May 9, 2006 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council


DRAFT Minutes, 5/9/06


Present:  Mari Taffe, Todd Wildermuth, MGC Rep Cher Underwood Forsberg, Barb Stevens, George Effrem, Greg Benz

Absent: Dan Blackburn, Rosemary Lundell, coordinator Ahdni Fridell

Guests:  Betsy Hodges, Frank Hornstein, Scott Dibble, Carsten Slostad

Treasurer Report: Barb gave the treasurer’s report.


Council Member comments – CM Betsy Hodges gave City Council updates:  just changed National Night Out requirements – cost is free up to fourteen days beforehand, will send tape to block off street, can do application online.  Addt’l $2m for public safety this summer.  Housing issues – Betsy working on zoning codes – size and setback.  Betsy – meetings this summer –regarding this topic.  May 23rd meeting with neighborhood chairs/presidents in Ward 13 – better communication.  311 is available.  Signs on Rose Lane – will be installed  – how to contact resident Buddy Ide?  Mari will look up his phone number and call Betsy’s office.


Frank Hornstein and Scott Dibble reported on updates in the State House and Senate.  Both very passionate about transit, very interested in SW corridor.  Trolley, bonding money, rapid transit, traffic pollution, zoning.  Ten days to go in current session – bonding bill $950m public works bill.  Just passed funding bill.  Met Council 2030 transit plan.


WCNC Board Member elections – All current board members are were re-elected for the 2006-2007 year, with the exception of Kristi Olmanson, who stepped down, and Greg Benz, who was newly elected to the board.  The board now has seven members and two openings.


Midtown Greenway Coalition update – Cher Underwood – Cher gave updates on MGC.  Sat June 3 Eco yard and green roof.  Fundraiser – build a bike center.  Cher asked Betsy about recycling and composting.  Betsy said cost and capacity – not much change now.  Composting very complicated – could do it but would be an economic decision.  Cher also asked Betsy about better access from Abbott Ave to Calhoun Commons parking lot – Betsy will check.


NRP Phase I Plan Update – Carsten – bus shelters.  Have to do NRP money through an agency.  Need a contract manager – Park Board or Public Works.  Ben and Carsten meeting on Thurs with Metro Transit people.  Whoever can manage contract – can do two shelters at once – Carsten will keep trying.  Now Phase 2 70%- can be public housing or safety or combo.  Gives more flexibility to those funds.  Todd suggested, if $2k is left over in Strategy #2, use for Welcome to West Calhoun signs in neighborhood.


Community Garden and Access Point planting update

Reviewed the proposed drawings and cost for additional plantings at the Access Point. After discussion, the motion was made and passed to do the additional planting at the Access Point, with the work to be performed by Field Outdoor Spaces.  Will use Strategy #2 for funding.  Per Carsten, do a new contract for the Access Point.  Reviewed the plan for the planting of community garden behind Whole Foods.  Will get preliminary scope of services.  Will need public meeting, plan mod and go out to bid if cost is over $25k.  Agreed to do this project next summer to allow for planning and to build momentum, get volunteers.


WCNC Accomplishments – reviewed 2005-2006 accomplishments and upcoming projects.


Density and Development guidelines document – the document was handed out for everyone to review.  Due to lack of time, this agenda item will carry forward to the June meeting.


Other business – reviewed success of Earth Day cleanup and fire at Access Point.


Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm


Next meeting will be held Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 7:00pm in the cooking classroom at Whole Foods Market.