November 14, 2017 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Bakken Museum
Date: November 14, 2017
Called to order: 6:02pm
Presided by: Allan Campbell, President
Note taker: Nikki Lindberg
In attendance: Board: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Martha Yunker, John Bordwell, Michael Sanders, Lynette Davis, Jennifer Davie; Other: Nikki Lindberg, several people for the Bader Development presentation, Kendal Killian (Ward 13 Aide)

Secretary Report

  • Richard moved to approve the October minutes. Seconded by Michael. Motion carries.

Treasurer Report

  • Financial reports were emailed to the board
  • John requested that we talk about cost of accountant services at our December meeting. Our contract with Mobius is up at the end of the year.
  • Martha moved to enable the Vice Chair (Richard Logan) to approved payments. John seconded. Motion carries.
  • Richard moved to approve the language changes below. These changes will allow for us to leverage public space improvement dollars for the utility box wraps. John seconded. Motion carries.

NRP Phase II – – Public Greenspace Enhancement and Amenities

Implement the recommendations of the Lake Harriet/Lake Calhoun Master Plan. This will include legacy improvements to this community space, especially the green space at W. 32nd and Calhoun Parkway. Improvements also may be made to other public spaces throughout the West Calhoun neighborhood.

CPP Phase III – 2.1.2 – Neighborhood Green Space

Improve the neighborhood greenspaces, especially the green space near W 32nd and Calhoun Parkway.  Improvements also may be made to other public spaces throughout the West Calhoun neighborhood.

Committee Reports

Communications, Outreach, Events

    • New email sign-up drawing, winner for October: Emily Zniewski
    • Wine Tasting event (2018 involvement) – We need to decide on our future involvement. Took a fair amount of Nikki’s time, raised little money. But is a great event. The only fundraiser we currently are involved in. We could look to having a volunteer on the committee. We could have more intentional ticket sales to increase our funds raised. Discussion by event committee to include involved neighborhoods in split of general dollars.
    • Status of Utility Box Covers – all permits gathered, should be installing as weather permits, language change will allow us to pay for via City.
    • Next printed newsletter – January


  • Michael moved to reorder whistles (800 qty / $645). John seconded. Motion carries.
  • Safety Walk recap – From the walk, we have identified issues at each intersection and problem areas around the neighborhood. Calhoun Commons will work with us to help rework traffic patterns. The ADA person with NCR is coming Monday to look at some of the areas of concern. Traffic calming a top priority and we’d like to make our neighborhood a visibly pedestrian-friendly area.

Greenspace still waiting for a response from the Park Board

Coordinator’s Report

  • MCN ( offers great workshops (like the grant writing program that Nikki and Richard attended). An organization we should probably belong to in order to take advantage of class discounts and other resources they offer.
  • Board retreat recap: Top priorities for the next year focus on traffic calming and pedestrian safety (sidewalk compliance, area lighting). We will also look into hosting a National Night Out event, as well as increasing our engagement with residents and business. Like to do drain stenciling, perhaps in conjunction with Earth Day.
  • We will be receiving mail at the Bakken moving forward. We will have basic business cards created so board members have a way to share our contact info.

This concluded our business portion of the regular meeting.

A representative from Hennepin County Public Works mentioned that our neighborhood would be contacted early next year for engagement around improvements coming to the Excelsior & Lake intersection.

Calhoun Towers Project Presentation

  • Bader Development is a multi-generational business, operating for over 60 years
  • Steven Scott Management manages several of their facilities
  • Recent project examples: The Eclipse, Shorham, 700 Central, 1700 Plymouth (near Ridgedale)
  • Bader purchased Calhoun Towers and the surrounding land (5 acres) in December 2016
  • Initially focused on deferred maintenance, and moving into unit renovation as well as adding units to the top floor. (Going from 108 units to 113.)
  • The Calhoun Towers Project, at the earliest, would break ground fall of 2018
  • This project is a transit focused development, and hinges heavily on the proposed LRT
  • Presentation team had members from Bader Development as well as architects, interior designers, landscape architects, management company, and some City staff.
  • They consider themselves a neighborhood builder, and prioritize safety and pedestrian issues
  • The project attempts to meet the objectives of the Met Council and City of Minneapolis to promote transit use, density, and a more sustainable city
  • The project would add the following (bringing total units to 800+)
    • 2 additional towers similar to the current structure (22 stories)
    • 2 additional 6-story structures
    • Walk up unites
    • Parking ramp
  • The parking ramp would be constructed as part of Phase 1 and will be designed in a way to be repurposed in the future as parking needs subside due to transit use.
  • Design incorporates transitions from the LRT stop to the neighborhood.
  • There would be an realignment of 31st St
  • No numbers yet on how many parking stall would be constructed. Current City recommendation is .5 for each unit.
  • Project is designated a Planned Unit Development (PUD). Must follow several rules, but then don’t have to get variances, etc.
  • Although final aesthetics haven’t been determined, the overall plan is to have green spaces, public thoroughfares, sculpture, etc. Focus on sustainable and low-maintenance materials. Crime prevention through environmental design.
  • The LRT will block off residents to the north from most of the neighborhood amenities (no proposed plan to help create a cross over)
  • May be able to negotiate a better passage to Whole Foods and Calhoun Commons from this project area.
  • A traffic study is being conducted. Many concerns raised about the already limited parking in our neighborhood, and the congestion that is particularly bad a rush hour. This project, in conjunction with LRT, would mean a lot more people, and thus a lot more cars and buses in our area.
  • An environmental impact study is also underway.
  • Comments shared about the exterior design (to consider something more forward thinking versus “classic”).
  • Everything is in the very early stages of development, and no approvals have been officially submitted or granted at this point.

7:33 – Adjourn

Meeting adjourned: 7:29pmSubmitted by: Nikki Lindberg