March 10, 2008 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

DRAFT Minutes:  3/10/2008


Present:  Lauren Kebschull, Mari Taffe, Todd Wildermuth, Rhea Sullivan (Co-Coordinator)

Absent:  George Effrem, Rosemary Lundell, Barb Stevens, Ahndi Fridell (Co-Coordinator)

Guests:  Rodgers Adams (CIDNA), Crystal Brummer


The meeting began with a presentation by Terry Cagle-Kemp, from the Neighborhood Energy Connection, on how to lower your home energy bill.


Administrative Items

Secretary’s Report

  • The minutes of the February 11, 2008 WCNC meeting were approved.

       Treasurer’s Report

  • No report.  Barb Stevens was not present.


Monthly Updates


Council Member commentsCouncil Member Hodges was not present.


Lakes District Council Update Todd Wildermuth

  • Todd Wildermuth reported that there will not be another meeting until April.


Midtown Greenway Coalition Update

  • Greg Benz is stepping down from the WCNC Board, but will remain our representative to the Midtown Greenway Coalition.


Other Business

  • West Calhoun Fishing Pier/Shoreline –  Todd Wildermuth reported that he had talked to Paul Hokeness, MPRB Lakes District Manager, about the West Calhoun fishing pier/shoreline restoration.  The MPRB is applying for a grant for a fishing pier, but Paul felt it would enhance the grant application if West Calhoun would be willing to provide matching funds of $14,000 (50% of the $28,000 cost of the pier).  Funds would come from Strategy #8 – Lake Calhoun Environment Improvements ($31,500 remains).  We did not have quorum for a vote, but Todd and Mari will pursue getting a Board vote outside of the meeting.  Next steps:  1) We need to follow up with Bob Fine; 2) Outreach to other neighborhoods about helping to fund a shoreline restoration study; 3) Look into using buy backs to hire Park Police to patrol early in the season to issue speeding tickets.  Rhea Sullivan will contact NRP Specialist Carsten Slostad to find out what we would need to do to contract this under our Crime and Safety Initiatives strategy.
  • Meeting with Sailing School – Mari Taffe, Todd Wildermuth and Ahndi Fridell will meet with Bill Coppage from the Sailing School on March 24 about a new proposal to locate the sailing school near the Lake Calhoun Executive Center.
  • Earth Day Watershed Clean up and Midtown Greenway Clean up 2008 – WCNC will be assisting with the Earth Day Clean up on Saturday, April 19, from 9:30 a.m. – noon at Lake Calhoun and on the Midtown Greenway.  Mari will update the signs.  Rhea will put it on the website.
  • Neighborhood Design Guidelines – Ahndi Fridell will send out the final design guidelines to be reviewed and voted on at the April WCNC meeting.
  • Southwest Corridor Light Rail – Rodgers Adams reported that there is now $5-10 million available for a plan for light rail from Eden Prairie to downtown Minneapolis.  There may possibly be a stop added at the Midtown Greenway access point behind Whole Foods.  There are some issues to consider:
    • The location is difficult to get to from Lake Street.  What will the access be from Lake Street?
    • Will it have a Park and Ride lot?  CIDNA is pushing for a resolution not have Park and Ride lots in the city.  WCNC may want to consider supporting that resolution.
    • How would it connect with the bus line?
    • There are three possible routes: 1) follow the Kenilworth Trail, 2) go under Nicollet and would include a cut and cover tunnel under Eat Street; 3) follow the Greenway to Park to 10th Street, with access to Orchestra Hall, Convention Center.
    • The big question is whether this line is intended to be used primarily by suburban commuters to get downtown or if it is a City line to provide service for residents.
    • Art Higgenbotham is the CIDNA representative.  Mari will contact him.


  • NRP Framework – Rhea Sullivan reported that NRP issued a proposal for the Framework of NRP beyond 2009.  Comments on the Framework are due by March 17.  Rhea outlined the key concerns about the proposal:  1) Inadequate administrative funding for neighborhood groups; 2) administrative funding is part of the city budget process and so may face elimination each year; 3) discretionary funding for projects would be competitive and there was no amount specified; 4) the Governance Board has no control over budget or staff.  


The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


The next WCNC Board meeting will be held Monday, April 14, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at Whole Foods.


Respectfully submitted,


Rhea Sullivan

WCNC Co-Coordinator