July 10, 2012 Minutes

5:3opm – Bakken Museum

Board members: Kathy Cobb, Seth Doorn, Gary Knutson, Richard Logan, David Rhees, Mary Underwood
Guests: Council Member Betsy Hodges, State Senate Candidate Jessie Pfliger, Matt Perry, John Abraham-Watne
Staff: Jennifer Swanson

City Council Update: Betsy Hodges

  • Ordinance change passed today – recycling requirement for large events as of January 1, 2013
  • Besty was just elected president of the League of Minnesota Cities
  • City Council voted to support Federal immigration policy for undocumented children
  • Dwell land use application was approved. Redevelopment plan to be voted on in a week and a half. Traffic management will continue to be a concern, parking. Need to find balance with parking considerations. Application meets current City ordinances.
    Richard Logan expressed concerns about number of bedrooms and vehicles. Parking during construction also an issue.
  • Betsy’s office has been contacted by Gail’s office for walking tour/traffic study. Invite all relevant parties: Bigos, Katie Walker (Met Council) and students from Capstone study. Need to follow up with Gail’s office to find out when.
  • David asked about Parkway closures: park board issue, invite Brad Bourn to future meeting to ask.

Jessie Pfliger

Lives in Bryn Mawr. Running for State Senate as a Republican against Scott Dibble. Profession as regional manager for restaurant chain. Concerned about: environment, pro-gay marriage, rights, pro-voter ID, local control, efficiency/waste

Secretary’s Report

David requested full sheet agenda in future for writing notes on sheet. Richard made motion to approve June meeting minutes. Motion carries.

Treasurer’s Report

CPP $14,052; NRP $2,581. Reimbursement for recent expenses has been deposited. Two approvals required for expenses – Seth and David. David asked about funding sources for neighborhood. Matt explained – NRP, CPP, Census bump and future equity adjustment to reimburse neighborhoods who took hardest hit. Two 18-month cycles with future 3 year plan. TIF district funding with 10-year funding 2009-2019.

SW LRT Report

Kathy – No news. Met Council ass applied to State for $25M for project. David recommended talking to CIDNA about joining forces to meet when DEIS arrives. Kathy will follow up with coalition of neighborhoods to find out plan. Potential for weekly meetings during 45 day turn around.

Stakeholders/Business Association Update

Banners are up! Calhoun Beach Club has requested 100 more shopping guides for new residents. group won’t meet until there is something to bring people in.

Community Participation Plan (CPP)

EEO and ADA Policies: Approved unanimously by board
2011 Annual Report: Approved unanimously by board

2012-13 CPP plan draft distributed to board to be reviewed and voted on at September meeting. Jen and Seth will create budget for plan and also send to board for review.

Walking Tour Traffic Study

Jen will follow up with Gail’s office to figure out date.

NRP Funding Priorities

Will be guided in large part by SW LRT. Postpone discussion until September. Stay in contact with CIDNA regarding traffic studies.

Recruiting Additional Board Members

WC resident, John Abraham-Watne, was in attendance. He introduced himself and was asked if he was interest in joining WCNC board. It was his first meeting and he will attend the next WCNC meeting in September to potentially request appointment to the board.

Adjourned 7:00pm