May 8, 2018 Minutes

May 8, 2018

Annual Meeting

Speakers: Mayor Frey, Senator Dibble, Representative Hornstein, Council Member Palmisano)

Board Elections: The following were elected to the board for the next year

  • John Bordwell
  • Allan Campbell
  • Jennifer Davie
  • Lynette Davis
  • Victoria Hoshal
  • Jeff Idelkope
  • Richard Logan
  • Tim Musson
  • Michael Sanders
  • Martha Yunker
  • Annie Zager

April 10, 2018 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2018

Attending board members: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Tim Musson, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis, Michael Sanders, Martha Yunker, Jeff Idlekope, Jennifer Davie

Absent:  Annie Zager (excused)

President’s Report: Invitation to May annual meeting

Secretary’s Report: February & March minutes – John/Lynette approved

Treasurer’s Report: Shared about budget reports
Bookkeeper contract Richard/John approved

Committee Reports:


  • Safety walk 4/5/18 with 3 Hennepin County staff members (bike/ped safety, ADA and traffic)
    • Looked at intersections
    • Areas of congestion
    • Dynamic of sidewalks and roadways
      • poles, etc. that narrow/block way
      • no buffer spaces for ped vs cars
      • pedestrian refuges along Lake St.
    • Overuse of Market Plaza and underuse of Excelsior entrance/exit
      • “main” entrance is unmarked and less visible in many ways
      • issues with emergency vehicles and access
      • roadway signage to help awareness (and changing within lot from “access” to “exit”)

Communications, Outreach, Events:

  • Neighborhood Happy Hour 5/3 at Urban Eatery 4-6
  • April Newsletter to print tomorrow
  • Earth Day
    Saturday, April 21 • 9:30-noon
    Bde Maka Ska West (W. 32nd St. and Calhoun Pkwy)

Land Use:

  • Bader EAW meeting 3/26
    • not very high attendance
    • Submitting comments (approved)
    • This Thursday, 4:30 Committee meeting in City Hall. Public welcome to listen (not comment).


  • Greenspace – Allan speaking with Meg Forney. No response from Michael Schroder, Parks Board Planner.  Meeting to be planned with Meg this week (during the day) or in May. Allan will connect with her and the greenspace team to set this up.

Coordinator’s Report:

  • 2020 Roadmap: City Neighborhood and Community Relations Department – future of funding.
    • Online discussion points
    • Need something sent to the city by 4/30.
  • May meeting
    • Mayor Frey
    • Sen. Dibble
    • Possible safety presenter/s
    • Food in process

Hotel Presentation

  • Urban resort hotel. Open to neighborhood, not just hotel guests.
  • 16 month construction after permits. About 2 years from now.
  • Want to promote safety for pedestrians and traffic
  • Added pedestrian corridor (about 22 ft wide and 20 ft tall). Potential for glass “doors” for winter. “Spyhouse-like” cafe and also a restaurant.
  • Floors 1-2, event space. 3-5 hotel. 20 condo units on floor 6 & 7. Floor 8 is amenity deck/restaurant. Fitness center.  Small amenity deck on 3rd floor for hotel guests.
  • 99 hotel rooms, ~20 condo units
  • Base is masonry, brick and glass. Top is stone. Metal accent panels throughout elevation. Recessed balconies in condos.
  • Below ground parking is for the hotel, above ground is for condos. Each condo gets 2 parking spaces. Also valet offsite.
  • Elevation of building is 88-100 ft total.
  • May need to remediate the property for pollution from the gas station.
  • Lobbied to maintain control of median to make it green and nice, not concrete maintained by city.
  • Plans to own and operate the hotel for the long term, not a quick sell-off. Provenance Hotel Group (Top 5 Conde Nast). Just opening a small hotel in Stillwater.

Community Concerns:

  • Does this comply with the Shoreland Overlay Height Ordinance?  Worried about blocking views. Nearby buildings Foundry 68 ft, Loop 55 feet.  Office building is 75-86 feet. Brickstone is 94 ft high.
  • Who is going to sit on the bench on the median? At least there is a tree. Suggest addition of trees on south medians. Wonder about corridor being dark?

SWCA Park Presentation, Colleen O’Dell from the Minneapolis Parks & Rec Board

Southwest service area master plan:

  • Big endeavor. Hasn’t done anything like it in decades (REc centers in the 70s)
  • SW will be the last one done for the city, then all will have master plans.
  • New funding agreement with city, and trying to find out with people in the community want.
  • We can weigh in on the smaller parks in the SW. Not just in our neighborhood, also CIDNA and Linden Hills.
  • Summer of community engagement events
  • Come up with designs for parks, then get community feedback.
  • Land swap and purchasing is on the table
  • Artists will be involved for engagement
  • We can nominate one member to the CAC: Jana has been elected
    • Jana Griffin – Linden Hills. Renter, biker. How are we going to make sure everyone can access 43 parks and 14 rece centers? Trolley Path connect waveland triangle and Linden Hills park to Lake Harriet (bike/pedestrian path).  On the zoning committee in LH. Concerned about density. For parks, the more that can access, the better. 15 board members total (2 renters).
    • Steve Goldtry – CIDNA board. A few small parks there. Was on planning committee for Theodore Wirth park (long term planning). Background in architecture and urban planning. How to link parks for surrounding neighborhoods. Concerned about parks absorbing public density. Can you see it? Will new structures create too much shade? Must have developers think ahead.
  • What might be needed?
    • Not many soccer fields (we have lots of baseball fields).
    • Could we have the Greenspace be classified as a park?

New Business:

Adjourn 7:40pm


March 13, 2018 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2018

Attending board members: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Martha Yunker, John Bordwell,  Jennifer Davie

Absent: Jeff Idlekope, Tim Musson, Annie Zager, , Lynette Davis, Michael Sander, Dan Colvin

President’s Report: 2017 Annual Report was not approved. No quorum

Secretary’s Report: February minutes were not approved. No quorum

Treasurer’s Report: Bookkeeper Update – Rachel into Quickbooks. Nikki got updated amendment from the city today, and the 2018 CPP budget will go up to about $100,000 (currently ~$81,000). We owe the city a $7,000 advance. Waiting on contract for the Greenspace so we can be reimbursed. Same with utility boxes.

Committee Reports:


  • Safety Resolution with CIDNA – CIDNA unlikely to pass a resolution similar to ours. Board should vote to amend “Joint” Safety Resolution to take out “Joint” and parenthetical about CIDNA funding some changes. No quorum, so will do an e-vote.
  • Traffic Meeting Recap with City, County, and Park Board – Going to look at Dean/Lake intersection and likely move pedestrian crossing on the west side of the street (add Do Not Cross sign). Will look at traffic/pedestrian/bike organization at that corner. Consider adding right turn arrows. Consider signs facing eastbound on Lake to give warning for lanes to choose for upcoming streets (overhanging or on poles). Considering alerts for pedestrian and bike crossing, but worry they won’t have much effect. Follow up walk through of the Calhoun Commons/Market Plaza area, with attention to sidewalks. Request a buffer white line on Excelsior. Want to move Nice Ride station, but they have not been responsive to the idea. How could we use our safety money? Traffic calming on Excelsior. But, if the hotel moves forward, they might do those improvements or contribute to them. Holding on this idea. Brick sidewalk crossing treatments? County is not sure about this. Red fades. Considering zebra stripes for these crossings in the future. Can we add an electronic speed monitor going each way? Tried it, but did not notice a slowdown.

Communications, Outreach, Events:

  • Neighborhood Happy Hour
    • February HH not well attended
    • Next one: May (after Annual Meeting)- consider Urban Eatery? Nikki will talk to them
  • April Newsletter Topics
    • Earth Day, Movie- Frozen 8/11, May Annual Meeting
  • Can we get info on our meetings/events into apartment newsletters (e.g., Be, Greenway, Cal Towers…)?
  • Create a Facebook Event, could also “promote” it
  • Take an evening at each major apartment complex to have a table at the lobby to sign up for emails/facebook and get a snack or raffle entry or something?

Land Use:

  • Recent meeting updates
  • Late March/Early April – hosting public information session regarding the Calhoun Towers project (details to come)
  • Letter to Bader – Martha will take over from Annie


  • Stenciling on Earth Day
  • Greenspace
  • Midtown Greenway Coalition
    • GLOW event in the summer – art fair, bike ride, gets people on the Greenway.
    • Opposing last phase of Calhoun Towers, as it will shade the Greenway. Want a shading study.
    • Want a low impact streetcar rather than a Light-rail. Want more signs and benches. Want to expand to St Paul.

Coordinator’s Report:

  • Sponsorship Workshop
    • Approval of Workshop class ($125, shared with ANA) – Approved
    • Workshop learnings – Build relationships! Vision Zero – City Public Works: integrating groups to affect pedestrian/cyclist safety.

New Business:


February 13, 2018 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2018

Attending board members: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Jeff Idlekope, Tim Musson, Annie Zager, Lynette Davis, Michael Sanders, Martha Yunker, Dan Colvin, Jennifer Davie

Absent: John Bordwell (excused)

Plus many residents and Council Member Linea Palmisano

Secretary’s Report: The December and January meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Accounting will now be done by Nikki with support from a bookkeeper. The final CPP payment from the City for 2017 has been received.

ECCO presentation by Tamara Kaiser and Eric Storlie.

  • They asked for our support in their appeal of the approvals granted to the developers of the Sons of Norway site for up to R6 zoning along 31st Street.
  • They want to maintain the current zoning which provides for a transition in height to the neighborhood. This appeal comes before the city council on Thursday, February 15.
  • The effects on traffic from added density in the Lake and Hennepin area will be felt in our neighborhood.

Their request was considered by the board, but no action was taken.

Hotel presentation by Gretchen Camp of ESG Architects, and Elevage.

  • The conceptual design for the public green areas and pedestrian crossings was presented. The hotel would take responsibility for planting and maintaining this green space.
  • The low height of plantings was explained as necessary for car site lines. This was questioned based on Excelsior and Grand.
  • The site is organized to have 2 curb cuts with only right turns in and out. This replaces 6 for the gas station.
  • Hotel to be 8 stories with 100 rooms and 2 floors of condos at the top.
  • There will be a restaurant at ground level and possibly the terrace level.
  • Parking will be below grade. There will be 85 parking spaces.
  • The traffic study was presented indicating a reduction of traffic. This was questioned. The explanation was that the hotel is a destination; the gas station a service.


Resident objections were made to the validity of the traffic study, the ‘wall’ to and from the lake the hotel would create, the failure to meet the Shoreland Overlay District height restrictions which guard the natural amenity of the lake. The advantage of a local bar/restaurant destination, similar to the Hewing Hotel in the North Loop, was noted. This type of amenity would be a contribution to the quality of the neighborhood. Discussion had to be curtailed due to time constraints.


Calhoun Towers Bader Proposal discussion.

City will do the traffic study and the environmental study. Considerable strong opposition to the project on the basis of too much density, too little parking, and especially the negative impact on the already bad traffic situation which also includes fire truck access, Councilmember Palmisano explained that the city is in favor of density to benefit the quality of the city in general and the tax base. Density has not been defined by the Planning Commission. The possibility of further neighborhood meetings regarding the project was brought up but nothing definite planned. The question of how to get feedback to Bader and the city was raised. March 8 is a planning meeting on the environmental study. This meeting is of the Committee of the Whole. Citizens may listen but cannot participate. April will likely be the time of the first public hearing on the project. Discussion had to be curtailed due to time constraints.


The joint WCNA-CIDNA Resolutions on traffic were approved. Richard explained that the resolutions call for better lane markings to direct cars to proper lanes, overhung signage before the Dean Parkway intersection to direct traffic to the proper lanes, and warning signs for pedestrians and bicycles, among other things.


There will be a Happy Hour at Wakame on February 22. WCNC will provide appetizers.