Southwest Light Rail Transit Issues and Actions

Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis conducted a station area strategic planning process for the Royalston, Van White, Penn, 21st Street, and West Lake Street stations along the Minneapolis portion of the proposed Southwest LRT line. The Minneapolis Station Area Strategic Planning Document is now available for review and comment. Minneapolis Station Area Strategic Planning document

A multi-modal access analysis and an intensive market study which, together with input from area residents, businesses, and community groups, will form the basis for conceptual designs for the station, a detailed land use plan for a half-mile radius around each station, and an implementation plan for each station area. The plans will build on previous land use studies and inform future rail design and land use decisions. A Community Members’ Working Group (CMWG) composed of members appointed by neighborhood associations, business associations, local organizations, and owners of property adjacent to stations, convened to raise local issues as plans were formulated, and acted as liaisons with their representative group.

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