January 10, 2006 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council


DRAFT Minutes, 1/10/06


Present:  Mari Taffe, Barb Stevens, Todd Wildermuth,George Effrem, Dan Blackburn, coordinator Ahndi Fridell, MGC Rep Cher Underwood Forsberg

Absent: Rosemary Lundell, Kristi Olmanson,

Guests:  John Munger, Minneloppet, Luke Boyd, Noodles GM, Rodgers Adams, Lakepoint Views

Treasurer Report: $2,854.05 in NRP account, $2147.97 in development account.  Barb looked into discrepancy from November’s totals and determined that a number of checks had been written, and this total is correct.


Council Member comments – new CM Betsy Hodges was not in attendance


City of Lakes Loppet – John Munger

  • Feb 4-5, They need volunteers, the route has changed a bit so there will not be a lot of impact on Lake Calhoun or West Calhoun neighborhood


Bus shelter update – Ben Erickson

  • Metro Transit will be purchasing the shelters (approx $5000 apiece) and West Calhoun will have to pay for customization
  • Two final sites for demonstration shelters are on Excelsior Blvd in front of the fire station and across the street on Park Board land.
  • There are a few changes to the Park Board site – increase area of cement slab, no shrubs or perennials at either site, but ornamental trees are fine
  • Board members requested the service berry trees be used on both sites
  • Dan suggested using recycled plastics for the trash cans, but the Park Board did not approve of the manufacturer


Density and Development discussion

  • Todd asked if we should leave any neighborhood policy on this issue very vague – If we stick to our Mission statement and Guiding Principles, doesn’t that cover everything?
  • Barb thinks neighborhood should be more specific about certain things we desire
  • Todd suggested using the guiding principles and a checklist of items that the Board will look at
  • Ahndi suggested specific pedestrian-friendly items such as wider sidewalks, overhead lighting, landscaping, burying power lines, not blocking access to natural amenities
  • Barb stated that in the past, the neighborhood was always reacting to the developer and was never ahead of the game.  She’d like to be more proactive.
  • Mari said she would like to be prepared so that the Board is in agreement before an actual project is presented.
  • Ahndi said she’d look for and send an electronic copy of Excelsior Blvd. Corridor Study for the West Calhoun NRP, Feb 1999
  • Someone suggested Beth Elliott facilitate the first part of a meeting to further discuss this issue and to answer specific questions, then allow the participants to agree to and write up a development policy for the West Calhoun neighborhood.
  • The meeting will be held Tuesday, February 7 at 6pm at 3335 W. 32nd St. – Mari’s home.  


MGC Update.

  • Still working on Phase I & II land use plan – what kind of development should be done around the Greenway.
  • The Greco Development near Lyndale and 29th St. – LHENA is concerned about the height and closing off 29th St.


Other Business

  • Lander has revised its proposal on the Weisman building site and asked CIDNA to approve it at their Feb 7 board meeting.  Wed., Jan 25th will be the first presentation of the revised project at CIDNA’s land use committee meeting.
  • Boulevard Gardens announced it is selling its property and hoping to relocate the nursery, but keep the floral shop in the same location
  • Rodgers reported that the development behind Tryg’s has been put on hold, the Mathwig/LOOP development along the Greenway has started the foundation, and the Ackerberg development has not yet started because there are concerns about driveways onto Lake St. and developer will meet with CIDNA land use committee.
  • Ahndi will send out January newsletter in the next week
  • At next month’s meeting, a representative from the Calhoun sailing club will present a proposal on a development at the south end of Lake Calhoun.


Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm


Next meeting will be held Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 7:00pm in the cooking classroom at Whole Foods Market.