April 9, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: April 9, 2019

Called to order: 6:00pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, Chair

Note taker: Anna Schmitz

In attendance: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Paul Legler, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis, Kate Redden, Michael Sanders, Victoria Hoshal, Jeff Idelkope

Absent: Martha Yunker

Guests: David Davies – Met Council; Planning team – Lake & Excelsior hotel project

Earth Day Clean Up on April 20th

Upcoming transportation workshop April 22nd at Central Library from 4-6pm

Approval of March minutes – Minutes shared via email

  • Approved

John Bordwell elected as treasurer by e-vote between March and April meetings

Treasurer Report – Report shared via email

  • Further rollover of past funds likely to come

Discussion of candidate for new coordinator

  • Allan and Lynette met with Molly Fleming and spoke with supervisor, would recommend for position
  • Would need to move board meeting dates to avoid conflict with East Isles
  • Approved to move ahead with hiring at $28/hour

Discussion of plans for May Annual Public Meeting

  • Allan asked Jack Whitehurst for renter-based speaker suggestions, but no specific suggestions
  • Invited Commissioner Greene, Council Member Palmisano, Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourne
  • May also invite Mayor Frey, Anna to contact for interest
  • Interest in potentially inviting Planning Commission to speak on planned increase in density

Presentation by David Davies of Metro Transit on the schedule for light rail construction

  • Opening in 2023, 14.5 miles, 16 stations
  • Extension of Green Line, will connect to Blue Line
  • Barriers will provide separation between pedestrians and traffic on Lake Street, sidewalk will be same width as it is currently
  • How can bikes get down to Greenway? Can be taken down elevator
  • Traffic will be stopped behind bus at bus stops
  • Council has a construction schedule that is currently being reviewed
  • Current construction activities along the corridor
    • Open the SWLRT Field Office
    • Pre-construction survey work
    • Encroachment survey and outreach
  • Spring activities
    • Outreach/access plan meetings
    • Surveys
    • Kenilworth Trail closure, timing TBD
    • Clearing and grubbing, some trees will be removed, can email David to check on specific trees
    • Fencing
    • Rail delivery
  • Pre- and post- construction survey process
    • Surveys have been sent out, need responses quickly
  • Coordination and access
    • Traffic impacts under consideration, access must be maintained for businesses and residences
    • Cedar Lake Parkway construction happening spring/fall for ~6 months with closure for cars
  • Safety procedures and communication
    • Coordinating with City to talk through details of emergency access
    • Continuing issue, meeting with cities to ensure coordination
  • Construction measures
    • Taking potential construction issues into consideration in order to address before they come up
    • Construction workers are not allowed to park in residential areas, contracted company must submit parking plan
    • Calhoun Isles is sensitive area for vibrations
  • David Davies contact: david.davies@metrotransit.org, 612-373-5336

Presentation on the Lake & Excelsior hotel proposal

  • Long process with BP moving forward on site, was dragged out ~6 months longer than anticipated
  • Construction contract will be with McGough
  • Met with County ~3 weeks ago, County is excited about development and addition of landscaping/green space
  • Hope for crossing safety to improve due to landscaping, sidewalk has been widened in crossing area and around the hotel area (going from 6’ to 10’)
  • Have asked to take over maintenance of green space moving forward, adding in native plants and flowers
  • Bus stop and bike racks incorporated, some kind of art element may be added to corner
  • Look will be “sophistication paired with regionality of materials” paired with warmth/wood textures, brick/stone exterior
  • Restaurant at end, outdoor seating and entrance to hotel/restaurant
  • 9 stories tall with amenity deck on top, 124’ to top of amenity deck from ground
  • Possibility of coworking space on second floor
  • Not yet approved, Public Works meeting tomorrow on streets/sidewalks, submitting land use applications within this month
  • Would start teardown in July pending approval
  • Board expressed mixed opinions about the architecture and concern about the increased height. Would prefer architecture and art element (if any) that is representative of the neighborhood.

Greenspace Update

  • No update

Banners Update

  • Victoria likes designer suggested by Annie, suggests getting quotes and portfolios from two other designers. Board agreed.

Jiffy Lube Update

  • Paragraph added to letter summarizing concerns re Jiffy Lube site development
  • Approval for letter to come from the board

Safety Update – Annual Safety Walk, evacuation planning

  • Richard is looking for date to re-establish safety walk as annual neighborhood event, communicating with Commissioner Greene and Councilmember Palmisano
  • Richard notes that there is no training for apartment managers for emergency evacuation plans
  • Noted that Sam from Met Council said she would get back to WCNC about emergency evacuation plan

Ideas about how to work with the Bakken

  • Bakken will be doing complete remodel of lower level of building in keeping with new brand, identity, logo
    • Would like 20 min presentation in future meeting

Survey is at printers


Meeting adjourned: 7:30

Submitted by: Anna Schmitz