October 9, 2018 Meeting Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: October 9, 2018

Called to order: 6:29pm

Presided by: Lynette Davis, Vice Chair

Note taker: Nikki Lindberg

In attendance: Annie Zager, Victoria Hoshal, Lynette Davis, Jeff Idelkope, Richard Logan, John Boardwell

Guest Presenters

  • Marcie Weslock from Elan (regarding green space)
    • Feasibility study will do much to determine next steps
    • Any improvements will need to be done in cooperation with both the City and MRPB
    • City maintains/uses major stormwater drain that runs under the green space
    • Marcie will forward other projects and costs (for point of comparison)

President Report – Thank you to Nikki for her service

Treasurer Report – Reports shared via email

Secretary Report

  • September minutes to be approved via email (due to not having quorum until nearly 6:30)

Events & Communications

  • Wine Event – happening Thursday!


  • Board to review proposal sent from Elan/Marcie, and decide if they would like to move forward on the feasibility study.

2040 Comprehensive Plan Discussion (City Council Member Linea Palmisano)

  • Every 10 years the City does a comp plan (land use/transportation guide) and is a 20 year visionary statement for how we want to grow our City (assumes 20,000 HH increase). Fundamentally a guide for future development.
  • All cities in the area are required to do this by the Met Council
  • Urban areas are growing faster than other regions, and this affects the planning of infrastructure and how resources are allocated in the region
  • Linea sees the comp plan an opportunity to discuss how we want to grow, and in what ways have we been held back (within the context of that area, as different parts of the City have different issues)
  • Linea is the only Council Member who did a letter to her Ward (to help summarize and increase awareness around the 2040 comp plan)
  • Linea would have liked to have seen the comp plan  address more specific needs of an area (such as what is needed where, for example, for affordable housing, senior housing, etc., and how that may be best accomplished within each neighborhood)
  • There is much frustration around this engagement process on a number of levels. Presented as a “drafty draft” but has been pushed forward in a way that demonstrates this may not truly be the case.
  • No thoughtful way to incorporate feedback has been demonstrated. Missing a key analytical step/process as part of the engagement.
  • Strong Towns (www.strongtowns.org) presents a strong case for incrementalism, otherwise you destabilize a community. This plan feels like a few cranks too high (more like a 2080 plan).
  • Comments regarding this feeling backwards: that transit should be in place before we increase the housing. Seems to not take into consideration existing infrastructure that can’t handle the recommended zoning changes.

Next steps:

  • Planning Commission: October 29th at 4:30pm
    Come and voice your opinion here to Planning Commissioners who can modify/send forward the Plan.
  • Adjourned City Council Meeting: November 14th at 4:30pm
    Come and voice your opinion here to the full City Council who can propose plan changes and vote to adopt the Plan.
  • City Council Committee of the Whole: December 5th at 1:30pm
    This is the regularly scheduled meeting of Committee of the Whole. We do not yet know if there will be an opportunity to propose changes to the plan. It is not a public hearing.
  • City Council: December 7th at 9:30am
    This is not a public hearing but the final vote on the Plan.

These meetings will be held in Council Chambers (Room 317) at Minneapolis City Hall (350 South 5th Street)


  • Richard hosting walk around to discuss concerns for safety and density
  • November meeting hope to have someone come to discuss Calhoun Commons traffic
  • Lake St & Drew – lots of recent safety concerns there
  • If we have Bader and SWLRT under construction at same time can this be staged? Wanting to engage around the impacts to the area if this were to happen.
  • 3100 W Lake St (Lutheran Brotherhood)

Meeting adjourned: 7:29pmSubmitted by: Nikki Lindberg