June 10, 2008 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

DRAFT Minutes:  6/10/2008


Present:  Rosemary Lundell, Barb Stevens, Mari Taffe, Todd Wildermuth, Rhea Sullivan (Co-Coordinator)


Administrative Items


Secretary’s Report

  • The minutes of the May 13, 2008 WCNC meeting were approved.

       Treasurer’s Report

  • $481.09 in NRP Development account; $2,236.87 in NRP account.  


Monthly Updates


Council Member commentsCouncil Member Hodges was not present.


Lakes District Council Update Todd Wildermuth

  • No meetings since last Board meeting.


Midtown Greenway Coalition Update

  • No report.


WCNC Officer Elections

  • We did not have quorum, so elections were tabled until July.


Other Business

  • Review of May 15 meeting with Lake Calhoun neighborhoods and MPRB  – Mari Taffe and Todd Wildermuth attended a meeting at the Minnekahda Club on May 15 to discuss the Lake Calhoun Master Plan.  Representatives were present from CARAG, East Harriet, and Linden Hills as well as Commissioners Bob Fine and Tracy Nordstrom and MPRB Director of Planning Judd Rietkirk.  Discussion at the meeting was about how to make a plan that would make Lake Calhoun make sense.  MPRB does not have funds for planning or implementation.  So, not only do we need to develop a plan that involves all the stakeholders, but we need to raise money to make sure that the plan is implemented.


Ideas were floated about how to manage the task, including 1) the possibility of forming a non-profit organization (Friends of Lake Calhoun), or 2) forming a committee from the Lakes District Council, 3) forming a special overlay district, 4) consider working with People for Parks, or 5) perhaps have MPRB tax us more so that they have funds.  


Mari and Todd have been charged with setting up the next meeting.  Rhea Sullivan will find out the availability of Linden Hills Park over the next month for an evening meeting (from 6:30 – 8 p.m.)


  • Speed Radar Sign –  According to Alexander Zachary, there is still some discussion internally about the speed radar sign.  Todd Wildermuth said that he found out from MPRB Director of Planning Judd Rietkirk that Rietkirk did not like the idea of the sign.  He thinks it may be too much signage.  Rhea will continue to follow-up with Alexander Zachary.  WCNC proposes that the sign would be movable and would have 2-3 locations where it could be posted.


  • New Meeting Space – No progress this month.  The Bakken is not an option.  We may need to contact Meg Forney to use her influence in approaching the Minnekahda Club.


  • CIDNA Transit Committee –  Todd Wildermuth met with the CIDNA Transit Committee and Thomas Fisher, Dean of the University of Minnesota School of Architecture.  He felt it was a worthwhile meeting.  It is important that we get involved early in the planning process.  We want to prevent what happened at the University of Minnesota, where the University is not pleased with the plan because the route goes down Washington Avenue and they want it to go through Dinkytown.


Todd stressed that we want mitigation dollars in the base funding proposal for the project.  The goal is to bring more riders in without adding automobile traffic.  It is important to have funds available to study alternative designs and to have ways to resolve traffic problems if they arise.  There will be an environmental impact meeting this summer, which will study the impact of multiple routes.


  • Midtown Greenway Access Point/Maps – Barb Stevens brought two possible Grand Rounds maps for the kiosk at the access point.  She will investigate the cost of printing color copies, possibly laminating the signs to extend their life.  Budget would be roughly $50-100.  It was suggested that we take a look at the signs at Three Rivers, located near Minnekahda Mini Storage, and inquire who made their maps.  Barb also suggested that we might want to consider replacing the plexiglass on the sign.  It has been damaged by graffiti.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.


The next WCNC Board meeting will be held Tuesday, July 8, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at Whole Foods.


Respectfully submitted,


Rhea Sullivan

WCNC Co-Coordinator