April 8, 2014 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council Board Meeting Minutes
April 8, 2014 – 5:30 p.m., The Bakken Museum, 3537 Zenith Ave. S.

Board Members:  Richard Logan, Haydee Peterson, David Rhees.  Staff:  Rhea Sullivan.  Also present: Rodgers Adams, Allan Campbell, Louise Campbell, Council Member Linea Palmisano and Emily Ziring.

Treasurer’s Report:  Rhea Sullivan reported for Treasurer John Abraham-Watne that the NRP balance remains at $1,562.93.  The NCEC balance is 2,624.41.  

Secretary’s Report:  We did not have quorum.  The March 11 minutes were approved conditionally.  We discussed potential articles for the Spring newsletter, which will be delivered to homes the week of April 28 – May 2.  The newsletter will include an announcement about the West Calhoun Public Meeting on Pedestrian and Bike Safety which will be held after the Annual Meeting on May 13 (from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.)  ACTION ITEM:  Rhea will ask Whole Foods to donate pizzas for the Annual Meeting.  Rhea also announced that we need an elector for the June 12th NCEC election.  ACTION ITEM:  We will put this on the May agenda.

Greenway Trail Access Point issues:  Richard Logan reviewed the proposal that Aaron Shaffer presented last month.  Aaron is following up with the Midtown Greenway Coalition.

Council Member Linea Palmisano:  Linea’s aide, Emily Ziring, presented the agenda for the May 13 Public Meeting on Pedestrian and Bike Safety.  They would like public input on the top priorities.  They are looking for near-term and mid-term potential fixes.  They will review the efforts to date, discuss what has been ruled out and the factors complicating implementation near Calhoun Commons.  They will bring a list of potential solutions and ask the public where we should put our resources.  ACTION ITEM:  Rhea will make a flyer that can be posted to publicize the meeting.  

Council Member Palmisano reported that our resolution from last month’s meeting has been submitted to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committees.  If they say “yes”, it can go to the Transportation and Public Works Committee.  Regarding potential speed humps on Chowen Avenue near the Greenway, Public Works says that we need more data.  

Regarding the Southwest LRT, Council Member Palmisano reported that the Governor has come out publicly to endorse co-location in Kenilworth.  Basically we need to figure out how to make this work.  If we can’t get the alignment we want, what things can we get?  What are the mitigations?  What would quality service to Minneapolis look like?  There will be a vote at the end of June.  WCNC still has NRP funds.  We may be able to contribute to making improvements for the Southwest LRT.

Art on Utility Boxes:  Rhea Sullivan reported on some of the details about covering utility boxes with public art.  There are two options.  We could hire an artist to paint or design an art wrap for the boxes or we could consider selecting one of the twelve pre-approved designs that are offered through the Minneapolis Art Wraps program.  Our first step is to figure out where the utility boxes are.  David Rhees said he would like to use the art that is on our logo.  ACTION ITEM:  Haydee Peterson will find out how many boxes we have and where they are.    

Earth Day April 26:  We will be staffing a table at Lake Calhoun Parkway and W. 32nd Street.  Haydee, Richard and John have volunteered to help.  Rhea will also plan to be there.  It is from 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 26.  ACTION ITEM:  Richard Logan will ask Caribou for coffee for the event.

WCNC Elections:  We are hoping to fill the Board at the upcoming elections.  There are 9 seats and we currently have 7 Board members.  We will elect officers in June.  ACTION ITEM:  David Rhees will email the Board to remind them to try to find potential Board candidates.

Logo Signs:  The logo signs are now up.

Calhoun Conversations:  We may want to team up with other neighborhood associations.  We need to determine who is the intended audience, is it a lecture or is it participatory?  Possible speakers mentioned included Chuck Denny, Dave Chase and Richard Logan.  ACTION ITEM:  David and Mary and Haydee need to set up a time to meet to discuss format, timing, etc.

Next meeting:  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, May 13, 2014.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.