December 14, 2010 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

Minutes: 12/14/2010


Present:   Seth Doorn (Treasurer), Kathy Cobb, Meg Forney, Gary Knutson, David Rhees, Rhea Sullivan (Coordinator), Michael Wagner (Chair)


Guests:    Bob Bemel, Rodgers Adams


Administrative Items


Secretary’s Report

  • The minutes for November 9, 2010, were approved.


       Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurer Seth Doorn reported that the current balance in the NRP account is $11,659.50.  That represents the last of our Phase I administrative funds.  Carsten Slostad, our NRP Specialist, will attend our January meeting to talk about reallocating some Phase I NRP funds to admin.


Monthly Updates


Council Member comments

  • No report.


        Midtown Greenway Coalition

  • No report.


Community Working Group for SW LRT

  • Jeff Peltola is attending the meeting tonight.  


Park Board CAC re: SW LRT

  • Meg Forney reported that the DEIS probably won’t be out until after January 1.  
  • Meg reported that most of the concern about Park Board property within the radius of the SW LRT in our neighborhood is focused on the Midtown Greenway access point.  Meg has reminded the group that the MPRB owns 2/3 of the parking lot at the Lake Calhoun Executive Center plus the soccer field.  Jennifer Ringold, MPRB Planner, feels the soccer field will be impacted by the SW LRT and that the group should keep it on their radar.


Other Business


        December 6 Meeting with Businesses re: Parking

  • At the meeting with businesses on December 6, we learned that businesses are in favor of having a parking facility.  We had good attendance at the meeting.  It was helpful for the Lakes Citihomes residents to hear the business owners’ and property owners’ points of view.  It was also great to have such a good turn out from CIDNA.  
  • There does seem to be some interest in developing a business group.  
  • Someone at the meeting commented that it would be neat to have a festival on the soccer field and include neighborhood businesses.  
  • At the next meeting, we will develop action items regarding starting a business association.
  • Next meeting: January 10 at 4 p.m., Lake Calhoun Executive Center conference room.


       Southwest Transitway

  • The Board discussed the need for a traffic and parking study.  
  • Meg Forney made a motion that we utilize our existing resources to do a feasibility study on doing a traffic study at a cost to West Calhoun Neighborhood Council of no greater than $10,000.  The motion carried by a vote of 5-0.  
  • It was suggested that funding for the traffic study could come from our Phase I Plan, Strategy #9 – “Traffic Calming (Secondary Corridors)”.
  • Rhea Sullivan, WCNC Coordinator, will contact Adele Hall (Hennepin County) to find out whether a traffic study is currently planned for the area.  She will also let Amanda Arnold (City of Minneapolis Planner) know about our interest in doing a traffic study and will confirm with Carsten Slostad (NRP) regarding the use of funds from Strategy #9 (if needed.)
  • Rodgers Adams reported that the Day 1 plans for the West Lake Station include a station platform, surface parking and a path parallel to Lake St.  They have not included the elevators down to the platform from Lake St. in the initial plans.
  • Bob Bemel asked what impact the recent election has had on SW Transitway funding (considering that Jim Oberstar was not re-elected.)  We don’t know.  The only funds that have currently been budgeted for the SW LRT are for planning.


        The Bakken Solar Energy Sculpture Garden

  • David Rhees reported that The Bakken Museum has two ideas that they would like community input on:
    • Green Energy Sculpture Garden
      • Located on the terrace.  It’s already a green roof.  They want to develop the theme of renewable energy.  They are looking to find artists to create sculptures that use solar or wind energy and also possibly a biomass garden.
      • They currently have a donation that would fund artists for temporary sculpture installations this summer.
    • Medicinal Garden with Dakota Theme
      • To tie into local history of the area.
  • Kelly Finnerty will come to a future meeting (possibly January) to talk to us about these projects.  They will need to raise additional funds to implement the projects.  They will likely debut next summer during the Ten Best Days of The Bakken.


         Revised Draft Joint Goals for SW LRT Mitigation

  • Meg Forney and Kathy Cobb presented a revised draft of the Joint Goals for Mitigation document.  Kenwood Isles, CIDNA and Lowry Hill had asked West Calhoun to join them in forming Joint Goals to be presented when the DEIS comes out.  Meg and Kathy revised the draft to reflect WCNC’s concerns.  The draft is being passed to the other groups.  The Board should review and send any feedback to Meg.  


The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m.


The next WCNC Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at The Bakken Museum at 6 p.m.  


Respectfully submitted,


Rhea Sullivan, WCNC Coordinator