June 04, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association 

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: June 4, 2019

Called to order: 6:01pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, Chair

Note taker: Molly Fleming

In attendance: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Paul Legler, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis, Kate Redden, Michael Sanders, Victoria Hoshal, Martha Yunker, David Stougaard

Absent: Jeff Idelkope

Guests: Katie Burns, Audubon Society, Several members of the public


  • The Safety Walk will be held on June 6th. Most elected officials who represent the neighborhood will be there or will be sending a representative. 
  • On Thursday, June 13th the Bakken will be partnering with France 44 to put on their first Bakkenalia event of the season. Tickets are available on the Bakken website.

Approval of May minutes – Minutes shared via email

  • Approved

Treasurer Report – Report shared via email

  • Business as usual. WCNC is in a good financial position.

Election of Officers

  • All positions, Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary were up for election. No one came forward to nominate themselves or others for these positions, so a unanimous vote re-elected the current officers into their same positions for another year. Allan Campbell will serve as Chair, Lynette Davis as Vice Chair and John Bordwell as Treasurer. 
  • The WCNC bylaws state that Secretary is a position that does not need to be filled if no one wishes to fill it. No one volunteered or nominated another board members, so there will not be a Secretary for the next board year.

Presentation of the Bakken Plans from Michael Sanders

  • The presentation began with an overview of the Bakken’s history
  • The Bakken will be undergoing renovations to increase programmatic capacity and have the public face of the museum be facing the lake. These renovations will also increase exhibit space and allow for more community partnerships.
  • Overall, the renovations will allow the Bakken to better utilize their space and be more recognizable as a neighborhood arts and culture institution.

Committee Reports: Re-formation of teams

  • Allan Campbell gave a brief overview of each committee and passed around a sheet so that board members could sign up for committees.
  • Each board member is expected to participate in at least 1 but preferably 2 committees.

Greenspace: Audubon Society Partnership

  • Martha Yunker, Chair of the Greenspace Committee invited Katie Burns from the State Conservation Office and the Audubon Society to answer some questions about some ideas regarding the neighborhood greenspace. 
  • The Greenspace Committee would like to see some of the West Calhoun neighborhood greenspace be turned into a bird friendly area/bird habitat zone. 
  • Minnesota is in the Mississippi Flyway zone for migratory birds, and the Chain of Lakes area in Minneapolis is designated by the Audubon Society as a very important zone for birds. 
  • This new space could be both bird friendly and have an education component.
  • The Greenspace Committee is also interested in having a public art component.
  • The Greenspace Committee is going to continue to pursue this idea and will have a formal proposal for the Board soon.

Southwest Service Area Master Plan Letter

  • Paul Legler wrote a letter commenting on the SW Service Area Master Plan. He wanted the board to approve it to be sent to the Community Advisory Committee for this project and the Parks Board.
  • Approved

Land Use Updates

  • Victoria reported that she had heard from Robb Bader that the new Bader Development project won’t break ground until next spring.

Safety Update – Annual Safety Walk

  • There is hope that this will become an annual event
  • If this is going to be an annual event, the Board will pick a date and hold the event on that same date, or near it, every year.
  • The date could possibly coincide with a city-wide safety week, but research will need to be done to see if the city has a program such as that.

Discussion: Street Renaming

  • The comment period on the renaming of Calhoun Blvd and Calhoun Pkwy end on July 1st.
  • There was discussion on the topic, however no formal stance was taken by the WCNC board in favor or against the renaming.

Coordinator’s Report

  • The planning efforts for the Annual Hennepin and Lake Community Wine Tasting are underway. 
  • Molly will split her billable hours for Wine Tasting tasks evenly between WCNC and EIRA
  • There is interest in doing a buckthorn removal project with Tree Trust along the shore of Bde Maka Ska. Molly will reach out to the park board for permission.

Discussion of Funding for sidewalk on 30 ½ St

  • The board is interested in how they can support or fund a project like this

Discussion of Branding Study

  • Robb Bader of Bader Development approached Allan Campbell to offer financial support to hire a branding consultant to work on the potential name change of the neighborhood.
  • The board expressed interest, but wanted to see if they could choose the firm.
  • Allan will further the discussion with Robb Bader


Meeting adjourned: 7:34

Submitted by: Molly Fleming