October 8, 2013

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council Board Meeting Minutes
October 8, 2013 – 5:30 p.m., Bakken Museum

Board Members:  Meg Forney, Kathy Cobb, Ian Kees, Richard Logan, David Rhees, John Abraham-Watne.  Staff:  Rhea Sullivan.  In attendance:  Rodgers Adams, Jeff Peltola, Haydee Peterson

Aaron Shaffer:  Board member Aaron Shaffer announced that he will be moving out of the neighborhood next month to the Kingfield neighborhood.  He has agreed to continue to be West Calhoun’s representative to the Midtown Greenway Coalition for the time being.

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes of the September 10 Board meeting and the September 19 retreat were approved as read.  Rhea brought up the topic of a Fall newsletter.  Topics for the newsletter include: Midtown Greenway Clean Up, a profile of the newly elected Ward 13 City Council Member, an article about the Community Leader Spotlight (if we have one).  It was suggested that Rhea look into finding someone to write a series of history articles about West Calhoun.  ACTION ITEM:  Rhea will contact historian Peter Sussman to see if he would write an article.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer John Abraham-Watne reported that there is a $10,641.20 balance in the NCEC account and a $1,562.93 balance in the NRP account.  

Museum in the Streets:  Before the meeting David forwarded to the Board a photo of a Museum in the Streets historical plaque.  The Board expressed interest in finding out more about these plaques and possibly replicating them in West Calhoun and perhaps collaborating with other neighborhoods.  Ideas for the plaques include: Kitty Ging, The Bakken Museum (Goodfellow mansion), Lakewood Cemetery, Gideon Pond cabin site, Cloudman’s village site.  ACTION ITEM:  Rhea will contact Joyce Wisdom from the Lake Street Council to find out more about the signs.

Minneapolis Charter Commissioner Jeff Peltola:  Jeff was present to explain two ballot measures on the upcoming election ballot that would completely rewrite and modernize the City’s Charter.  The Charter revision has been in the works for many years.  The revision simplifies the Charter, redrafts it for clarity, removes inconsistencies and organizes it in a logical way.  It is called the Plain Language Charter.  If the amendments are adopted the Charter would go into effect in January 2015.  Jeff asked that WCNC do what we can to promote awareness of the ballot measures.  ACTION ITEM:  Rhea will send out an eblast about the proposed amendments and will also post the information on the WCNC website.

Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis:  Jeff Peltola, our representative to the Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis CAC, announced that there will be two public open houses in November – Wednesday, November 20 at Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Ave. S. and Thursday, November 21 at the Colin Powell Center, 2924 4th Ave. S.  The open houses are from 6-8 p.m.  The presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. both nights.  The locally preferred alternative will be identified in February.  Aaron Shaffer reported that the Midtown Greenway Coalition is concerned about double track.  They want to minimize double track to help keep the Greenway green.  They are also advocating for turf track.  ACTION ITEM:  Rhea will post the dates of the open houses on the website.

Ward 13 City Council Candidate Forum:   John Abraham-Watne reported that the Candidate Forum will be held Tuesday, October 22 from 7-8:30 p.m. at Burroughs Elementary School.  There will be a League of Women Voters moderator – Pam Telleen.  Rhea has put together a postcard to promote the event.  It was delivered to the post office today for mailing.  John is helping to work on the format of the forum.  He asked about topics people would like to hear about.  Topics included the lakes, safety questions, and density.  The Board voted to contribute $100 to the Candidate Forum.  

Southwest LRT:   There is a community meeting on Thursday, October 11, but a decision is supposed to be made tomorrow (October 9) regarding the shallow tunnel.  Frank Hornstein has proposed rerouting the trains to Golden Valley.

Access Point Sign:  John Abraham-Watne reported that the sign at the Greenway Access Point was put up in 2001 by Public Works as part of the Midtown Greenway Access NRP strategy.  $399 remains in that strategy.  If we need to spend more than that, we will likely need to do a plan modification.  John proposed that we replace the Plexiglas on both sides of the sign.  It was suggested that we use a different material because the Plexiglas was difficult to see through.  John also proposed that we give it a new coat of paint.  The new sign board should display a local map and the Businesses at the Edge brochure.  The Board also discussed the possibility of moving the sign further back, if it’s possible.  The Board authorized John to continue the conversation and come back with prices on repairing the sign.  ACTION ITEM:  John will contact Bob Cooper with a description of what we want to do with the sign.  He will also contact Public Works to try to get prices.  

Bike Maintenance Stations:  Richard Logan reported that there are new bicycle maintenance stations on the Greenway.  ACTION ITEM:  Richard will write a thank you note (for the signs) from the Board to the Midtown Greenway Coalition.  

2014-2016 CPP Application:  The Board would like to see a draft of the CPP application at the January 2014 meeting.  Richard Logan and Kathy Cobb agreed to work with Rhea to help put together a draft of the application.  We will set aside a half hour at the November meeting to make suggestions regarding the application.  ACTION ITEM:  Rhea will email last year’s application and this year’s CPP application template to Richard and Kathy.  

Retreat Follow Up:  The Board spent some time reviewing project ideas from the retreat.  Ian Kees reported on the MPRB Movie Night.  A sponsorship costs $500.  The movie would be shown at the soccer field.  It would cost approx. $300-500 to purchase the movie.  Ian would also like to have food trucks on site.  We could use the MPRB movie projection equipment.  Ian suggested that we look for a May or late August date.  We can spend the half hour before the movie promoting WCNC and our programs.  We could have a video before the movie to promote neighborhood businesses and WCNC.  ACTION ITEM: Ian will continue to work on this.

Ian also reported on the research he had done about winter fireworks.  The MPRB prefers that we do it at the Polar Plunge at Thomas Beach the first weekend in March.  Ian spoke to Gary Hanson of Precocious Pyrotechnics and he quoted him a price of $5,000-$7,000.  Ian checked with Jack Whitehurst and we could use NRP funds to cover the cost.  We might also look for donations from local businesses.  We could also ask the other neighborhood associations on the lake to participate (ECCO, CIDNA, and LHiNC).  

ACTION ITEM:  Regarding the idea of moving the sailing school, Rhea Sullivan will email Bruce Chamberlain to find out where we are with that.

Aaron reported on the Night Boat parade idea.  He would like to use battery-powered light strands to light the boats.  The parade would take place on the west side of the lake.  The possibility of working with the Sailing School or Sailing Club was mentioned.  Ian has contacts with the Sailing School.  It sounds like an Aquatennial event.  Aaron may be willing to continue working on the event after he moves out of the neighborhood.

Logo Discussion:  Kathy Cobb reported that there are two potential logo designers – 1) the person who designed the Linden Hills logo and 2) Nicole who designed The Edge brochure.  Kathy mentioned the idea of using sails as part of the design.  She learned that it costs $50 to put signs up.  We could work with Gopher Sign.  Kathy will take photos of other neighborhood signs.  ACTION ITEM:  Kathy will continue to work on the logo/sign project.

Community Leaders Spotlight:  7:00 p.m. – 7:30 on our meeting nights may not work well because people are tired.  The idea was to have business owners and other community leaders come to speak about their organization.  We could, perhaps, do it on a different night than our meeting night.  It could also just be an article in the newsletter.  

Curious Calhoun Conversations:  Programs would be held on Thursday evenings at The Bakken Museum.  We could invite Barbara Flanagan, Chuck Denny, Aaron Isaacs, etc.  Another idea was to invite someone from Rustica or invite Bigos to speak about development.  

Neighborhood Safety:  Richard Logan suggested that Steve Clark from Bike Walk Twin Cities could come to the November meeting to speak about biking and walking safety.  The Board suggested that we wait until spring.

Next meeting:  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 12, 2013.  

The meeting was adjourned at 7:23 p.m.