July 14, 2015 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council Meeting Minutes

July 14th 2015 – 6:00 p.m., The Bakken Museum, 3537 Zenith Ave. S.

Board Members Present: , Ian Kees,  David Rhees, Richard Logan, Brent Olson, Mary Underwood, Katie Larson,  Haydee Peterson, Kathy Cobb, Allan Campbell,  neighborhood staff Kristina Erazmus and NCR staff Jack Whitehurst  

Meeting called to order at 6:00 with a Welcome by President Ian Kees.

Treasurer’s Report: Brent Olson is the new Treasurer.  He has had a chance to look over the checkbook and finances and is getting to know our procedures.  

Coordinator Report by Kristina Erazmus:

There was a discussion on the renaming of Lake Calhoun.  With increasing media coverage the issue was discussed by the Board.  Staff reached out to Brad Bourn to initiate the beginnings of a conversation.  He explained that the Park Board has not taken a position on this issue.  This is his personal position as a Commissioner.  He feels that the lake should be renamed. He will be available in whatever capacity the Board sees fit as this issue moves forward.  The Board discussed inviting Brad to a future meeting.  They would also like to discuss other issues that are important and timely to West Calhoun Neighborhood.  Concerns came up regarding any financial burdens that would be placed on the neighborhood such as signs and materials.  May Underwood explained that the state legislature will not take a stance on renaming.  The biggest issue to the Board was the process.  Is this a collaboration with our PB representative?  Is this a priority for the neighborhood?  There was a motion made and seconded and passes unanimously to table this discussion until the Sept. meeting to see how and where the issue and conversation unfolds.  There was another motion made and seconded and passed unanimously to add a question to the Green Space written survey to be handed out at Movie Night to ask residents their opinion on renaming Lake Calhoun.

Phase I and Phase II Updates – presented by Jack Whitehurst.

Jack Whitehurst, the WCNC Neighborhood and Community Relations staff, attended to help clarify where WCNC stood with its financials, Phase I and Phase II dollars.  Jack began by letting the Board know that the waiver request for additional time to create a Phase II plan was approved by David Rubedor, Assistant City Coordinator/Director for NCR.  This was an important announcement for the Board as the Phase II plan has been in limbo due to the ongoing stops and starts of the SWLRT.  With the wavier granted, Jack and Kristina will be able to work on the WCNC Phase II Plan, make plan modifications to the Phase I Plan and draft a Neighborhood Priority Plan at the same time.  The WCNC will work on neighborhood engagement to set the priorities of the residents/neighborhoods.  

Committee Reports:


  • Communications and Outreach: Newsletter went out, postcards went out and the first of two adds were in the Southwest Journal to promote Movie Night.  We have placed work on developing a new website on hold until the fall.
  • Environment: New bike racks in the neighborhood are moving forward.
  • Safety:  Richard, Committee Chair, asked the WCNC to support the ongoing safety efforts the committee is focusing on.  They would like to set up a meeting with officers to discuss safety in the neighborhood.  The number one priority right now for the committee is a Public Safety Meeting/Seminar.   There was discussion about how this meeting would fit in with the city Multi-Model Study currently underway in the neighborhood.   Discussion about this had the WCNC thinking it  would be better to wait for the Multi-Model study to be completed to see how committee priorities will fit in with the results.  There was a motion made and seconded and passed unanimously to give the Safety Committee $200 for related equipment to help with the traffic tracking they are preforming in the neighborhood.
  • Long Term Vision: The Green Space Survey update: responses have varied, there seems to be more owners than renters completing the survey.  Filling in the field is the number one concern expressed by residents. Also, there are open houses scheduled for the Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun Master Plan.  These open houses will be listed on the website.
  • SWLRT: The Met council has approved the downsized budget.


Movie Night Update:  Movie Night is coming together.  Food Trucks and ice cream confirmed.  Will create a FB event.  Weather should be nice.

Uptown Community Engagement:  There is one meeting left.  The committee looking for some “low hanging fruit” for first project to work on.  

Blueprint for Equitable Engagement:


  • Ian will create a first draft for the WCNC. Once completed the Board will be asked for feedback.  The due date for a response was pushed out to Aug. 14th.


Land Sale on France Avenue – presented by Leslie Lydell


  • Leslie presented a brief background of the sale to the WCNC.  She asked the board to attend the Ways and Means meeting on July 20th.  The position of some residents is why give up and just sell the land.  Why can’t they keep the land public for residents to use?


Minutes respectfully submitted by Kristina Erazmus