July 02, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: July 2, 2019

Called to order: 6:01pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, Chair

Note taker: Molly Fleming

In attendance: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis, Kate Redden, Victoria Hoshal, David Stougaard

Absent: Jeff Idelkope, Paul Legler, Martha Yunker, Michael Sanders

Guests: Leanna Stefanik and Pete Keely – Presenters on the proposed apartment building at 31st St and France Ave.


  • No meeting in September due to Labor Day weekend. There will be a meeting in August. The October meeting will take place at the Be apartment building instead of the Bakken to allow more renters to visit a meeting if they wish to.

Approval of June minutes – Minutes shared via email

  • Approved with minor changes

Treasurer Report – Report distributed at meeting

  • Business as usual. WCNC is in a good financial position.

Presentation of proposed plans for apartment building at 3820 31st St W by Collage Architects and At Home Apartments

  • The presenters began with an introduction of At Home Apartments. They own and operate several apartment buildings in the West Calhoun neighborhood. They are a local company.
  • This project will demolish and replace three duplexes that are owned by At Home.
  • The proposed design has 45 parking spaces and 48 units. 
  • The monthly rent for these units would be  about $2 per square foot, significantly more than the rent of the duplexes. However, there are more units and the price is slightly below market rates due to the absence of an amenity package.
  • The expected timeline is to break ground in the fall and finish in 12 months.
  • The construction of this project will include the creation of a sidewalk along the 31st St side.
  • Several WCNC board members asked that they try and preserve as many mature trees as possible.
  • The board encouraged the developer to hold firm on the number of parking spaces despite the City’s encouragement of fewer spaces.
  • There were also questions about the plan for the portion of France Ave. WCNC, Collage Architects and At Home Apartments have all been told by the city that there is a plan for the France Ave dead end at the Greenway, but no plan has been shared with anyone.

Land Use Updates

  • Testimony on hotel. Public Hearing before the Planning Commission scheduled for July 8th.

Communications, Outreach and Events Updates

  • There will be a Community Meeting at the Be on 7/24 with a speaker from the LRT project. There will also be copies of the survey for people to fill out. Pizza will be served. An announcement of this meeting will be in the mailed newsletter. 
  • The discussion over whether to accept money from Bader Development for the purposes of a branding study came up again. Board members didn’t want to use the firm Bader recommended, and wanted more ownership of the rebranding effort to ensure a grassroots approach was followed. Molly Fleming will reach out to NCR to see if CPP funds can be used to hire a branding specialist of WCNC’s choosing.
  • WCNC decided not to move forward with light post banners until more is known about the neighborhood name change and rebranding efforts.
  • Movie Night is August 10th. WCNC will use the opportunity to sell Hennepin and Lake Community Wine Tasting tickets. They also want to take the opportunity to present a plaque to honor the late Earl Bakken.

Safety Updates

  • The next community meeting’s speaker will hopefully be from the Fire Marshall’s office to speak about a community wide safety plan in the event of an emergency.

Greenspace and Environment did not have reports


Meeting adjourned: 7:35

Submitted by: Molly Fleming