Southwest Light Rail Delayed Again

The Metropolitan Council has rejected all four construction bids for the light rail line as over budget and failing to meet key requirements of the bid request. Revised bids are now due in January 2018, delaying construction by about five months and pushing the earliest possible start of passenger service at the proposed West Lake Station until at least 2022. Moreover, the project is dependent on federal funding, which is not assured, and could be blocked by a legal challenge being brought by the Lakes & Parks Alliance.

July 11, 2017 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum
Date: 7/11/17

Called to Order: 6:07pm

Presided By: Allan Campbell, President
Notetaker: Sandra Rieger

In attendance (7 people): Jeff Idelkope, John Bordwell, Richard Logan, Allan Campbell, Sandra Rieger, Lynette Davis, Annie Zager

President’s Report:

  • Establishment of membership and quorum – Motion by Allan Campbell: Evan Wiener is not officially not on the board. Seconded by Richard Logan.
  • WCNC funds will be available, now that last three months’ meeting minutes are approved.

Secretary’s Report: Allan: Motion to approve last three months’ meeting minutes. Seconded: Jeff Idelkope, John Bordwell.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeff Idelkope: Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Seconded: Richard Logan

Committee Reports:

  • Communications, Outreach, Events
    • Approval of Utility Wraps Funding – Annie has been coordinating. The bid with vendor, Image 360 in the amount of $10,000 (taxes included). The bid includes all costs such as city permitting, installation, etc.
      • To come out of neighborhood action plan account. Annie Zager: Motion to approve the utility wrap bid. Seconded: Jeff Idelkope
    • Happy Hour at Wakame (early September)
      • George, the owner of Wakame is okay with this.
      • Kathy Cobb will receive the Calhoun Treasure Award
    • Movie Night, July 7th – 200-250 people attended, mostly residents from outside of the West Calhoun neighborhood.
    • Land Use – 31st Street, Calhoun Towers
    • New Developments – Safety and congestion with added developments was a main point of discussion. Several questions from the audience with the board chiming in. There’s tension with the city’s initiative to support density and West Calhoun traffic/safety issues, infrastructure. The importance of staying in front of the developments and establishing dialogue with developers was discussed.
    • Safety – Need to establish priority of issues to focus efforts – Traffic calming ideas were discussed. The Safety Committee will be polled to establish priorities. Board Member, Lynette Davis asked to be added to the Safety Committee.
    • Greenspace – Meeting with Michael Shroeder, but will need to meet again. Committee would like a fully usable greenspace. Will establish a long-term plan and put in holding pond in one of the corners. The other focus is the fact that the space remains wet for a good portion of the summer.
    • Environment – Tim Musson absent, no report today.

Coordinator’s Report: Went through the 6 file boxes, and will work on updating our website to include our meeting minutes, as well as other relevant documents/policies as required and recommended. Met with several different people and committees, and getting familiar with past and future programming (accountant, greenspace, communication/outreach, etc).

Bridge for Youth Project and Nonprofit Assistance Fund:

  • Background – Neighborhood councils required to spend some of their funding on affordable housing.
  • Bridge for Youth Project – A portion to go to this organization.
    • Lynette Davis: Motion to donate $10,000 to Bridge for Youth. Seconded by Annie Zager.
  • Assistance Fund was also discussed, which provides loans to developers of non-profit developers.  

Renaming of Bde Maka Ska: Lake Maka Ska was suggested by Meg Forney. Bde Maka Ska translation to English could seem redundant. Options for the board regarding this issue were discussed. Next Door/Internet survey could be used to poll the neighborhood before making a decision. We need to do this sooner than later. Next Door has 197 names attached to West Calhoun. Survey Monkey could be the best way, since we can distribute to multiple sites. Sandra Rieger to take the lead on this. Two years ago, the board decided to take no action on this topic.

New Business: N/A

Meeting Adjourned: Motion to Adjourn: Annie Zager. Seconded by Allan Campbell. 7:22 pm. Next meeting is the second Tuesday in September.

Submitted By: Sandra Rieger, Secretary