February 21, 2012 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council Minutes

February 21, 2012 (meeting postponed from February 14th)

Call to Order

Present: Board Directors Wagner, Rhees, Cobb, Doorn, Forney

Absent: Knutson notified

Guests: Rodger Adams, Jack Pfaff, Robb Bader, Michelle Beaulieu, Soren Jensen, Wesley Pfeifer, Tod Elkins, Jeffrey Flake, Toni Powell

Treasurer’s Report: Received reimbursement: $5647 in account. Paid The Bakken for their new sign, $2580 in NRP account.

Wellness Event: April 21st from 9 to 3. Blood mobile, fire engine, bike tune-ups are the highlights. Mailing new brochure and blood drive notice to 3 mile radius of the business node. CIDNA is matching the funds of WCNC for the event.

Midtown Coalition: Board Retreat to strategize. Director Soren Jensen announced Northern Spark/Greenway Glow event on June 9th. Victory in stopping powerlines in the Greenway. Growing concerns of shadow on the Greenway created a public policy statement by Coalition as is endorsed by ’07 City overlay plan. Coalition will come back and talk with us regarding trolley and desire to connect from SW LRT to Hiawatha LRT. Note Sabo Bridge under repair.

Bigos 2nd Presentation for Proposed Dwell Apartment Building: Since last month’s presentation met with Midtown Greenway regarding shadowing, net gain on parking, reduction of actual units. Charge for parking. Soil challenges: Brownfield re-mediation needed, high water table here. View that the Greenway is the front door to the project, “porous edge” to the Greenway to have eyes on the street and Greenway. Shadowing most of the winter on the Greenway. Canterbury was 30% vacant until last year. Proposed contractor Doran Companies. Discussion of stepping the building would be better for shadowing – but per architect, stepping is not as economically efficient.

Discussion followed the presentation. Meg Forney will draft a letter expressing our concerns.

Suggestion: Advocate for the Greenway to be moved to the north side out to France Avenue.

Adjourned at 6:55 PM. Recorded by Meg Forney