March 14, 2017 Minutes

West Calhoun Meeting Minutes

March 14th, 2017


New Members

  • There was a motion and second to accept Sandra Reiger and Tim Musson as new WCNC Board members. The motion was passed with a unanimous voice vote.

Meeting Minutes

  • There was a motion to accept the January and February meeting minutes. The motion was seconded and passed with a unanimous voice vote.

Park Board Update

  • There was a discussion regarding the next steps to improve the flooding in the Green Space. Reviewed the meeting that staff, Allan and Richard had with Michael from the Park Board. The meeting went very well. They talked about the flooding, creating a more “park like” feel, getting a kiosk for the space and the lack of a name.
  • There is another meeting that is set for March 28th with Michael and James from the Watershed.
  • There was a request from Michelle from the SWJ to get an official comment form the WCNC regarding the CAC recommendations’ for the Green Space. The Board agreed that the letter previous written by Katie and approved by the Board would best explain the position of the WCNC. Staff will send the letter to Michelle.

Council Update

  • Kendall from Linea’s office attended to give the CM update.
  • There is a tree lottery coming up.
  • He talked about the information governance – how the city handles data.
  • The city is looking for applicants to sit on the many boards and commissions.
  • The listening sessions on the minimum wage is wrapping up.
  • The Audit Committee is asking the Audit Department to look into US Bank Stadiums. What are the obligations and risk to the city? Concerns include: suites & parking ramp.

Mobius Group – Accountant Presentation

  • Megan talked about getting all our financials in order.
  • Talked about “best practices” and to look at some examples to adapt to the WCNC policies. Separation of Duties is one example.
  • The MN Council of Nonprofits is a good place to find that information.
  • There was a motion made and seconded to accept Tim Musson as the new WCNC Treasurer. This motion was seconded and passed with a unanimous voice vote.

Project Committee Spreadsheet

  • Allan walked through the committee list and the projects assigned to each committee.

Traffic Update

  • Gave an update on the updates that Shane sent over and our next steps.

Park Dedication Funds

  • We pay taxes to support parks yet the WCNC has no parks.
  • What is available and how do we access the funds to help improve the Green Space.

Coordinator Update:

  • There was a motion made and seconded to accept the 2016 CPP Annual Report with the acceptation of some minor edits. This motion passed with a unanimous voice vote.
  • Discussion to strengthen partnership with the Bakken. Went over some opportunities. The final decision will be made in April.


  • The meeting was adjourned at 7:35
  • The meeting minutes have been respectfully submitted by Kristina Erazmus, staff for the WCNC.

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