June 12, 2018 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2018

Attending board members: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Victoria Hoshal, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis, Jeff Idelkope, Michael Sanders, Annie Zager

16 residents

Absent:  (excused) Jennifer Davie ; (unexcused) Tim Musson, Martha Yunker

Called to order 6:04

President’s Report: Board committee sign-ups

Secretary’s Report: May elected board members approved

Treasurer’s Report: Reports emailed to board. A summary of earmarked dollars (approx $177k each towards two initiatives: green space enhancements and safety improvements) was given to those in attendance.

Committee Reports:


  • Traffic calming
    • Banners – Annie has gotten several estimates, and requested a $10,000 budget to be able to continue to pursue installing light pole banners to help with traffic calming and place making in West Calhoun. Motion was approved.
      Details regarding the actual artwork will need to be verified with the City, so more on next steps to come. Suggestions of a design contest, business sponsorship, images of flowers or kids, as well as a tagline.
    • Carpooling – In response to the area’s congestion, we will promote the already existing Metro Transit program which helps connect people with others for carpooling opportunities
  • Concerns about sidewalk accessibility have been shared with the City and the County. The WCNC may be able to help fund a portion of a project along Excelsior. Waiting to hear back about options and timing.
  • Calhoun Commons traffic flow. We are working with the new management to re-direct traffic in/out via Excelsior Boulevard, rather than Market Plaza. Traffic on Market Plaza creates issues for the emergency vehicles, as well as other safety issues for bikes and pedestrians. Currently they have removed the confusing and unhelpful “access” signs. We will be working with City traffic planners as well to continue flow improvements.
  • 5:00 this Thursday Richard will be restarting traffic observations. All are welcome to come, as we restart this process.

Communications, Outreach, Events:

  • Neighborhood Happy Hour 5/3 at Urban Eatery
    Small turn out and didn’t draw any new people. May move back to Wakame. Recommend a topic for discussion. Evaluate best ways to promote (flyers, postcard mailing, social media).
  • July newsletter
    • list of committees and how to join / get involved
      • Volunteers to help with communications (web and FB)
    • carpooling program through Metro Transit
    • Movie
    • Wine event
    • status of development projects
  • Movie (8/11 – Frozen)
  • Wine Tasting event (10/11)

Land Use:

    • Calhoun Towers
      Recent public comments (including an editorial in the SWJ, and letters sent to those in office) were shared. The general feeling is that the City is so pro-density and development that resident concerns are not taken seriously. Safety concerns, about emergency vehicle access into this already dense/congested area were raised. Are there other opinions/experts who are able to help share these concerns? Victoria will contact her brother about his experience with FEMA. With the proposed LRT station, emergency access could be a real issue/concern.
    • 2040 discussion
      Public comment deadline is July 22. The board will work on a WCNC comment, but we encourage everyone to comment. If you choose to email comments, be sure to copy elected officials, etc. to broadcast these concerns to a wider net.


  • Update on hotel development Nothing to report. Believe developers are in negotiations with the County regarding the intersection. Current rumor is for a  groundbreaking in September.


  • Minikahda – Golf shop is to be replacement. The shop is categorized as an historic building, but the board felt if the club wanted to rebuild it, they had no issues with that and chose to do no official action.

Environment: No updates


  • Park idea (brought forth by resident, Paul Legler) on county land at France and Lake St (near bus stop). With the growing population of children in that area in particular, and the lack of a neighborhood park, we will be asking our SW parks CAC representative to bring this request forward in the long term park planning.
  • Park dedication fees from current or proposed area development could help us towards larger green space improvements that we are still hoping to bring to fruition. Additionally, we still have our own NRP dollars as mentioned earlier.)
  • Bob Close/Julie Aldrich proposal (landscape architectural work). Needs watershed  district approval, as there is a wetland buffer requirement. We will be updated as soon as possible.

Coordinator’s Report:

  • 2040 info, wine event, communications, community engagement workshop

Officer Elections: A motion was made and seconded for the following nominations. All motions carried.

Chair – Allan Campbell
Vice Chair – Lynette Davis
Treasurer – Tim Musson
Secretary – Jennifer Davie

New Business: A questions was raised regarding  the repair or replacement of railroad ties next to the Greenway (near Cityhomes) and why this work was taking place. No one was sure.

Safety concerns were raised regarding emergency evacuation plans for the areas near the tracks. CIDNA resident, Claire Ruebeck, has detailed knowledge/awareness about this issue.

A resident raised concerns about branches blocking stop and yield signs. These are good situations to report to 311.

Adjourn 7:30pm