January 11, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: January 8, 2019

Called to order: 6:00pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, Chair

Note taker: Anna Schmitz

In attendance: Allen Campbell, Lynette Davis, Richard Logan, John Bordwell, Martha Yunker, Michael Sanders, Victoria Hoshal, Paul Legler

Absent:Jeff Idelkope, Tim Musson

Approval of December items (via email) – All four items below passed

  • 1 – Approval of November Minutes
  • 2 – Approval of Bookkeepers’ Contract for 2019
  • 3 – Approval of letter to Calhoun Commons management
  • 4 – Approval of  payment of $300 to the Midtown Greenway Coalition for continued adoption of our portion of the Greenway (with our neighborhood signage)

Treasurer Report – Reports shared via email

  • How to spend excess Community Participation Program (CPP) money? Contact Jack Whitehurst of the City’s Neighborhood and Community Relations (NCR) Department to see if switching categories is feasible, if we have a program we wish to have funded.
  • How to spend excess NRP money?
    • Working together with Bakken/to provide funds to Bakken
      • Michael could submit proposal for Bakken
    • Affordable housing/low-income renter support
    • Providing park funding for neighborhood park, could discuss with Colleen of Parks Department during Feb meeting

Committee Reports

  • Greenspace —
    • Martha connected over phone Adam Arvidson (Director of Strategic Planning at Minneapolis Parks and Rec Board) about greenspace work. Adam seems interested in helping with planning/moving action forward
  • Communication, Outreach, Events —
    • Newsletter
      • Events: Loppet first weekend in February
      • Anna to connect with Richard about modifying safety committee report
    • Submit bios to Anna
    • Happy hour
      • Ideas: 2040 Q&A with Councilmember Palmisano, meet the Executive Director of the Bakken, Commissioner Marion Greene, Park Board info, representative from lightrail (LRT) office
        • The board settled  on LRT representative as first choice for Happy Hour speaker
      • Put info in January newsletter
      • Locations: Bakken, empty Calhoun Towers penthouse
        • Calhoun Towers with self-catering
      • Nextdoor, Facebook
      • Anna to check on LRT rep (Sophia) schedule
      • Feb 21/27/28, 5:30/6pm-7:30pm
    • Name change/survey
      • Survey issues
        • Three name vote: West Lake, West Maka Ska, West Calhoun
        • Pedestrian safety
        • Open-ended: what would you like to see in our neighborhood? What is the biggest issue in our neighborhood?
      • Victoria has contact for info about surveying
      • Both hard copy and digital options
      • Look at past use of funds for gift card incentives, possibly donated from local business
  • Safety
    • Banners report: Victoria to email out banner proposal by February
      • Graphics without name seems safest due to potential name change
  • Environment
    • No new items
  • Land use
    • No new items

New business — No new business

Meeting adjourned: 7:20

Submitted by: Anna Schmitz

January Board Meeting Agenda


6:00 – Welcome by Chair

6:05 – Approval of December Minutes

6:10 – Treasurer’s Report

6:50 – Committee Reports

·       Greenspace –  Recommendations for spending NRP funds

·       Communications, Outreach, Events – newsletter articles, happy hours, name change/survey 

·       Safety – Banners report

·       Environment –

·       Land Use –

7:25 – New Business

7:30 – Adjourn