December 12, 2017 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum


Date: December 12, 2017

Called to order: 6:02pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, President

Note taker: Jennifer Davie

In attendance: Board: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis, Jennifer Davie, Dan Colvin, Tim Musson, Jeff Idelkope; Other: Nikki Lindberg, Brad Bourn (Park Commissioner), Meg Forney (Park Commissioner)

Board Members not in Attendance: Martha Yunker, Michael Sanders, Annie Zager

Secretary Report

  • Richard moved to approve the November minutes. Seconded by John. Motion carries.

Park Commissioner – Brad Bourn

  • $3 million for Southern Chain of Lakes. First major improvements in about 15-20 years (Lake Harriet bandshell painted).
  • Crossing by Tin Fish mostly done.
  • WWI Memorial wrapping up now.
  • Ball field – Greenspace. Working with Michael Schroeder to do improvements there regarding drainage. Storm water drainage within parks crosses jurisdictions.
  • Park board pays a storm drainage fee to the city of Minneapolis. Richard mentioned worries about litter going to the lake. We are Minnehaha Creek Watershed
  • County voted on changing the name to Bde Maka Ska. Going to DNR and US Board of Geographic Names.
  • Old Tin Fish space will be Lola’s by the Lake – seafood and BBQ (5 year contract). Tin Fish did not expand contract when offered. 3 employees wanted to take over (city asks for 12.5% gross revenue and capital investment), but margins didn’t work for them (they were getting double franchise fee for Tin Fish name and to those retiring – $100,000/yr additional expenses). Possible other “grab and go” locations around the lake, TBD.
  • Richard brought up the need to think of driving congestion and parking problems before considering any additions to this area (i.e., sailing school).
  • Skate Park Master Plan meeting in November at Park Board. Concerns: regional park. Keep green space green. The plan is not set in stone.
  • Allan – Invasive species: buckthorn and garlic mustard. “Orphan of Minneapolis Park Board” – no one owns it. Cedar Lake brought in goats – incredibly effective! Cleared in 3 days what mechanical clearing would do in months. Need to do it over and over again to “traumatize” the plant, because you are not pulling it out by the roots. Surly had some buckthorn removal specialists. ~$30 per person per hour gets expensive. Park Board has a stewardship agreement. Nikki can get in touch with Jeremy Verick and Sherry Brooks to set up a project. Park Board provides Weed Wrenches. Can “adopt” an area to work on it. Some areas have about 5 people come out every week. Tim and John interested in this issue.
  • Latrisha Vetaw and Londel French were both elected city-wide. Could also contact Meg and Brad Bourn

Treasurer Report

  • Need to reup contract with Mobius (accountant services) in January. We pay $600/month now. When they were setting systems up, it was work it. Might not be now.

Committee Reports

Communications, Outreach, Events


    • Newsletter – January – Articles due by 12/22.
      • Safety Walk Recap – Richard
      • Enviro Corner – Tim
      • Utility Box Wrap – Allan (graffiti remover from fire station)
      • CPM being approved, Calhoun Towers moving forward in planning process
      • Upcoming events: Loppet in January- call for volunteers
      • Need a means of reporting safety concerns (gunpoint at Minnekada, car break-ins, etc). Could bring in Jennifer to talk safety in February.
      • Jenny is happy to edit the overall newsletter
    • Website: Nikki and Allan have access. Richard will get access.
    • Facebook – Nikki
    • eNews – Nikki
    • Nextdoor
    • Kiosk – Richard. Plexiglass getting clouded (Abbott and Chowen by Greenway, where LRT will be)


    • Businesses glad to hear we share their concerns about lighting, safety, etc.
    • Living Complexes – we will have business cards in new resident packets
    • Utility Box Wraps


    • Earth Day (stenciling) – Tim. Could we get Surly Gives a Damn involved?
    • Movie in the Park – Allan
    • National Night Out – Annie. In the greenspace and block off the blvd? Food trucks.
    • Wine Tasting Event – Annie. Looking at October 2018. Anything we directly sell or from the website, we get the proceeds for. We didn’t get any of the other profits, but maybe we could this time.
    • Happy Hours – do them more regularly? At least quarterly? Wakame. Maybe separate one for businesses? – Dan


    • Whistles Ordered
    • ADA and Sidewalks
      • Richard met with ADA Compliance Specialist – Nick No. He agreed that that like of old lampposts really do impede movement on the sidewalk. He is following up.
    • Allan forwarded email – Drew McGovern from the county will be able to come to January meeting to discuss plans for improvement on intersection of Lake and Excelsior
    • Lake Street: Meg talked to Marion Green, widened path for walking by taking 1 foot out of each lane. Don’t take off edges for new changes, create a traffic-calming boulevard.


    • Michael Schroeder has not gotten back to us on MOU
    • Meg: Passed master plan with skate park at greenspace, no capital money for this to happen. If there is community and/or commissioner backing to move forward, it could happen. Two master plans: 1 is skatepark, 1 is lake harriet/calhoun. It’s important for all of us to stay ahead of it and speak out if we feel strongly. 9 member board. Only 3 are returning (including member who initiated skate park). We need to influence 6 new members. We’d need a replacement plan. Want to keep it a spontaneous use green space. Critical to watershed. Do not be “anti-skate park.” Be pro other things.  Sailing school more likely than skate park.


Land Use

    • Allan’s letter to Bader
      • Richard moved to approve, Lynette seconds. Motion carries.
    • CPM hearing 12/4 update
    • Bigos parking ramp

Coordinator’s Report

  • Business Cards

This concluded our business portion of the regular meeting.

Meeting adjourned: 7:41 pm

Submitted by: Jennifer Davie