June 10, 2014 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council Meeting Minutes
June 10, 2014 – 5:30 p.m., The Bakken Museum, 3537 Zenith Ave. S.

Board Members:  Allan Campbell, Kathy Cobb, Ian Kees, Richard Logan, David Rhees, Mary Underwood, John Abraham-Watne.  Staff:  Rhea Sullivan.  Also present: Rodgers Adams, Louise Campbell, Marion Greene, Ray Hoover, Bonnie Kiley, Kathryn Murray, Linea Palmisano, Emily Ziring

Treasurer’s Report:  John Abraham-Watne reported that the NRP balance remains at $1,562.93.  The NCEC balance is $4,490.66.   The questions that the Board had about the Attorney General’s report were answered.  We only need to report NRP funds that flow directly through our check book.  A motion was made to approve the Attorney General’s report.  The motion carried.

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes of the May 13 Annual Meeting were approved as read.

Council Member Linea Palmisano:  Linea Palmisano has been in contact with our new Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene about important improvements needed in West Calhoun.  Emily Ziring has also met with Ray Hoover, Marion’s principal aide.  

Council Member Palmisano reported that she believes that speed cameras would be a good idea in our area.  She wants to get it on the state legislature’s agenda.

Emily Ziring reported on the 5 top items on the “dotmocracy” poll that was conducted at the Bike and Pedestrian Safety meeting.  The top five things are:

  1. Refresh crosswalk markings – These get repainted every year.  Downtown is always done first.  Emily asked them to paint our crosswalks next after downtown.  Some are already in on Market Plaza.  Emily has also asked that stop bars be placed further back from the crosswalk so cars stop farther away from pedestrians.
  2. Countdown timers – They will be installed this summer.  There should be eight.
  3. No Turn on Red – Emily is a fan of “No Turn on Red,” but Public Works feels it is more dangerous with “No Turn on Red.”  Emily is going to ask if they might be used in select places like exiting Calhoun Village.
  4. Intersection lighting – There are only two lights at Lake and Excelsior.  They will double the light levels by adding two more poles.
  5. Lighting on Abbott Ave. – This is still on the radar according to Emily.  She has put in a request for new poles.

Kathy Cobb requested that Linea keep us informed about the Southwest LRT.  We want to be involved in the process.  We are Tier 1 for Transit Oriented Development.  The City of Minneapolis and the County are currently in mediation over the SW LRT plan.  It should be done some time between now and July 1.  

Louise Campbell noted that the sidewalks in the neighborhood aren’t ADA accessible.  

Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene:  Commissioner Greene reported that she is in constant communication with Council Member Palmisano.  She will send updates to Rhea.  She will be doing a monthly newsletter.  Rhea will send the Board’s email addresses to Commissioner Greene.  

Commissioner Greene said she wants more transparency in government.  She is also interested in community partnerships.  Regarding the Southwest LRT, she said that not only are the municipalities having hearings, but the county is also having hearings.  She stated that she wants to be sure that the Southwest LRT takes into account pedestrian and bike safety.  Her term ends on December 31.  She will stand for re-election in the August primary (November election).  Richard Logan mentioned that one issue he would like to see her address is the fact that Excelsior traffic blocks the driveway out of the ambulance station.

The Edge Business Association: Kathy Cobb and Allan Campbell suggested that we send the businesses an email blast about Movie Night.  The plan is to follow up with a survey.  Kathy and Allan have put together some questions.  It might be helpful to look at what other groups are doing.  The Uptown Association has members in the area who participate.  They put together a coupon book.  The Lake St. Association have few members in West Calhoun.  Ian Kees suggested that we have a Business Outreach Committee and that we make a point to meet with the manager owners of each business.  Kathy said that we have done that kind of outreach before.  They liked the idea of the Business Outreach Committee.  Kathy and Allan will be members.  They will look to recruit more members.  

Utility Boxes:  Haydee was unable to come to the meeting.  Kathy commented that Kingfield and East Harriet have utility boxes with great photo collages. She believes we should hire a professional.  Ian reported that the Uptown Association has a utility box program.  Maude Lovell is willing to speak to us about it.  The application is due June 13.  Rhea will see that the application gets in.

Southwest LRT:  Allan and Kathy went to the Corridor Management meeting.  All municipalities have scheduled hearings except Minneapolis.  The City is currently in mediation with the Met Council.  The Federal government would like consent.  Richard Logan suggested that we should have a list of what we want in the station area.  He feels that if we want betterments we need to tell the City.

Midtown Greenway Access Point Kiosk:  John Abraham-Watne reported that the kiosk has been painted.  They will replace the Plexiglass.  We will need to get the key.  Ideas for what to put up: 1) a map of the Greenway, 2) info about businesses, 3) a large version of our logo, 4) information about how to get to businesses and the lake, 5) a Park Board map.

Calhoun Conversations:  Mary is interested in working on this.  She and David will plan to meet.  David commented that he attended the June 5 Walking Tour of the area and he said that Peter Sussman would be a great speaker.

Movie Night:  We have a food truck that is interested – the Motley Crew.  Ian plans to go out with a table to collect email addresses.  If there is a microphone he will introduce the movie.  He will also hand out magnets. The Southwest LRT information bus will park in the Lake Calhoun Center parking lot from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.  Mary Underwood said she would check with food trucks at the Capital.  Rhea will contact Ben and Jerrys.  Rhea will send out an eblast on Monday and will make 30 posters.  Richard Logan is willing to put up posters.

Officer Elections:  Chair David Rhees thanked the current officers, David Rhees, Richard Logan and John Abraham-Watne.  David announced he is stepping down as chair.  The slate of officers for this year is: Chair – Ian Kees, Vice Chair – David Rhees and Treasurer – John Abraham-Watne.  A motion was made to approve the slate.  The motion carried.  It was suggested that we plan to have a retreat in October.  Ian will try to schedule it with Meg at the Minikahda Club.

Ian suggested that we have more committees like Southwest LRT, Pedestrian Safety.  David suggested that we add “Next month’s agenda” to the agenda each month.  It was also suggested that we invite Frank Hornstein and Scott Dibble to attend a meeting.

August meeting:  A motion was made to cancel the August meeting.  The motion carried.  David asked that Rhea notify The Bakken Museum staff about the cancellation.

Next meeting:  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, July 8, 2014.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.