March 12, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: March 12, 2019

Called to order: 6:00pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, Chair

Note taker: Anna Schmitz

In attendance: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Martha Yunker, Paul Legler, Victoria Hoshal, Jeff Idelkope, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis

Absent: Michael Sanders

Guests: Kim Van Dyn Hoven, Nolan Properties Group; Kate Redden

Resignation of Tim Musson letter of resignation received

Approval of February minutes – Minutes shared via email

  • Approved

Treasurer Report – Report shared via email

  • Waiting to hear from city how much CPP money will be received for this year, and when remaining funds can be spent

Kate Redden board application

  • Approved

Update from hotel

  • Allan, Annie, and Martha met, plans seem to remain largely the same
    • South sidewalk now 16 feet wide, outdoor terrace indent
    • Pedestrian galleria no longer a feature
    • Roof deck is new (no longer activity deck), will include a public restaurant
    • McGough construction will be developer
    • Construction will begin in last half of summer 2019
  • Richard would like coordinated plan from major construction plans in area
  • Lynette would like to go on record as not agreeing to height

Presentation: Proposal for Jiffy Lube site

  • Corner of Abbott and Excelsior (3120 Excelsior)
  • Repurposing from vacant Jiffy Lube to transit-oriented retail
  • See as future main corridor with light rail coming in
  • Update facade but keeping same footprint, potentially add patio, green space, bike parking, keep car parking
  • 1-2 tenants, will depend on who’s interested, potentially restaurant, retail, fitness studio
  • Will need to dig out and clean up pavement due to environmental safety investigation
  • Board suggestion to widen sidewalk space by removing proposed fence/concrete around parking area
  • Currently in process of getting building permitted in order to begin construction
  • Abbott Ave will be slightly reconfigured, sidewalks added to back of Bader property, could happen spring 2019 and last for 1-2 years
  • Aiming to have circular parking/movement area around property
  • No planned dedicated pedestrian entrance on Excelsior for site, suggested by board
  • Ultimate vision (in 10+ years) of ground floor retail with some residential units
  • Water table contamination goes farther down than MN grant will fund
  • Land Use Committee to come up with statement

Coordinator’s report: Anna on 2020

  • Southwest letter will be tabled and followed up via email

Greenspace report

  • Greenspace Committee met with Colleen O’Dell, Madeline and Cesca from Parks Department
  • Long-range 20 year plan for West Calhoun green space calls for sidewalk crossing the space
  • Would stand against changes on Calhoun Boulevard because of older trees on boulevard area
  • Interested in a piece of public art, maintaining the natural quality of the lake and the wildlife, potentially adding binoculars or coordinating with Bakken
  • Retention pond north of sidewalk going from parkway to boulevard
  • Could be public art (possibly sculpture) around point of green space or educational piece, or grove of smaller flowering trees, pollinator plants along parkway between creek bed and road, benches and shade trees along edges
  • Would have to be committed to spending money by end of 2019
  • Will contact Audobon Society for information/input on how to attract and support migratory birds
  • Martha to send out further materials to board

Survey ready for review

  • Send edits to Anna by end of next week (3/22)
  • Board approved for survey to be sent following edits

Greenway Cleanup plan

  • Anna to coordinate with City, Park Department, Girl Scouts to set up cleaning Greenway section

Follow-up with City/County on February meeting

  • Letter to County and City approved
  • CIDNA and Kenwood having a meeting with Southwest Light Rail representatives on light rail timeline (March 20, 7pm at Kenwood Community Center, 2101 W Franklin Ave)

Ways to work with the Bakken

  • Pushed to next meeting

Newsletter plan

  • Newsletter to go out in early April
  • Add bio of new board member
  • Publicising May annual meeting
  • Safety Walk could be added to next newsletter

Minikahda Clubhouse update

  • Going to City for permit to expand clubhouse east toward the lake
  • Two weeks from now there will be hearing where members of Land Use Committee could make comments
  • Martha could acquire plans for expansion

Banners report

  • No update on banners


Meeting adjourned: 7:34

Submitted by: Anna Schmitz