February 21, 2017 Minutes

West Calhoun neighborhood Council

Meeting Minutes

February 21st, 2017

There was not a quorum present so agenda items were discussed.

  • Discussion of the upcoming Art of Hosting meeting.
  • Will have to go over the committee spreadsheet in March.
  • Safety updates form Shane – recorded intersection but has not watched it yet. Waiting to hear back from the County about signage at Lk and Market Plaza.
  • The CPP application was approved, is signed and we are waiting for an advance.
  • Phase II plan was also approved by the City Council.
  • “Frozen Funds” were restored to the neighborhoods by the City Council. WCNC will receive $77,000.
  • Newsletter will go out in the Spring to promote Annual Meeting.
  • Talked about Annual Meeting ideas.
  • Talked about Snow Emergency flyers.
  • Setting up meeting with the PB.

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