June 13, 2017 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: 6.13.17
Called to order: 6:02pm
Presided by: Allan Campbell, President
Note taker: Nikki Lindberg & Sandra Rieger
In attendance: Nikki Lindberg, Allan Campbell, Tim Musson, Richard Logan, Sandra Rieger, John Bordwell, Jeff Idelkope

Guest Presenters

CPM Architects presented regarding their proposed apartment building developments to be located at 3823 31st St. It will feature 29 studio units in a 5 story building. They have 8 off-street parking spots incorporated into the design. The City does not require any off-street parking for transit-oriented development. Some suggestions offered: ensure good lighting; consider an area for dogs; balconies, garden space and a roof top patio could enhance the property. The project will now go before the City’s Planning Board Committee of the Whole. Another presentation to the neighborhood will be scheduled once more finalize plans are created.

New Member Introductions

Jeff and John introduced themselves, and spoke to their interest on joining the council.

Officer Elections

The following officers were nominated and approved.

  • President, Allan Campbell
  • Vice President, Richard Logan
  • Treasurer, Tim Munson
  • Secretary, Sandra Rieger

Hiring of new Coordinator

Nikki Lindberg shared a little about herself, and her interest in working with the WCNC. She had been interviewed by Allan and Richard, and they recommended to the board to hire her to fill the vacancy of Tina Erazmus’ resignation. A motion was made (Richard) and seconded (Jeff). Motion carries.

Treasurer Report

Tim Musson

Two resolutions were presented to the board to help simplify our financial record keeping and management. Both of these come on the recommendation of our accountant, Megan, at Mobius.

Resolution 1: Allan Campbell, current WCNC President, will be added as the Key Executive of the WCNC bank account/s.

Resolution 2: The WCNC wishes to combine all existing bank accounts into one bank account.

A motion to accept both resolutions was made (Richard) and seconded (Jeff). Motion carries.

Team Sign-Ups

Those present were asked to indicate which of the current WCNC teams they would like to participate in during the coming year.

  • Green space
  • Safety (with CIDNA)
  • Communications & Outreach
  • Events
  • Land Use
  • Environmental

Events & Communications

  • Winter – Loppet
  • Spring – Earth Day
  • Summer – Movie night
  • Fall – Astronomy night (with the Bakken)
  • Happy hour – TBD date, at Wakame
  • Consider a Meet Up account
  • Next newsletter out by July 7
  • Movie in the park July 7, the WCNC table should be set up by Ben & Jerry’s and offer whistles and have a sign-up sheet
    • Richard nominated Kathy Cobb for a Calhoun Treasure award. Allan seconded. Motion carries.
  • Meeting notices
    • Kiosk on Greenway – add more general information about WCNC
      • Richard and Tim are able to help maintain kiosk
    • Caribou and Whole Foods, etc.
    • More electronic/digital notifications

Greenspace & Excelsior Sidewalk Improvements

  • Working with the Park Board to create a focus group to narrow down ideas, so that cost estimates can be gathered, and plans can keep moving forward
  • Look into some near term improvements that we might be able to execute sooner than later
  • See if there are any longer terms improvements that we want to help push up in the priority list, and possibly help fund it’s happening
  • It was noted that the monies contracted for improvements are not limited to the green space area
    • There may be an opportunity to help clean up near the former Jiffy Lube location, where a falling fence is narrowing the sidewalk, etc.
  • Traffic calming in key areas a main concern
    • Boulevard plantings were considered at one time

Announcements & New Business

  • A resident raised concerns regarding recents thefts. Garage break-ins in the area have resulted in loss, including several stolen bicycles. Remind residents to park cars in their garage, lock them and don’t have anything showing, register your bikes. Sometimes these crimes go in waves throughout the city, so this rise could be temporary.
  • There has been talk about the renaming of Lake Calhoun. Park Commissioner Meg Forney suggests that the lake be named Lake Maka Ska rather than the Park Board’s preferred name of Bde Maka Ska, since the DNR requires the use of the English word “lake” in lake names. Nikki will connect with other lake-area neighborhoods and report back to the group with an update.

Meeting adjourned: 7:29pm
Submitted by: Sandra Rieger, Secretary

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