January 8, 2013 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council Board Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2013 – 5:30 p.m., Bakken Museum

Board Members:  Kathy Cobb, Meg Forney, Gary Knutson, Richard Logan, David Rhees, Aaron Shaffer, Mary Underwood, John Abraham-Watne.  Board members absent: none.  Staff:  Rhea Sullivan.  In attendance:  Rodge Adams, Matt Perry.  

Secretary’s Report:  November meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer John Abraham-Watne reported that after a deposit of $2,051, there is a $5,942 balance in NCEC account; $1,066 balance in NRP account.  David destroyed the debit cards that were sent to John (after the meeting.)  

The Edge Business Association Update:  Kathy reported that she and Coordinator Rhea Sullivan attended a meeting regarding the Great Streets Business District Support program.  This program provides funding for things like customer surveys, marketing and other activities designed to support the work of business associations.  The RFP will likely be issued in mid-January with proposals due in mid-February.  The maximum grant is $50,000.  Kathy proposes to build in time for the Coordinator to connect with business owners.  We plan to apply on behalf of the Edge Business Association.  We will keep the Board advised about the grant application.

Earth Day 2013 – April 20:  Earth Day this year is April 20.  Rhea explained that it takes some staff time to coordinate.  David mentioned that members of The Bakken Museum staff have participated for the past two years.  The Board agreed that WCNC will participate again in 2013.  Meg Forney suggested that we do more signage in the business area, in the Lake Calhoun Executive Center and in condos.  

Red Cross Bloodmobile:  Last year WCNC sponsored a bloodmobile with the business community at the Spring Wellness event.  It was decided that we won’t sponsor another event this year.  It seems more appropriate for businesses to take the lead on this sort of activity.  

Funding request for architectural renderings and video for the Capstone projects:  Jeff Peltola has requested that WCNC, in partnership with CIDNA, fund up to $1,000 for architectural renderings and a video to help showcase the work that has been done in the five Capstone projects that have been completed by University of Minnesota civil engineering students.  The computer generated images will help people understand the students’ assessments and conceptual solutions and the video will be a useful educational, outreach and advocacy tool.  Phil Rader will be creating the architectural images and Natin Moreno will produce a 4-5 minute video.  CIDNA will also fund $1,000 of the project expense.  Meg Forney suggested that in the future we engage landscape architects to help make the projects aesthetically pleasing.  The Board voted to approve the funding request with the understanding that WCNC will be acknowledged in all presentations as having provided partial support and that WCNC can add a link to the finished products on our website.  Funding for the project will come from Strategy #1 Corridor Planning ($752.40) and from Strategy #3 Neighborhood Corridors ($247.60.)  

WCNC Grievance Policy:  Rhea explained that WCNC needs a Grievance Policy in order to participate in the Community Participation Program (CPP.)  Rhea reviewed a number of policies and chose East Calhoun Community Organization’s grievance procedure as a model.  Rhea submitted a draft policy for the Board to review.  The Board voted to approve the policy as drafted.  Rhea will submit it to Jack Whitehurst at NCR.

Proposed Clarification to CPP Grievance Policy:  Rhea reviewed the NCR Department’s proposed clarification to the CPP Grievance Policy which has been provided to us for comment (by January 31).  Under the proposed clarification, when an ADA-related grievance made to and acted on by a neighborhood organization is appealed to the NCR Department, the appeal will be forwarded to the City of Minneapolis Civil Rights Department.  NCR is also developing broad support resources to help neighborhoods address, achieve or maintain ADA compliance.  These resources include training sessions, a resource guide titled “ADA Guidelines for Neighborhood Organizations” and program and space assessments in which the department will provide one-on-one assistance with on-site physical and program assessments, as requested.  The Board reviewed the proposed clarification and had no comment.

Park Board CAC for Dean Parkway and Cedar Lake trail improvements:  Meg Forney is the WCNC appointee to the CAC; Aaron Shaffer is Betsy Hodges’s appointee.  There are three meetings and one public open house (to be held at The Bakken Museum on Feb. 12 at 6:30 pm.)

Southwest Transitway:  Meg Forney reminded the Board that she and Kathy Cobb are still representatives to the Metropolitan Council CAC that will meet on Thursday.  Meg reported that the railway has come out against relocation of the freight rail line, which has added some friction since the City is adamantly opposed to co-location.  The engineering firm has been hired.  There is some concern that the firm was hired before the DEIS came out.  Responses to the DEIS could take up to a year.  There will be a final EIS, but we will not be able to comment on that.  

Matt Perry:  Matt announced that he will seek Betsy Hodges’s seat as Ward 13 Council Member.  

Next Meeting:  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 12.  Possible agenda items include:  1) Great Streets Business District Support grant; 2) the possibility of pulling people together from the various planning events that have taken place including the Walking Workshop, the Park Board charrette, the DEIS, the Parking Study, the Capstone projects to come up with a cohesive take-away from the events; 3) review our remaining NRP allocation to anticipate how to use those funds, including possibly revisiting our park site on the Greenway; 4) include something in our Spring newsletter to request suggestions for our Neighborhood Priority Plan (and possibly NRP funding).  

The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.