April 10, 2012 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2012

In attendance:

Board Members: Kathy Cobb, Gary Knutson, Michael Wagner, David Rhees, Meg Forney

Guests: Matt Perry of NCEC, Rodgers Adams of Lake Point, Ed Felauto of CIDNA, Patrick Mellyan, Michelle Beaulieu of Midtown Greenway Coalition

Approved Minutes

SW LRT: Hennepin County has formed new committee and is seeking representatives.

Meg Forney and Kathy Cobb will co-represent.

Midtown Greenway Coalition by Michelle Beaulieu:

Bigos Update – our letter forwarded to Planning Commission

Question if being presented to them Thursday of this week

Our Issues: 1) Parking, 2) Shadowing, 3) Design

Presentation of Study of Street Car in the Greenway

Alternatives analysis:

Grass on bedded tracks, extend all benefits of Greenway, create great stationary

21 Bus same – 53 stops, funding – $600,000 to do study – 20% match

Street Car – age better – run on electricity

Partial single and double – 7 1/2 minutes: ORCHESTRATED DANCE

Hooking up with SW LRT Station


Align track so it doesn’t cross over bike path west of Lake Street Bridge

Metro Transit will oversee

Council Member Report by Betsy Hodges:

Stadium – no comment

Expand recycling: plastic – 1-7, carton, glossy with paper, caps and lids on bottles

Evaluating single sort versus duel sort – which is more economical

Street Sweeping begins today

Bigos: no active application

Business Association: The Edge

Kathy Cobb handed out the newly published Shopping Guide

Talking with each business individually

Red Cross – 10 people signed up for blood drive

Volunteers Needed

Earth Day Conflict

Not a Banner but 4 “Sails”

CIDNA – Clean up table north of Jones Harrison on Cedar Lake

Annual Meeting:

Michael Wagner stepping down – moving to Fulton

Annual Meeting is in May to elect Members to the Board

Need to ask for new Board Members

Mayoral Appointee Matt Perry Report on Neighborhood Community Engagement Committee

Confirmed Planning Commission meeting Thursday, 4:30 The Dwell is #4 on the Agenda

More money coming

18 months

$33,650 Base Amount

$10,115 Equity Adjustment

Phase 2: 50% = $43.965 TOTAL through July, 2013

Use for Staff

District 2 Representative: John Finlayson

Our staff person Jennifer Swanson is absent due to a family member’s passing


Minutes by Meg Forney