June 12, 2012 Minutes

5:30pm – Bakken

Board members: Kathy Cobb, Seth Doorn, Meg Forney, Gary Knutson, Richard Logan, David, Rhees
Staff: Jennifer Swanson
Guests: Rob Bader, Les Block, Matt Perry, Carol Logan, Rodge Adams

David called the meeting to order at 5:32pm.


Secretary’s Report: May minutes approved with the correction from “Karen” to “Carol” Logan

Treasurer’s Report: Still no check for most recent reimbursement. Jen will follow up with City. Seth and Jen will work to create 2012-13 budget.

Goals and calendar for the upcoming year include: SW LRT – David requested update from Meg and Kathy; DEIS is still not out. Committees include: station design, parks, neighborhoods, businesses. Met cCouncil/Hennepin County group regarding development along the line. WC reps have been asked to find business owner to serve on committee. A lot of issues unresolved, but things are moving forward.

WCNC needs to be ready to respond to DEIS within the short turn around. They are then required to respond.

David suggested WCNC have special meeting or invite residents to come in and weigh in on DEIS. Will have to rely on staff help from the groups to get through the document and understand where the relevant parts are. Meg suggested impacted neighborhood groups meet together to bring people in. Meg and Kathy will work to find out best way to pull together and react. Ideas about how to address each of the relevant issues for WC. Carol Logan offered to join Meg and Kathy on their SW LRT work.

Walking Workshop – Meg and Jen are waiting to hear back from Gail Dorfman’s office about setting this up

NRP Funding – tabled for July

Neighborhood Priority Plan (NPP) with Community Participation funding – tabled for July

Development projects: Dwell at Calhoun Greenway-Rob Bader suggested contacting Council Member Hodges about development and attend meeting and speak with comments.

Planning commission meeting and then public hearing. Rezoing-Planing Commission will make recommendation and goes to City Council planning and zoning with another opportunity to give testimony. No public input at City Council vote. Written input accepted.

Rob’s concerns- parking requirements. 1 parking space per unit in City cod. Needs more than that. Without better public transportation, there needs to be more parking. Recommends 1 stall per bedroom instead of 1 stall per unit. For this demographic ¬†almost all renters have a vehicle and need enough parking. recommends traffic study to determine impact on the addition of hundreds of new cards. construction parking-where will they park!? And guest parking?

Carol and Richard Logan volunteered to attend planning commission meeting this Thrusday and June 25th meeting

David suggested creating a new communication for June 25 meeting including these key points

  • Development will exacerbate parking problems; construction and after completion – resident/guests
  • Exacerbation of traffic congestion – recommend traffic study to demonstrate current traffic issues
  • Cart before the horse argument – can always reduce parking later if necessary
  • Attack idea that one solution fits all – the limit to parking is wrong for this neighborhood. Limited public transit and doesn’t fit demographic of renters for this building – they will have vehicles

Meg made motion to approve key points for the letter Meg and Richard will write and copy board. Kathy seconded. No discussion. Motion carries.

Election of Board Officers

Treasurer – Richard nominated Seth. He is willing to continue, but plans to move from neighborhood at end of 2012

President – Kathy nominated David

Vice President – Meg nominated Richard

Motion to approve slate. Motion carries.

Stakeholders/Business Association Update: Sails are complete. Meg is working on getting them out at the business nodes. Sails were paid for by CIDNA

Recruiting additional board members – tabled for July

Adjourned 7:00pm