September 12, 2017 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: September 12, 2017

Called to order: 6:04 pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, President

Note taker: Nikki Lindberg

In attendance: Board — John Bordwell, Allan Campbell, Lynette Davis, Jeff Idelkope, Richard Logan, Tim Musson, Martha Yunker, Annie Zager; 5 neighbors, CPM Project reps, Michael Sanders/Bakken

President Report – Allan Campbell

Due to Sandra’s resignation, we no longer have a secretary. In lieu of anyone stepping in to take over that role, Nikki will take notes at our meetings. We currently have 3 open seats. Michael Sanders/Bakken has been offered a seat on the board. He started with the museum as the new director about 2 years ago, and is happy to join the WCNC board.
Motion: Martha made a motion to elect Michael Sanders/Bakken to one of the open board seats. Richard seconded. Motion carries.

Secretary Report

Motion: Richard moved to approve the July minutes. Martha seconded. Motion carries.

Treasurer Report – Tim Musson

Tim presented the current bank balance, and Allan gave a brief overview of our funding dollars with the City, expanding our potential to fund projects for the neighborhood.

Motion: Richard moved to approve the proposed budget update (below). Tim seconded. Motion carries.

Proposed Budget Update

CPP Budget 2017 Rollover New TOTAL
1 Staff Expenses $11,068.00 $9,173.50 $20,241.50
2 Employee Benefits $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
3 Professional Services $7,200.00 $3,230.98 $10,430.98
4 Occupancy $1,600.00 $979.10 $2,579.10
5 General Liability Insurance $400.00 $0.00 $400.00
6 Directors and Officers Insurance $900.00 $0.00 $900.00
7 Communications/Outreach $5,000.00 $25,565.83 $30,565.83
8 Translation, interpretation and ADA support $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
9 Supplies and Materials $1,000.00 $1,609.43 $2,609.43
10 Meetings/community building events $1,172.00 $6,502.05 $7,674.05
11 Development $0.00 $2,000.00 $2,000.00
12 Fundraising $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
13 Other Services: $0.00 $4,544.27 $4,544.27
Total for Contract: $28,340.00 $53,605.16 $81,945.16


Guest Presenters

CPM Project – Presented updates to the development at 3823 W 31st. Because of certain site requirements, the project has been downsized from 5-stories/29 units to 3-stories/15 units with 8 parking spots. They should be included on the agenda at the City for the 10/16 public hearing, and could break ground by early December. No comments or concerns were raised regarding this project.

Events & Communications

  • Happy Hour (9/28, 3:00-6:00 at Wakame)

Motion: Richard moved to approve for $300 in support of our first happy hour event to cover the costs of snacks and complimentary drinks redeemed from our postcard mailing. Tim seconded. Motion carries.

  • Fall newsletter & postcard mailing
    Postcard should be delivered early next week. Newsletter articles are due by Friday with the hope that it will be sent to print early the following week, and to the mailing house about a week later, so delivered before our October Safety Walk.

Motion: Martha moved to approve $180 in support of a monthly drawing for new email subscribers ($15/12 months). Lynette seconded. Motion carries.

  • Wine Tasting event (10/26, 6:00-9:00 at St. Mary’s)
    You can buy tickets online (a link is available on our website) or in person at our Happy Hour and other future WCNC meetings and events. They are $25 before the event, $35 at the door. Proceeds will benefit area neighborhood associations. NOTE: We will be needing volunteers to help during the event.
  • Utility Box Wraps
    8 of the 12 boxes have been approved by the City and image rendering in process. Some of the boxes need additional prep work, and Annie is working with the vendor to get the work needed, and still hopes to have the — vendor approved, hoping to have the wraps done this fall.


  • Land Use
    Calhoun Towers project update: they are seeking pollution mitigation on the site, and may have some more concerns and challenges because of their location to the existing and future tracks in the neighborhood. At best they may present a plan in early 2018.
  • Safety
    If you see any tags, especially “Scare’”, please let us know so we can make sure it is reported and removed.
    Safety Walk (Oct 14, 10:00am, Caribou) Palmisano will attend. Richard would like to have something like this scheduled annually, or maybe bi-annually. After the walk, it is the hope that people will stay to talk about priorities.
    Steve from the CIDNA safety team introduced himself and his support of these efforts.
  • Greenspace
    We are working with the Park Board to create our MOU, and hope to start the process for a feasibility study.
  • Environment
    Tim will write an article for the newsletter about storm drains and our waterways.


Coordinator’s Report

  • Mailings (noted above)
  • Grant writing class tomorrow
  • Air quality study update

Announcements & New Business

  • Bde Maka Ska or Lake Maka Ska
    The County will be holding a public hearing on Tues 10/17 regarding the naming of the lake. 2 petitions have been received with the two options listed above. The board would like to do a survey with the neighborhood, gather input at the happy hour, and then present that information to the County board prior to that hearing.
  • Tim has materials to do storm drain stenciling
  • Calhoun Greenway (annual social gathering) is taking place Thursday

Meeting adjourned: 7:34pm

Submitted by: Nikki Lindberg, Coordinator