October 10, 2006 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

DRAFT Minutes 10/10/06


Present: Todd Wildermuth, Rosemary Lundell, Mari Taffe, Greg Benz, George Effrem

Absent:  Barb Stevens, coordinator Ahndi Fridell,Dan Blackburn, Greg Benz

Guests:  Amanda Arnold/Area Planner, Tim Springer/Midtown Greenway Coalition


Treasurer’s report

Mari gave the treasurer’s report from Barb as of Sept:  the NRP account balance is $7,763.58; the NRP development account balance is $481.09.


No Council Member Comments

Betsy Hodges gave City Council updates.  Mari requested more policing on Chowen Ave by the access point due to request by neighbors – lots of fast food trash along the road and spent fireworks at access point.


Chain of Lakes coalition – Todd Wildermuth

Todd reported that the coalition appears to be on its last legs.  Not a lot of response; no recent meeting; in a holding pattern.


Midtown Greenway Coalition

Greg Benz indicated interest in filling the open position for West Calhoun.  He will talk with Tim Springer to discuss details of the position.


Midtown Greenway Coalition Open Space Resolution (see attachment)

The board voted unanimously in support of the resolution.  Greg suggested including language regarding graffiti; it was suggested by another member that that be included in another resolution.  Tim discussed the yellow spaces along the Midtown Greenway map he provided as potential open spaces along the Greenway.  The map for West Calhoun was done by intern Jeff L. in summer 2005.  Tim mentioned possible relocation of Chowen Ave near the access point.


Development and Density Guidelines – Area Planner Amanda Arnold

Regarding possible routes for southwest light-rail line, Amanda said that technical team and policy team will study issues regarding potential southwest light-rail line.  There will be public meetings in Oct.  The policy committee will decide what moves forward.

Amanda said that roadway realignment of Chowen Ave would be done by Public Works.  Midtown Greenway Land Use plan – Tom/Beth – document. Vision issue – advocate for in plan document.  Forty five day public comment period.  Make comments and submit to Beth.  She gave document to Kingfield neighborhood.  She suggested talking with other neighborhoods to increase our knowledge and leverage.  The more we know about city’s processes and zoning requirements, the more weight it will carry with the developer.  Respect both sides.  Organized process for developers.   Sub committee with everything laid out.  Pony up money and outreach for developers.


Bus Shelter Update

Mari reported that the bus shelter project has been completely abandoned, due to new requirements by the MPRB that the WCNC is unable to meet.


Other business

Mari reported on the West Calhoun access point portion of the community garden parade review on Aug 19.  Many people came through who were using the Midtown Greenway for recreation and commented favorably on the access point and new plantings.

Mari reported that turnout at the fall Greenway cleanup on Sept 23 was light.  There were no suggestions for the upcoming newsletter.


Meeting adjourned at 8;15pm


Next meeting will be held Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 7:00pm in the cooking classroom at Whole Foods Market.