October 28, 2014 Minutes

5:00pm – Minikahda Club

Board members: Kathy Cobb, Ian Kees, Katie Larson, Richard Logan, Haydee Peterson, David Rhees, Mary Underwood. Staff: Rhea Sullivan

Phase II Discussion

The Board reviewed the funding summary that Ian provided. Kathy mentioned the idea of a gateway park at the area on Excelsior Blvd where the billboard is. We do need to keep in mind that NRP funds may not be used for maintenance. Other projects we might consider include the land bridge across Lake St and the relocation of the sailing school to West Calhoun. We would need to talk to the Park Board about those projects. We could make the plan contingent on the Park Board. These projects would require neighborhood feedback because the soccer field is the only green space in the neighborhood. The Board looked at a visual plan of the proposed sailing school area.

The consensus was that we should do a Phase II plan. The Board asked that Rhea put together a feasibility study about what it would take to do a Phase II plan and present it at the November meeting. The Board decided that the Phase II plan would fit as an activity for the Long Term Vision/Strategy Committee. Katie Larson will join that committee.

Committee Formation

Communications: Kathy Cobb and Haydee Peterson (Co-Chairs)
Outreach: Kathy Cobb (Chair)
Environment: Haydee Peterson (Chair)
Safety: Richard Logan (Chair)
Fundraising: Haydee Peterson (Chair)
Long Term Vision/Strategy: Katie Larson (Chair)
Zoning: Allan Campbell (Chair)
SW LRT: Allan Campbell (Chair)

Each committee is expected to meet between now and January 13, 2015. At that time the committees will present the objectives and tasks that htey have identified. If there is a committee that is ready, they could present at the December 9, 2014 meeting. Committees are expected to engage members of the community who are not on the Board. Starting in January, each committee will have 5 minutes to present at each Board meeting.

There was a discussion about whether the business association should include outreach to apartment managers. It was determined that we definitely should be reaching out to apartment managers.

Ian reported that all individuals who want to speak at Board meetings will need to send a one or two paragraph summary of what they are going to talk about to Rhea. Rhea will send it to the Board to help them prepare for the meeting. This should help reduce the length of Board meetings.

Ian also discussed the number of emails that the Board has been getting. He counted an average of 66 emails per month over the past three months. He would like to see that number decrease.

2015 WCNC Projects

The Board reviewed a list of 40 potential projects and decided which to take on in 2015 and which to table. Some of the projects actually turned out to be tasks rather than projects. Rhea updated the project list to reflect what the board decided.

Utility boxes

We are planning to continue this project. Haydee will invite Mary Altman to the November meeting. There is a utility box at the Bakken that we may consider including in the project, if we can.


  • Ian said that we need a policy about what to do when someone becomes hostile at a Board meeting. We should put this policy on our website.
  • Mary Underwood volunteered to talk to the City lobbyist about NRP/CPP fund use parameters. The Board feels that the parameters are too restrictive, especially the policies relating to events.
  • It was proposed that we have an environmental corner in the newsletter. We could also have safety tips.
  • We should let the Park Board know that we would like to see Nessie on Lake Calhoun.
  • We should put the annual car show on the website schedule.
  • Another idea was for a Summer Street Festival on West 36th St.
  • Regarding Loppet Assistance. One Idea is to engage with other neighborhood organizations to participate in the snow sculpting competition. Rhea will look into this for the November meeting. The Loppet is January 31 and February 1.


The Board discussed whether or not to take on the development of a new website in 2015. The Communications Committee will lead this effort.

Meeting Time/Location

There was some discussion about changing the Board meeting time and location. We are concerned that 5:30 is a difficult time for professionals to attend the meeting. We will talk about this again in November.


We should consider who we want to speak to us in the coming year. One suggestion was to have apartment managers come to a meeting.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Meeting adjourned 9:20pm