January 9, 2018 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: 1.9.18

Called to order: 6:04pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, Chair

Note taker: Nikki Lindberg

In attendance: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, John Bordwell, Annie Zager, Lynette Davis

Note: There was no quorum, so no actions were taken

Absent: Michael Sanders (excused); Jeff Idelkope (excused); Martha Yunker (excused); Tim Musson (excused); Jennifer Davie, Dan Colvin

Others present: Nikki Lindberg, Louise Campbell; Linea Palmisano and aide; Stephen Goltry and Michael Wilson from WCNC-CIDNA Joint Safety Committee; Rog Adams; George Ephram;  Southwest Journal reporter Michelle Burke. total non-board (20);

Guest Presenters

  • Hennepin County Traffic, Drew McGovern – Lake/Excelsior
    • Received grant funds (via the Met Council). Main focus: bike and ped safety. Project will shorten ped distances and add refuge areas; ADA upgrades. Jan/Feb starting public involvement. 60% of plan by April–go for bid in 2019–construction June 2019.
    • Issues raised: Not responding to any additional traffic (Calhoun Towers project, etc.); should look at the need for better signage for Lake westbound to help reduce lane changes, esp. heading into that area.
    • Safety concerns also very important is the crossing of Lake at Market.
    • Concerns about how many folks need to do u-turns to access properties along Lake (design reduces left lane access, but may need to lengthen)
    • WCNC/CIDNA traffic resolution to be presented later in meeting
    • Calhoun Village plans for traffic (also should be considered)
    • Corridor (5 year CIP) — annual reranking of projects
  • Boutique hotel at Lake/Excelsior (replacing current BP) Gretchen Camp, ESG and Corey, Elevage Group
    • Current site has 6 access points. Proposal with have one access point off each Lake & Excel.
    • Parking up and down. 100 seat smaller restaurant (prob first floor, maybe second).
    • 1 option 10 story sitting on base; with outdoor decking
    • 2 option 12 story building; not as long (more slender tower)
    • 120 rooms for the project; assumption of use (70% occupancy + restaurant) 150 guests?  (to be compared to gas station use)
    • Want something unique/iconic for the neighborhood (maybe heavy glass); with a sense of motion/dynamic
    • Small conference center and business center on second; third is the decking level (SRF will be starting a traffic study) should have that info at February meeting.
    • In shoreline overlay district; allows 35 ft, project would be 100+ feet
    • Hospitality market study underway
    • Site as a gas station; will be addressing and cleaning up as needed
    • Linea Palmisano noted a recent shoreline denial for a 4-story in Lake Harriet area; Shoreline rules adopted in 1988 – most of area tall development built prior to that date
    • Zoned C3A
    • Contextual elevation for future presentation (so sense of how it fits in with existing structures, etc)
    • Resident concerns about the trajectory; visual impact; density
    • Provenance Hotels (hotel owner) working on a project in Stillwater too (only 40 rooms, but loved the location/project)
    • Parking (115 stalls)
    • Want to make some spaces more open to the public with areas people can come to enjoy the location (have a coffee and work)
    • WCNC February meeting – the will come back with preliminary traffic report; more building concepts; visual context
  • Bigos – Jeffery Flake, Calhoun Greenway parking ramp project
    • Space currently surrounded by their 3 buildings (and then Bader project); and want to turn small (60 space lot) into two layers of parking, adding 90 spaces for residents (dig down a little and then adding a level up)
    • Approved on consent
    • Ultimately barely visible from the street
    • Richard is a resident – and happy to see them addressing a serious parking problem; Bigos doing this because they feel it affects their rental; already a parking crunch in the area

President Report – Allan Campbell


Secretary Report

Unable to approve (no quorum)

Treasurer Report –

Mobius Contract

  • Those present in favor option 3

Events & Communications

  • Newsletter – finishing up
    • Happy Hour for neighborhood 2/22
  • Business happy hour tbd
  • Safety – whistles received
  • Banners (Annie); possibly in connection with lighting; could do seasonally
    • Effects: traffic calming; identity building
    • $6,000 estimate for 2 sets (double sided) banners along Lake/Excel (includes brackets, banners, installation); this would do 20 banners
    • May want to wait until lighting is determined; but lighting options are limited with the City, and because of LRT everything has been put on hold…
  • Movies in the Park – we can’t use CPP funds for movies; so we need to decide if we want to still host one. If so, we need to fundraise or find a sponsor. We want to do it…so we will figure out the funding. Cost is $450.


  • CIDNA and WCNC presented 9 resolutions for safety. We will have to do an e-vote once CINDA approves, as we do not have quorum


  • Updates with Michael — hope to have more details soon, but he will be bringing the project to the Park Board in February or March with a proposal to keep the project moving forward


  • Invasive species mitigation – we can enter into a park board agreement

Land Use

  • Linea asked to come in February (Calhoun Towers)

Coordinator’s Report

  • Nothing to add

Announcements & New Business

  • Jacob Frey event
  • Loppet – board hasn’t been contacted, so no plans for involvement this year
  • Calhoun Towers (resident concerns – rent increases during construction, etc) issues of ground quality

Meeting adjourned: 7:39pm

Submitted by: Nikki Lindberg