September 14, 2010 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

Minutes: 9/14/2010


Present:   Michael Wagner (Chair), Seth Doorn (Treasurer), Meg Forney, Gary Knutson, Jeff Peltola (Vice Chair), Rhea Sullivan (Coordinator)


Guests:    Rodgers Adams, Jennifer Swanson (Temporary Aide to Council Member Betsy Hodges)

Administrative Items


Secretary’s Report

  • The minutes for August 10, 2010, were approved.


       Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurer Seth Doorn reported that the current balance in the NRP account is $4,298.03 after paying the Coordinator’s August invoice and renewing our P.O. Box at Post Net.


Monthly Updates


Council Member comments

  • Jennifer Swanson, Temporary Aide to Council Member Hodges, reported that Ben Hecker will return to work next week after his 12-week parental leave.
  • The next Ward 13 breakfast Wednesday, October 20 at 8 a.m. at Pearson’s Restaurant.  
  • Betsy is continuing to look into the HIA regarding Calhoun Place. Jeff Peltola explained that their association sued the owner of the condo company regarding a problem with the stucco exterior.  They are looking for some help with financing the improvement of the exterior of the building.
  • The Mayor’s Budget hearing for public comment will be November 18.  
  • People can still comment on the Bicycle Master Plan until October 1 by filling out a survey or sending e-mail comments.  
  • There are several openings for Minneapolis Boards and Commissions.  Information is available on the city website.


Lakes District Council Update/MPRB
  • Tabled.  Meg Forney was unable to attend the last meeting.  Either she or Kathy Cobb will attend the next meeting.


Midtown Greenway Coalition

  • Seth Doorn attended the last MGC meeting.  He asked to be appointed as WCNC representative to the Midtown Greenway Coalition.  He was appointed unanimously.
  • Tim Springer is leaving, so they are bringing in a consultant and conducting a broad search for his replacement.  
  • Seth reported that the Midtown Greenway Challenge will be held September 25.  There will be a turnaround at Whole Foods.  Seth is volunteering and they would like more volunteers from the neighborhood.  We won’t try to have a clean up that weekend.  We will have some flyers at the event for our October 12 Community meeting.  
  • The Access Point needs weeding.  Rhea reported that Mari Taffe may be willing to help with that if we can get a group together.

Other Business


Fall Wavelength newsletter

  • The Board reviewed the draft of the Fall newsletter.  The newsletter was approved with a few revisions.


Southwest Light Rail Transit Corridor Mitigation Citizens Advisory Committee

  • The MPRB is forming a Citizens Advisory Committee to look at issues in the draft environmental impact statement for the SW LRT.
  • Meg Forney offered to represent WCNC.  The Board appointed her to this position.  Michael will let Alexander Zachary know. The first meeting is Thurs., September 23 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the MPRB offices on West River Road.


SW LRT Community Members Working Group

  • Jeff Peltola said that the three designs presented at the August meeting should be referred to as “possibilities” rather than “alternatives.”  Jeff would like to see some renderings for when the station opens (T=0) and for ten years out (T=10) and farther out in time.  The Board looked at designs for the three proposed “possibilities.”
  • Meg Forney reported that the West Lake Station will be located under the Lake St. bridge to bring people down to the station.  They are looking at possibly adding a lane on the bridge.
  • Possible road alignment options vary.  There is a possible a roundabout at W. Lake St. and Excelsior Blvd.  Another possibility is a road by Tryg’s that goes behind Calhoun Village.  Meg stated that she believes that the consultants understand that the circulation of traffic is a huge issue.
  • They are still looking at whether to have a Park and Ride or “Kiss and Ride.”  The Board read an e-mail from Colleen Dreher of the LakesCitiHomes Condo Association opposing the proposed Park and Ride behind Whole Foods.
  • The Station Area Planning was supposed to go out a ½ mile.  Are they actually looking out a ½ mile from the station?


October 12 Community Meeting re: SW LRT

  • Meg Forney suggested that we should consider having Bob Close facilitate the October 12 meeting.  The Board agreed to this.  If we are using him to facilitate meetings, we can pay him out of administrative funds.  If he is going to do further planning work, we would need to decide what NRP strategy it fit under and write a scope of services for it.
  • Michael, Meg and Rhea plan to meet with Bob Close, Amanda Arnold and Adele Hall to plan the Community meeting.
  • We discussed outreach to commercial property owners.  A couple of people mentioned were Kelly Duran and Jack Pfaff.  We might consider having a “Meet & Greet” with property owners and invite Betsy Hodges.  Michael Wagner and Meg Forney will follow up on this.  Rhea will ask Amanda Arnold for a list of commercial property owners.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.


The next WCNC Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at The Bakken Museum at 6 p.m.  


Respectfully submitted,

Rhea Sullivan, WCNC Coordinator