June 9, 2015 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council Meeting Minutes

June 9th 2015 – 6:00 p.m., The Bakken Museum, 3537 Zenith Ave. S.

Board Members Present: , Ian Kees,  David Rhees, Richard Logan, Annie Zager, Mary Underwood, Katie Larson, John Abraham-Watne and staff Kristina Erazmus.  

Treasurer’s Report: John Abraham-Watne reported the following balances on the checking accounts: $697.00 and $6,311.00

Welcome by president Ian Kees

Coordinator Report by Kristina Erazmus:

  • Lake Calhoun won the Facebook contest and received the most votes to host  Minnie the Lake Creature for the summer.
  • Introduced using the Chinook Book as a West Calhoun Fundraiser.  West Calhoun would receive 50% of the books and moble apps that we sell.  We could sell them at Movie Night or have each Board member sell a certain amount.  Concerns were raised that the new Chinook book will be out in August and that residents would not have time to use them before the coupons expire.
  • Milk Carton Boat Race and Sandcastle Competition.  Kristina spoke to Leah Long the VP of Events and Marketing for the Downtown Council.  She said that having these in the events this summer is not realistic.  They discussed the possibility of having neighborhoods sponsor a summer event next year.  They can make it new and Leah would be available to be a resource and help us out.
  • Discussed the awards for the West Calhoun Treasures Award.  There was a motion made and was seconded  and passed unanimously that Kristina purchase the plackard  for George and the sail for Barbara.  

Committee Reports:


  • Communications and Outreach: Discussed the details for Movie Night on July 22nd.
  • Safety: Discussed the traffic and safety concerns at busy intersections in the neighborhood.  Specifically,   three accidents at Lake and Dean Parkway.
  • SWLRT: Allan presented a letter explaining the position of the WCNC.  This motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to send the letter .
  • Social: Discussed making extra handouts for Movie Night with Bakken activities.  Discussed the possibility of purchasing sandwich boards to promote neighborhood events.  Decided to purchase campaign style yard signs to place around the neighborhood to promote Movie Night.


Board Elections:


  • Board elections resulted in the reelection of the current Board with the addition of a new Board member, Brent Olson.  The following are the new officers for the WCNC;   Chair – Ian Kees, Vice Chair – Katie Larson, Treasurer – Brent Olson.  



NRP Guideline Review:

  • Kristina presented NRP figures from Jack Whitehurst and Bob Cooper.  The Board raised concerns that they are not the same numbers that Jack had given them earlier in the year.  Discussed having Jack attend July meeting to clarify the numbers and answer any questions.


Blueprint for Equitable Engagement:


  • NCR is looking for neighborhood feedback on the cities value of equitable engagement of residents.  Kristina recommended asking for an extension so this issue can be addressed in a thoughtful manner.  The motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to ask NCR for an extension for a thoughtful response from the WCNC.


Uptown Community Engagement Meeting Status Update:


  • The group was looking to get Board feedback on the initial priorities.  Due to the time constraints the Board tabled this until July.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Kristina Erazmus