September 11, 2012 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council Board Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2012 – 5:30 p.m. Bakken Museum

In attendance: Jen Cadwell, Kathy Doty (Hennepin County)

Board Members: Aaron Shaffer, Meg Forney, John Abraham-Watne, Gary Knutson, David Rhees, Richard Logan, Mary Underwood. Kathy Cobb and Seth Doorn excused.

Staff: Jennifer Swanson


Secretary’s Report: Mary made motion to approve; Meg seconded. July meeting minutes approved with correction of reference to Katy Walker from Met Council to Hennepin County.

Treasurer’s Report: Seth was not at meeting to give update, but August bank statement shows a balance in NCEC account $12,123.

Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner: Brad Bourn. Not in attendance.

The Edge Business Association Update: Meg gave update. DEIS update given at Edge meeting last night. Meg encouraged building owners to document current parking/towing statistics. Gave overview of survey that will be set out at businesses to find out where customers are coming from. Brandi of Calhoun Fusion has offered to visit businesses to get them to officially sign on as members of association and display decal in storefront window. Meg presented plan to print stickers and letterhead. Motion made to pay for printing and art work for Edge business association for $250. Motion passed. Jen will inform board if cost exceeds $250.

There will be another business association meeting in October to address DEIS.

Gary: Recommended protesting decision by city council regarding limited parking at Dwell. Discussion tabled.

SW LRT Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) Concerns

  • CIDNA approached consultant regarding workshop for responding to DEIS. Group met in August and created list of items of concern regarding common areas and how to address as group. Participants will get together again this Saturday (9/15) to determine how to support each other in our responses. Meg and Kathy created list of anticipated responses to the SW LRT DEIS and they were distributed. DEIS is anticipated to come out on Friday, September 28. Have 45 days to respond. Groups involved are: Coalition, park board CAC, business association and neighborhood groups.
  • Review and discussion of issues/outcomes. Until DEIS is released, it is unknown exactly what the “issues” of the DEIS are.
  • David asked about how we provide feedback, what is the format? Can respond in any format with specific statements to exact locations, language in the document. WCNC can use NRP Plan, Small Area Plan and Capstone projects as documentation of desired outcomes.
  • Kathy Doty noted that there will be public hearings and people can also submit written comments. If coalition holds meeting, WC would participate. Can be discussed at October 9 WCNC meeting. WC can help get out information about meetings and comments.
  • Mary asked Kathy D. if there will be summary for residents to read and understand key elements of DEIS. Kathy stated that there will be Executive Summary. Responsible governmental agency for this is Hennepin County and then it will be handed over to Met Council. Entire document will be available online.
  • Kathy recommended reviewing comments that WCNC submitted four years ago.
  • Met Council CAC determined ½ mile radius of station and 10 minute walkshed is the West Calhoun zone. Importance of ability to walk to and from the station is critical. Park board response is important.
  • Meg moved to authorize payment of consultant for DEIS workshop for $500. Approved.
  • Meg gave quick overview of charette meeting she went to today regarding park land around Lake Calhoun. Meg passed around map of area affected.
  • This charette is happening very quickly: October 9 is the charette meeting and follow up on October 13. Not about light rail, $3.7 m for improvements to the chain of lakes. Meg asked for addition of Dean Green to plans. Participants include: park board, Hennepin county, City, CPED, neighborhood groups, yacht club/sailing school, LL partnership, Tin Fish and it is open to public. Motion made to move WCNC October meeting up to start at 5 p.m. to allow participation at charette. Motion passed.


Walking Tour Traffic Study Plans

Meg gave overview of meeting from last week regarding traffic study. Gail Dorfman has gathered City, County, Met Council, Park reps to serve as resource and walk on October 22 from 4:30-7 p.m. Meet at Lake Calhoun Executive Center to have overview and then go out and walk during rush hour to evaluate issues. WCNC needs to identify 15 neighborhood residents to participate. This study is unrelated to DEIS. County has offered to do pedestrian counts. So far, volunteers include: Meg Forney, Aaron Shaffer, John Abraham-Watne, Richard Logan, and Mary Underwood. Meg would like to invite Thatcher Imboden and Scott Godeen. Meg will keep everyone informed about meeting.


Motion made to nominate John Abraham-Watne and Aaron Shaffer to join WCNC board. Motion approved.

2012 Community Participation Plan Board Vote: Postponed to October. Board will review before then.

New Business

Plan to send postcard mailing of critical dates; then newsletter in early November with WCNC response to DEIS.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30