ahndi will draft a letter for Board members to approve and send to City planning commission


Density and Development Guidelines

  • Todd suggested the Board think about what is the public interest.  If the Board is speaking for the broader neighbors’ interests.
  • Mari would like to see residential development addressed in the guidelines
  • Language should be included about preserving the character of the neighborhood and architecture should reflect other homes in the neighborhood.
  • Add a statement that immediate neighbors must be invited to WCNC Board meeting when a project is being presented.
  • Presenters should also have pictures of existing property, new plans and proposed changes, precise language from the ordinance in which they are requesting a variance or a CUP, and any letters from neighbors.
  • Board members will look over the guidelines document, make their own changes, seek clarification via email and be prepared to finalize the document in July.


Safety strategy

  • The Board proposed to move $15,000 from Strategy 3, Neighborhood Corridors, to create a new Crime Prevention and Safety Strategy (4 yes, 1 abstention).  A neighborhood vote on August 8 to approve the Plan Modification will be announced in the July newsletter.
  • Language for the Crime Prevention and Safety Strategy will be voted on at the July meeting.


West Calhoun Community Garden Fundraiser

  • Thursday, July 20, 6:30-8:30pm, Whole Foods Market patio
  • All proceeds will benefit the garden at the Midtown Greenway Access Point
  • Board members were requested to sell five tickets each to the July 20 wine-tasting fundraiser.  Ahndi will distribute flyers and tickets to each member.
  • Ahndi will email volunteer jobs for the night of the fundraiser


Parade of Community Gardens

  • Saturday, August 19, 10am-2pm
  • Over 30 gardens on the tour.
  • Board members requested to staff the event
  • Mari will ask Shannon O’Halloran to be present to answer questions
  • Handouts:  map of site, factoids on plants, free seed packets
  • No final decision was made on how to celebrate that day.  An email chain will be started to discuss.


Other Business

  • Metro Transit has denied our request to install shelters on Excelsior Blvd and Market Plaza either on the Fire Dept property or across the street on the Park Board site.  Mari has asked Metro Transit if they would approve customized shelters at 32nd St. and Excelsior Blvd. and West Calhoun Parkway and Excelsior Blvd.  We are still waiting to hear back from them.
  • Field Outdoor Spaces will plant the Access Point in July in advance of the community garden parade.  The adjacent community garden is on hold until we hear back from HCRRA in September.
  • Traffic signals at Lake St. and Market Plaza have been fixed according to Council Member Betsy Hodges’ aide, Ben Hecker.  Newsletter will be coming out in early July.


Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm


Next meeting will be held Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 7:00pm in the cooking classroom at Whole Foods Market.

May 9, 2006 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council


DRAFT Minutes, 5/9/06


Present:  Mari Taffe, Todd Wildermuth, MGC Rep Cher Underwood Forsberg, Barb Stevens, George Effrem, Greg Benz

Absent: Dan Blackburn, Rosemary Lundell, coordinator Ahdni Fridell

Guests:  Betsy Hodges, Frank Hornstein, Scott Dibble, Carsten Slostad

Treasurer Report: Barb gave the treasurer’s report.


Council Member comments – CM Betsy Hodges gave City Council updates:  just changed National Night Out requirements – cost is free up to fourteen days beforehand, will send tape to block off street, can do application online.  Addt’l $2m for public safety this summer.  Housing issues – Betsy working on zoning codes – size and setback.  Betsy – meetings this summer –regarding this topic.  May 23rd meeting with neighborhood chairs/presidents in Ward 13 – better communication.  311 is available.  Signs on Rose Lane – will be installed  – how to contact resident Buddy Ide?  Mari will look up his phone number and call Betsy’s office.


Frank Hornstein and Scott Dibble reported on updates in the State House and Senate.  Both very passionate about transit, very interested in SW corridor.  Trolley, bonding money, rapid transit, traffic pollution, zoning.  Ten days to go in current session – bonding bill $950m public works bill.  Just passed funding bill.  Met Council 2030 transit plan.


WCNC Board Member elections – All current board members are were re-elected for the 2006-2007 year, with the exception of Kristi Olmanson, who stepped down, and Greg Benz, who was newly elected to the board.  The board now has seven members and two openings.


Midtown Greenway Coalition update – Cher Underwood – Cher gave updates on MGC.  Sat June 3 Eco yard and green roof.  Fundraiser – build a bike center.  Cher asked Betsy about recycling and composting.  Betsy said cost and capacity – not much change now.  Composting very complicated – could do it but would be an economic decision.  Cher also asked Betsy about better access from Abbott Ave to Calhoun Commons parking lot – Betsy will check.


NRP Phase I Plan Update – Carsten – bus shelters.  Have to do NRP money through an agency.  Need a contract manager – Park Board or Public Works.  Ben and Carsten meeting on Thurs with Metro Transit people.  Whoever can manage contract – can do two shelters at once – Carsten will keep trying.  Now Phase 2 70%- can be public housing or safety or combo.  Gives more flexibility to those funds.  Todd suggested, if $2k is left over in Strategy #2, use for Welcome to West Calhoun signs in neighborhood.


Community Garden and Access Point planting update

Reviewed the proposed drawings and cost for additional plantings at the Access Point. After discussion, the motion was made and passed to do the additional planting at the Access Point, with the work to be performed by Field Outdoor Spaces.  Will use Strategy #2 for funding.  Per Carsten, do a new contract for the Access Point.  Reviewed the plan for the planting of community garden behind Whole Foods.  Will get preliminary scope of services.  Will need public meeting, plan mod and go out to bid if cost is over $25k.  Agreed to do this project next summer to allow for planning and to build momentum, get volunteers.


WCNC Accomplishments – reviewed 2005-2006 accomplishments and upcoming projects.


Density and Development guidelines document – the document was handed out for everyone to review.  Due to lack of time, this agenda item will carry forward to the June meeting.


Other business – reviewed success of Earth Day cleanup and fire at Access Point.


Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm


Next meeting will be held Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 7:00pm in the cooking classroom at Whole Foods Market.


April 11, 2006 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

DRAFT Minutes 4/11/06


Present:  George Effrem, Todd Wildermuth, Rosemary Lundell, Mari Taffe, coordinator Ahndi Fridell

Absent:  Dan Blackburn, Kristi Olmanson, Barb Stevens, MGC Rep Cher Underwood Forsberg

Guests: Paul Hokeness, Alexander  Zachary – MPRB, Buddy Ide – resident, Betsy Hodges – City Council Member


Treasurer’s Report (via Rosemary)

  • received NRP reimbursement, paid part of Close, Postnet, do-good.biz


Paul Hokeness, Lakes District Manager – Park and Rec Board reorganized a year and a half ago.  Split the city into three district – Lakes, River and Minnehaha.  He is the Parks and Recreation Director of Lakes district – both parks and maintenance report to him.  When people have problems with rec centers, forestry, milfoil, crime, they report to Paul and he delegates staff to work on the problem.  Alexander Zachary is the Lakes District Planner.  Downtown planning department looks at the regional park system and larger project planning (such as Lake Calhoun planning).  Maintenance and overall project supervision would be Alex’s responsibility – playground equipment, computer lab equipment, update basketball courts.


Paul Hokeness 612-313-7717, phokeness@minneapolisparks.org

Alexander Zachary 612-313-7716, azachary@minneapolisparks.org


Rosemary Lundell requested the reinstallation of the fishing dock on west side of Lake Calhoun.  Paul responsed that he’s aware of it, has spoken to DNR about grant program to see if it can be put back in.  A petition from the neighborhood wouldn’t hurt.  Address petition to Paul Hokeness and Tracy Nordstrom.  Hokeness will support it, but there is no money in the budget.


Pond Hockey tournament caused a bad parking problem in the neighborhood.  Can you fix that situation next year?  Also, the banks of the lake were ruined.  Will Park Board be reimbursed for damage to shoreline and plantings?  Todd also reminded Paul that as a condition of the permit, Pond Hockey people should be required to go meet with neighborhood groups.  Most importantly, the Park Board/Pond Hockey folks need to create a plan for shuttling spectators and participants from parking areas to Lake Calhoun.


Mari reminded Paul about shoreline restoration.  Paul will get back to us after speaking to environmental staff.


Jennifer Ringold and Alexander Zachary are checking on what governmental entity “claims” Greenway Access point for signage.


A Park Board planner needs to be assigned to West Calhoun’s bus shelter project.  Board members urged Paul to make that a priority.


Council Member Comments – Betsy Hodges

  • Either Betsy or her staff person, Ben, will normally attend monthly West Calhoun Board meetings.
  • Wireless Minneapolis – City will be a large purchaser of wireless services.  Private vendor will provide low-cost internet access to people who need it.  Council included a Community Benefits agreement; trying to close digital divide for people who don’t have regular access to internet and computers.  Betsy’s reason for supporting the public private partnership was that the cost to the City to get the system up and running was prohibitively expensive.  Currently two vendors are doing pilot projects in two neighborhoods.  Additional meetings are planned to give citizens more information.

April 20 6-8pm Eastside Neighborhood Services

May 3 Waite House

Digitalaccess.org – provides further information

  • Governor criticized City about using NRP money.  That is off the table.  Some state money given for more police officers.  Talks about increased funding will continue.
  • City has put together a task force to determine costs of Instant Runoff Voting.


Rose Lane turns – Buddy Ide

  • West Calhoun neighbor lives off Rose Lane.  Problem with people turning in there getting lost.  Dead-end sign is misplaced, cars hit twice, garage doors damaged from people turning around.  Spoke to City traffic staff Jim Steffel and Pat Grant, who swear there is no problem.  Need to make it clear to people on the Parkway that turning onto Rose Lane will not get them where they want to go.  He will contact Betsy to discuss this issue further.


Bus shelter update

  • Ben has received bids from three fabricators.  Park Board will assign a project manager.


Community garden update

  • We will start with a 40 x 40’ space behind Whole Foods Market on HCRRA property.  Shannon O’Halloran will design the space for us.  Ahndi is working to procure free soil for the site.  Due to it being a former dump site, the County requires two feet of soil before any gardens are planted.


New Board Member

  • Todd nominated and Rosemary seconded resident Greg Benz to be a West Calhoun Board member.  Greg was unanimously elected to the West Calhoun Board.  Barb Stevens called in with a voice vote to provide quorum.


Density and Development guidelines

  • Mari asked what members thought about bringing Bob Close back to help put together some guidelines.  Board needs to have a solid understanding of existing zoning and guidelines produced by City and what those allow.  We’re also dealing more with aesthetic issues.  We’ll be able to use Midtown Greenway land use and development plan.  We can complete the mission and vision statement that we started with Close.  There was some discussion about whether to just create them or to pay Bob Close to help the Board do that.  No decision was made.


Other Business

  • Ahndi asked if there were Good Neighbor suggestions for the annual meeting.  The award may not be given this year.
  • Earth Day Greenway cleanup Saturday, April 22 at 9:30am behind Calhoun Village.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm


Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, May 9, 2006 at 7:00pm in the cooking classroom at Whole Foods Market.

March 14, 2006 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council


DRAFT Minutes, 3/14/06


Present:  Mari Taffe, Todd Wildermuth, MGC Rep Cher Underwood Forsberg

Absent: George Effrem, Dan Blackburn, Kristi Olmanson, Barb Stevens, Rosemary Lundell, coordinator Ahdni Fridell, Dan Blackburn

Guests:  Greg Bentz,, Beth Elliott, Amanda Arnold, Tom Leighton

Treasurer Report: No treasurer report


Council Member comments – CM Betsy Hodges was not in attendance


Midtown Greenway Land Use and Development Plan update – Beth Elliott

  • Beth explained that she will be assigned as Community Planner for Downtown and Amanda Arnold will be taking over as Community Planner for Southwest.  Amanda introduced herself and gave her relevant background experience.  She will be doing the Uptown Small Area Plan.
  • Beth and Tom explained that they are at the end of the community process.  The land use map is one of the most important parts of the citywide map.  The goal of the Small Area Plan is for the City Council to adopt it. Amend the comprehensive plan that makes it legal.  It will tell developers:  what land use is allowed on this site?  There will be four categories of density of housing.
  • This will be followed up with a re-zoning study.  Another community process.  More specific regarding what types of residential fits in with land use policy.  
  • The mayor requested funding to do this.  Seeing demand for property along Midtown Greenway.  Need to address growth, height, industrial use, etc.; will hopefully alleviate the issue.
  • Zoning is an implementation tool for policy.  Every property is in a zoning district.  Framework for what can happen.  If there is a conflict – state law – comprehensive plan has to be consistent with zoning.  We can use policies in the policy document when talking to developers.


Chain of Lakes coalition – Todd Wildermuth

  • Todd gave the background for the formation of this group.  A lot of things going on around the lakes.  Dan Woychick/East Harriet – sent an email to the neighborhoods touching the chain of lakes.  They had a meeting – what is their role?  Meet with other neighborhoods, know what each is dealing with, be a watchdog for the lakes.
  • They have created a set of principles.  They also want to figure out a good way to have communication with the MPRB.  Go to Park Board meetings?  
  • They want each of the neighborhoods to vote on the concept of this coalition.
  • Their next meeting will be in early April.


Lake Calhoun Sailing Village meeting update

  • Mari gave an update regarding how this meeting went.
  • There was discussion regarding what is the collective public good?  How big can this proposed structure be?


Midtown Greenway Coalition update – Cher Underwood

  • Cher discussed the bike center in Midtown Exchange.  Someone has to take responsibility for the bikes.  Free bikes may not happen.  Bike center definitely happening.  Plan is still being worked on.
  • Annual meeting is in April at the Sheraton in Midtown Exchange.


Other Business

  • We will do an Earth Day cleanup on Sat April 22 at both the Midtown Greenway and Lake Calhoun.
  • Community garden – we need to decide how big we want it to be.  Put an article in April newsletter.  Patch of land owned by Hennepin County, for future Abbott Ave light rail.  In meantime, can only plant ornamentals in raised beds.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm


Next meeting will be held Tuesday, April 11, 2006 at 7:00pm in the cooking classroom at Whole Foods Market.


February 14, 2006 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council


DRAFT Minutes, 2/14/06


Present:  Mari Taffe, Barb Stevens, Todd Wildermuth, Rosemary Lundell, MGC Rep Cher Underwood Forsberg, coordinator Ahndi Fridell

Absent: George Effrem, Dan Blackburn, Kristi Olmanson,

Guests:  Greg Bentz, Ben Erickson, Beth Elliott, Leon Wirtjes

Treasurer Report: $2,854.05 in NRP account, $1621.47 in development account.


Council Member comments – CM Betsy Hodges was not in attendance


Bus shelter update – Ben Erickson

  • Ben will present the plans to the Park Board on March 1
  • Aaron Isaacs from Metro Transit still needs to fill out the permit application for fire station site
  • Ben will then proceed to send specifications to 3 fabricators to get bids for the ornamentation on the shelter.
  • The original cost estimate was $15-20,000 for modifications to the shelter
  • Metro Transit will install the concrete and electrical and will be reimbursed by West Calhoun
  • West Calhoun will also be responsible for paying for sod and ornamental trees
  • Last month, Dan had suggested using a manufacturer of recycled plastics for the trash receptacles, but the vendor is not approved by the Park Board.


Density and Development discussion, Beth Elliott

  • Beth suggested that WCNC list its major concerns:  height, bulk/scale, parking in back, sustainability, architechtural details, effects on neighboring structures, etc.
  • Then, check to see if the concerns/requirements fit with the City’s policies in the Minneapolis Plan, specifically chapters on urban design and growth.
  • A meeting to discuss these issues was cancelled.  Further discussion will take place at next month’s meeting.  Beth will return to the March 14 meeting.
  • Beth also suggested that Board members talk to Betsy Hodges about the City’s sustainability initiatives.


MGC Update.

  • Midtown Exchange is open (on the old Sears site on Lake St.), which is where the Bike Center will be located.
  • Midtown Greenway Coalition hopes to open office space in there in November
  • The Bike Center is a partnership between MGC and Freewheel Bike.  They are negotiating with Dasani for free bikes.
  • A public meeting on the Midtown Greenway land use and development plan will be held February 28 from 6:30-8:30pm at Intermedia Arts on Lyndale.


Bob Fine – Park Board representative

  • Bob Fine asked if people had questions or concerns.  The stop sign issue was raised again.  He responded that Park Board staff is looking at lake usage as a whole, but did not have a deadline for a report.
  • He was urged to put the fishing dock back in on west side of Lake Calhoun
  • He was questioned whether the Park Board was still interested in doing shoreline restoration with some of WCNC’s money.
  • Concerns were relayed to him regarding the recent Pond Hockey tournament.  Large trucks and other vehicles were parked on the soccer fields.  There was no indication that a street was going to be closed.  There was no parking plan which caused many problems in the neighborhood.  Water pumping early in the morning was very noisy as was music at night, although it did stop at 10pm.  Next year, the neighborhood requested that organizers of the tournament come speak to them first and to ensure that they have alternative plans for parking since there is not enough room to hold all of the traffic.


Other Business

  • Michael Lander presented an updated proposal for the Weisman site to the CIDNA board which overwhelmingly approved it.  It will now move through the city process.
  • Mari and Barb will go to Wells Fargo bank to sign the signature card for WCNC’s checking account.
  • Mari asked if we had any use for paving stones in the community garden?  The City is selling them.
  • A representative from the Calhoun sailing club will present a proposal on a new development at the south end of Lake Calhoun on Wednesday, March 8 at a location to be determined.  Postcards and flyers will be sent out to residents of the neighborhood.
  • Beth Elliott will be the new downtown sector community planner and West Calhoun will be getting a new planner for the Southwest sector.
  • Leon Wirtjes owns the Liberty Tax Service offices and he introduced himself and wanted to let neighbors know they can donate their used cell phones to help soldiers call home from overseas.  www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com


Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm


Next meeting will be held Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 7:00pm in the cooking classroom at Whole Foods Market.


January 10, 2006 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council


DRAFT Minutes, 1/10/06


Present:  Mari Taffe, Barb Stevens, Todd Wildermuth,George Effrem, Dan Blackburn, coordinator Ahndi Fridell, MGC Rep Cher Underwood Forsberg

Absent: Rosemary Lundell, Kristi Olmanson,

Guests:  John Munger, Minneloppet, Luke Boyd, Noodles GM, Rodgers Adams, Lakepoint Views

Treasurer Report: $2,854.05 in NRP account, $2147.97 in development account.  Barb looked into discrepancy from November’s totals and determined that a number of checks had been written, and this total is correct.


Council Member comments – new CM Betsy Hodges was not in attendance


City of Lakes Loppet – John Munger

  • Feb 4-5, They need volunteers, the route has changed a bit so there will not be a lot of impact on Lake Calhoun or West Calhoun neighborhood


Bus shelter update – Ben Erickson

  • Metro Transit will be purchasing the shelters (approx $5000 apiece) and West Calhoun will have to pay for customization
  • Two final sites for demonstration shelters are on Excelsior Blvd in front of the fire station and across the street on Park Board land.
  • There are a few changes to the Park Board site – increase area of cement slab, no shrubs or perennials at either site, but ornamental trees are fine
  • Board members requested the service berry trees be used on both sites
  • Dan suggested using recycled plastics for the trash cans, but the Park Board did not approve of the manufacturer


Density and Development discussion

  • Todd asked if we should leave any neighborhood policy on this issue very vague – If we stick to our Mission statement and Guiding Principles, doesn’t that cover everything?
  • Barb thinks neighborhood should be more specific about certain things we desire
  • Todd suggested using the guiding principles and a checklist of items that the Board will look at
  • Ahndi suggested specific pedestrian-friendly items such as wider sidewalks, overhead lighting, landscaping, burying power lines, not blocking access to natural amenities
  • Barb stated that in the past, the neighborhood was always reacting to the developer and was never ahead of the game.  She’d like to be more proactive.
  • Mari said she would like to be prepared so that the Board is in agreement before an actual project is presented.
  • Ahndi said she’d look for and send an electronic copy of Excelsior Blvd. Corridor Study for the West Calhoun NRP, Feb 1999
  • Someone suggested Beth Elliott facilitate the first part of a meeting to further discuss this issue and to answer specific questions, then allow the participants to agree to and write up a development policy for the West Calhoun neighborhood.
  • The meeting will be held Tuesday, February 7 at 6pm at 3335 W. 32nd St. – Mari’s home.  


MGC Update.

  • Still working on Phase I & II land use plan – what kind of development should be done around the Greenway.
  • The Greco Development near Lyndale and 29th St. – LHENA is concerned about the height and closing off 29th St.


Other Business

  • Lander has revised its proposal on the Weisman building site and asked CIDNA to approve it at their Feb 7 board meeting.  Wed., Jan 25th will be the first presentation of the revised project at CIDNA’s land use committee meeting.
  • Boulevard Gardens announced it is selling its property and hoping to relocate the nursery, but keep the floral shop in the same location
  • Rodgers reported that the development behind Tryg’s has been put on hold, the Mathwig/LOOP development along the Greenway has started the foundation, and the Ackerberg development has not yet started because there are concerns about driveways onto Lake St. and developer will meet with CIDNA land use committee.
  • Ahndi will send out January newsletter in the next week
  • At next month’s meeting, a representative from the Calhoun sailing club will present a proposal on a development at the south end of Lake Calhoun.


Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm


Next meeting will be held Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 7:00pm in the cooking classroom at Whole Foods Market.