May 12, 2015 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2015 – 6:00 p.m., The Bakken Museum, 3537 Zenith Ave. S.

Board Members Present: , Ian Kees, Haydee Peterson, David Rhees, Richard Logan, Katie Larson, John Abraham-Watne and staff Kristina Erazmus.  Also present: Council Member Linea Palmisano, Rep. Frank Hornstein, Multi Model Representatives,  and residents.

Treasurer’s Report: John Abraham-Watne reported the following balances on the checking accounts.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes were reviewed and unanimously passed.

Welcome by president Ian Kees:  Ian thanked everyone for coming and talked about the new committee structure of the WCNC.  He also thanked the Board for all the hard work.

Representative Frank Hornstein:

  • Thanked the Board and acknowledged Board member Katie Larson for her involvement in the neighborhood Board.
  • Explained that the states leaders are busy negotiating the budget.
  • Working on train safety.
  • Interested in the neighborhood’s perspective on SWLRT.
  • Ped. and bike safety is important in this neighborhood.  Hopefully there will be something in the budget as part of the transportation bill to support this.
  • There is a citywide effort to encourage composting.
  • Will continue to talk about climate change and the many things that can be done on a local level.

Council Member Linea Palmisano:


  • Talked about the cable franchise.  Did support the Centurylink franchise,  while not perfect,  had some good points to it.  Centurylink will need to build out faster and there may be some lawsuits coming, They will have to pay all legal bills.
  • Talked about the Lurking and Spitting ordinances. Spoke about the fact that is a tool that is unfairly used. It has negative effects on the homeless. That it is unfairly applied.  May 20th is the next public meeting.
  • Multi Model Study is being managed by the city.  There are 11 themes to the study.



Committee Updates:

Communications and Outreach:  Kathy would like to combine the Outreach and Communications committee. She talked about still working in the Welcome Baskets and website design.  All newsletter articles need to be in by May 20th.  July 22nd will be Movie in the Park. WCNC will be showing Selma. If the field is flooded again they will try to use the parking lot.  Astronomy night is Sept. 22nd.  There should be close to a full moon/ half-moon.  The MN Astronomical Society will be bringing one dozen telescopes. It will be a kid friendly event.  Working on updating the email list from  local businesses.

Environment: A big Thank You to the Mpls. Lakes Girl Scouts who helped on Earth Day.  Also need to thank Ben and Jerrys, My Burger, Kind Bars and Brugers Bagels.  Update on the Community Social Garden.  The conclusion is that we do not have the acreage to have our own solar garden but, we can work with other neighborhoods to help our residents to take advantage of solar power.

Safety:  A Thank You to Linea for all the traffic improvements.  The committee is now looking into traffic at the neighborhood intersections.  Working on removing light poles in the middle of the sidewalk and if the walkways can be widened.

Social: Working on fundraising ideas.

Long-term Vision: Updated Board on the “walkabout” with the Park Board ( Brad Bourn, John Erwin and Meg Forney).  Looking at what we can do with our green space. There will be a meeting next week about our next steps.  Looking into how we can get resident feedback.  Talked about the recipients of the WCNC Treasurers Award.

Zoning: no report.

Board then voted to amend the bylaws to have from 6-11 members and to be able to vote electronically.  David made the motion to approve both bylaw changes.  Katie seconded the motion. The motion passes unanimously.

The Board then opened the meeting up to the West Lake Multi Model Transportation Study.  They brought maps and laid them out and took comments on the project with post it notes.  They will be coming back to the WCNC for and update.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.