April 9, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: April 9, 2019

Called to order: 6:00pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, Chair

Note taker: Anna Schmitz

In attendance: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Paul Legler, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis, Kate Redden, Michael Sanders, Victoria Hoshal, Jeff Idelkope

Absent: Martha Yunker

Guests: David Davies – Met Council; Planning team – Lake & Excelsior hotel project

Earth Day Clean Up on April 20th

Upcoming transportation workshop April 22nd at Central Library from 4-6pm

Approval of March minutes – Minutes shared via email

  • Approved

John Bordwell elected as treasurer by e-vote between March and April meetings

Treasurer Report – Report shared via email

  • Further rollover of past funds likely to come

Discussion of candidate for new coordinator

  • Allan and Lynette met with Molly Fleming and spoke with supervisor, would recommend for position
  • Would need to move board meeting dates to avoid conflict with East Isles
  • Approved to move ahead with hiring at $28/hour

Discussion of plans for May Annual Public Meeting

  • Allan asked Jack Whitehurst for renter-based speaker suggestions, but no specific suggestions
  • Invited Commissioner Greene, Council Member Palmisano, Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourne
  • May also invite Mayor Frey, Anna to contact for interest
  • Interest in potentially inviting Planning Commission to speak on planned increase in density

Presentation by David Davies of Metro Transit on the schedule for light rail construction

  • Opening in 2023, 14.5 miles, 16 stations
  • Extension of Green Line, will connect to Blue Line
  • Barriers will provide separation between pedestrians and traffic on Lake Street, sidewalk will be same width as it is currently
  • How can bikes get down to Greenway? Can be taken down elevator
  • Traffic will be stopped behind bus at bus stops
  • Council has a construction schedule that is currently being reviewed
  • Current construction activities along the corridor
    • Open the SWLRT Field Office
    • Pre-construction survey work
    • Encroachment survey and outreach
  • Spring activities
    • Outreach/access plan meetings
    • Surveys
    • Kenilworth Trail closure, timing TBD
    • Clearing and grubbing, some trees will be removed, can email David to check on specific trees
    • Fencing
    • Rail delivery
  • Pre- and post- construction survey process
    • Surveys have been sent out, need responses quickly
  • Coordination and access
    • Traffic impacts under consideration, access must be maintained for businesses and residences
    • Cedar Lake Parkway construction happening spring/fall for ~6 months with closure for cars
  • Safety procedures and communication
    • Coordinating with City to talk through details of emergency access
    • Continuing issue, meeting with cities to ensure coordination
  • Construction measures
    • Taking potential construction issues into consideration in order to address before they come up
    • Construction workers are not allowed to park in residential areas, contracted company must submit parking plan
    • Calhoun Isles is sensitive area for vibrations
  • David Davies contact: david.davies@metrotransit.org, 612-373-5336

Presentation on the Lake & Excelsior hotel proposal

  • Long process with BP moving forward on site, was dragged out ~6 months longer than anticipated
  • Construction contract will be with McGough
  • Met with County ~3 weeks ago, County is excited about development and addition of landscaping/green space
  • Hope for crossing safety to improve due to landscaping, sidewalk has been widened in crossing area and around the hotel area (going from 6’ to 10’)
  • Have asked to take over maintenance of green space moving forward, adding in native plants and flowers
  • Bus stop and bike racks incorporated, some kind of art element may be added to corner
  • Look will be “sophistication paired with regionality of materials” paired with warmth/wood textures, brick/stone exterior
  • Restaurant at end, outdoor seating and entrance to hotel/restaurant
  • 9 stories tall with amenity deck on top, 124’ to top of amenity deck from ground
  • Possibility of coworking space on second floor
  • Not yet approved, Public Works meeting tomorrow on streets/sidewalks, submitting land use applications within this month
  • Would start teardown in July pending approval
  • Board expressed mixed opinions about the architecture and concern about the increased height. Would prefer architecture and art element (if any) that is representative of the neighborhood.

Greenspace Update

  • No update

Banners Update

  • Victoria likes designer suggested by Annie, suggests getting quotes and portfolios from two other designers. Board agreed.

Jiffy Lube Update

  • Paragraph added to letter summarizing concerns re Jiffy Lube site development
  • Approval for letter to come from the board

Safety Update – Annual Safety Walk, evacuation planning

  • Richard is looking for date to re-establish safety walk as annual neighborhood event, communicating with Commissioner Greene and Councilmember Palmisano
  • Richard notes that there is no training for apartment managers for emergency evacuation plans
  • Noted that Sam from Met Council said she would get back to WCNC about emergency evacuation plan

Ideas about how to work with the Bakken

  • Bakken will be doing complete remodel of lower level of building in keeping with new brand, identity, logo
    • Would like 20 min presentation in future meeting

Survey is at printers


Meeting adjourned: 7:30

Submitted by: Anna Schmitz

March 12, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: March 12, 2019

Called to order: 6:00pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, Chair

Note taker: Anna Schmitz

In attendance: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Martha Yunker, Paul Legler, Victoria Hoshal, Jeff Idelkope, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis

Absent: Michael Sanders

Guests: Kim Van Dyn Hoven, Nolan Properties Group; Kate Redden

Resignation of Tim Musson letter of resignation received

Approval of February minutes – Minutes shared via email

  • Approved

Treasurer Report – Report shared via email

  • Waiting to hear from city how much CPP money will be received for this year, and when remaining funds can be spent

Kate Redden board application

  • Approved

Update from hotel

  • Allan, Annie, and Martha met, plans seem to remain largely the same
    • South sidewalk now 16 feet wide, outdoor terrace indent
    • Pedestrian galleria no longer a feature
    • Roof deck is new (no longer activity deck), will include a public restaurant
    • McGough construction will be developer
    • Construction will begin in last half of summer 2019
  • Richard would like coordinated plan from major construction plans in area
  • Lynette would like to go on record as not agreeing to height

Presentation: Proposal for Jiffy Lube site

  • Corner of Abbott and Excelsior (3120 Excelsior)
  • Repurposing from vacant Jiffy Lube to transit-oriented retail
  • See as future main corridor with light rail coming in
  • Update facade but keeping same footprint, potentially add patio, green space, bike parking, keep car parking
  • 1-2 tenants, will depend on who’s interested, potentially restaurant, retail, fitness studio
  • Will need to dig out and clean up pavement due to environmental safety investigation
  • Board suggestion to widen sidewalk space by removing proposed fence/concrete around parking area
  • Currently in process of getting building permitted in order to begin construction
  • Abbott Ave will be slightly reconfigured, sidewalks added to back of Bader property, could happen spring 2019 and last for 1-2 years
  • Aiming to have circular parking/movement area around property
  • No planned dedicated pedestrian entrance on Excelsior for site, suggested by board
  • Ultimate vision (in 10+ years) of ground floor retail with some residential units
  • Water table contamination goes farther down than MN grant will fund
  • Land Use Committee to come up with statement

Coordinator’s report: Anna on 2020

  • Southwest letter will be tabled and followed up via email

Greenspace report

  • Greenspace Committee met with Colleen O’Dell, Madeline and Cesca from Parks Department
  • Long-range 20 year plan for West Calhoun green space calls for sidewalk crossing the space
  • Would stand against changes on Calhoun Boulevard because of older trees on boulevard area
  • Interested in a piece of public art, maintaining the natural quality of the lake and the wildlife, potentially adding binoculars or coordinating with Bakken
  • Retention pond north of sidewalk going from parkway to boulevard
  • Could be public art (possibly sculpture) around point of green space or educational piece, or grove of smaller flowering trees, pollinator plants along parkway between creek bed and road, benches and shade trees along edges
  • Would have to be committed to spending money by end of 2019
  • Will contact Audobon Society for information/input on how to attract and support migratory birds
  • Martha to send out further materials to board

Survey ready for review

  • Send edits to Anna by end of next week (3/22)
  • Board approved for survey to be sent following edits

Greenway Cleanup plan

  • Anna to coordinate with City, Park Department, Girl Scouts to set up cleaning Greenway section

Follow-up with City/County on February meeting

  • Letter to County and City approved
  • CIDNA and Kenwood having a meeting with Southwest Light Rail representatives on light rail timeline (March 20, 7pm at Kenwood Community Center, 2101 W Franklin Ave)

Ways to work with the Bakken

  • Pushed to next meeting

Newsletter plan

  • Newsletter to go out in early April
  • Add bio of new board member
  • Publicising May annual meeting
  • Safety Walk could be added to next newsletter

Minikahda Clubhouse update

  • Going to City for permit to expand clubhouse east toward the lake
  • Two weeks from now there will be hearing where members of Land Use Committee could make comments
  • Martha could acquire plans for expansion

Banners report

  • No update on banners


Meeting adjourned: 7:34

Submitted by: Anna Schmitz

March Board Meeting Agenda

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council Agenda

Monthly Board Meeting, 6PM, March 12, 2019

6:00 – Welcome

6:03 – Treasurer’s Report

6:05 – Approval of Minutes

6:07 – New board member: Kate Redden

6:12 – Update from hotel

6:15 – Presentation: Proposal for Jiffy Lube site

6:40 – Coordinator’s report: Anna on 2020

6:50 – Greenspace report

7:00 – Survey ready for review

7:05 – Greenway Cleanup plan

7:10 – Follow-up with City/County on February meeting

7:15 – Ways to work with the Bakken

7:20 – Newsletter plan

7:25 – Minikahda Clubhouse update

7:28 – Banners report

7:30 – Adjourn

Next meeting – April 9 • 6:00 • Bakken

February 12, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: February 12, 2019

Called to order: 6:00pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, Chair

Note taker: Anna Schmitz

In attendance: Allen Campbell, Lynette Davis, Richard Logan, Martha Yunker, Paul Legler, Victoria Hoshal

Absent: Jeff Idelkope, Tim Musson, John Bordwell, Michael Sanders

Guests: Chad Ellos of County Public Works Department, David Davies of Metro Transit, Robb Bader of Bader Development Group, Colleen O’Dell of Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, Council Member Linea Palmisano, County Commissioner Marion Greene, Allan Klugman of City Public Works Department

Approval of January minutes – Minutes shared via email

  • Approved

Treasurer Report – Report shared via email

  • $89,000 still remaining for community participation activities
  • $356,000 in Neighborhood Revitalization Program funds

2018 Community Particpation Program Report – Report shared via email

  • Approved

Transportation and safety issue presentations by a county transportation planner, Southwest Light Rail planner, and Bader Group, moderated by County Commissioner Marion Greene

  • Chad Ellos, Hennepin County Public Works Transportation Planning
  • Minnetonka Blvd Project — Design 2020-2022, construction 2023-2024
    • In Saint Louis Park
    • Boulevard update, upgrading bike/pedestrian infrastructure as well, dedicated turn lanes
    • Planning to keep lanes open (narrowed from ~12 to 11 foot lanes), some shifting of traffic, signage prior to construction beginning
  • Lake/Excelsior — Construction 2019
    • Start construction mid-July 2019, finished by mid-November
    • Open to traffic during construction, temporary closures/narrowed lanes
    • Building demolition for hotel around July 2019, building beginning in October, pending City Planning Commission approval
    • Safety and ADA accessibility concerns about narrow sidewalks expressed
  • Lake Street Signal Projects — Construction timing TBD
    • West Calhoun Dean and Thomas
    • Upgrade signals, enhanced pedestrian striping, ramps, overhead signage, talking push buttons, camera system to detect bikers/drivers
    • Opportunity to work with community members
    • Safety concerns about how to handle U-turns, signage, etc, will be addressed in project
    • Controlled left turn with signal increases safety, even with U-turns
  • Lake St Paving Project — mid-2020s
    • Identified for resurfacing, opportunity to address safety concerns
  • David Davies, Southwest Green Line Light Rail (SWLRT) Extension
    • david.davies@metrotransit.org
  • Groundbreaking occurred last November
  • SWLRT opening in 2023, 14.5 miles, 16 stations, downtown Minneapolis to Eden Prairie with connection to Blue Line
  • West Calhoun station will be the West Lake Station
  • Construction phases
    • Utilities
    • Site prep
    • Structures, track, stations
    • Systems
    • Testing
  • Initial construction activities
    • Mobilization
    • SouthWest Station
    • Bridges
    • Freight Rail track work
    • Kenilworth Tunnel
  • Minneapolis construction topics
    • Noise and vibration control: Pre/post-construction survey work, damage claims process
      • Current lawsuit ongoing filed against project by Lakes and Parks, in discussion with other property owners with concerns
    • Access: Property, trails, bike/pedestrians detours, auto detours
      • Fencing to secure freight rail, likely to be chicken wire style to avoid blocking vision
    • Parking: Resident parking, parking plan for workers
    • Historical and natural resources
  • Construction outreach and communication
    • Green Line Best Practices
      • Community outreach coordinators
      • Advisory committees
      • Construction open houses and community meetings
      • “What to Expect During Construction”
      • 24-hour hotline
    • New activities
      • Social media
      • Public tours
      • Mobile office
      • Time lapse photography
      • Pop-up events
      • Mobile-friendly web tool
    • Construction Information Workgroups to review recent and future construction activities
  • Spring 2019 Outreach
    • City-specific open houses
    • Neighborhood/community/business presentations
    • One-on-one property and business owner meeting
  • More information
  • Lake Street Station elevator/stair tower bridge construction project will be happening, sidewalk widening not sure yet (staff to check back to confirm)
  • Staff can return with plans in future meeting
  • Robb Bader, Bader Development Group: Calhoun Towers update
  • Minimal changes since last met in August
  • Fall start instead of early summer start, contacted Met Council, still looking to meet to coordinate
  • Phase A has 243 units, Phase B has 256 units, Phase C and D both have 120 units
    • Phase C is 20% affordable housing, Phase D is 100% affordable (at or below 60% area median household income for the county)
  • Phase B construction timing will be affected by light rail easements
  • New towers will be 50-60 feet (2 stories) taller than existing tower
  • Now have full ownership of Phase D area
  • Enclosed 5-story parking area with 658 spaces, 838 parking spaces when all four phases are complete
    • 857 units
  • Liner building areas around the parking area (townhomes plus apartments), mid-space pool/green space/amenity space
  • Possible retail space as exiting light rail, but currently not planned
  • Demographics: Empty nesters deciding to move towards city, young professional late-20s to mid-30s with 0-1 child

Southwest Neighborhood Parks update from Colleen O’Dell of Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

  • Interested in site for potential park, Metro Transit development may impede considering whole parcel as park, but could partner for a smaller playground-only portion
  • Partnership possibilities to fit in new park space amongst other development
  • Recognition that neighborhood doesn’t have park amenities
  • Goal to have plan ahead of board by end of summer, have already released plans for comments until end of March, then meeting with Community Advisory Committee to make one preferred concept out of multiple concepts per site, plan released for 45 day public comment, then public hearing
  • All plans are online or at local parks for comment currently

New business

  • Evacuation plan for neighborhood
    • Metro Transit works to do run-throughs with city, there will be a plan included that can be discussed in more detail when light rail team returns to a future meeting
  • Desire for safety walk to be reestablished as annual event for neighborhood with city officials

Meeting adjourned: 7:39

Submitted by: Anna Schmitz

February Board Meeting Agenda

Monthly Board Meeting, 6PM, February 12, 2019

6:00 – Welcome

6:03 – Approval of January minutes

6:05 – Treasurer’s Report

6:10 – Approval of CPP Annual Report

6:15 – Transportation and safety issue presentations by a county transportation planner, Southwest Light Rail planner, and Bader Group, moderated by County Commissioner Marion Greene.

7:15 – Southwest Neighborhood Parks update from Colleen O’Dell of Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

7:30 – Adjourn

January 11, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: January 8, 2019

Called to order: 6:00pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, Chair

Note taker: Anna Schmitz

In attendance: Allen Campbell, Lynette Davis, Richard Logan, John Bordwell, Martha Yunker, Michael Sanders, Victoria Hoshal, Paul Legler

Absent:Jeff Idelkope, Tim Musson

Approval of December items (via email) – All four items below passed

  • 1 – Approval of November Minutes
  • 2 – Approval of Bookkeepers’ Contract for 2019
  • 3 – Approval of letter to Calhoun Commons management
  • 4 – Approval of  payment of $300 to the Midtown Greenway Coalition for continued adoption of our portion of the Greenway (with our neighborhood signage)

Treasurer Report – Reports shared via email

  • How to spend excess Community Participation Program (CPP) money? Contact Jack Whitehurst of the City’s Neighborhood and Community Relations (NCR) Department to see if switching categories is feasible, if we have a program we wish to have funded.
  • How to spend excess NRP money?
    • Working together with Bakken/to provide funds to Bakken
      • Michael could submit proposal for Bakken
    • Affordable housing/low-income renter support
    • Providing park funding for neighborhood park, could discuss with Colleen of Parks Department during Feb meeting

Committee Reports

  • Greenspace —
    • Martha connected over phone Adam Arvidson (Director of Strategic Planning at Minneapolis Parks and Rec Board) about greenspace work. Adam seems interested in helping with planning/moving action forward
  • Communication, Outreach, Events —
    • Newsletter
      • Events: Loppet first weekend in February
      • Anna to connect with Richard about modifying safety committee report
    • Submit bios to Anna
    • Happy hour
      • Ideas: 2040 Q&A with Councilmember Palmisano, meet the Executive Director of the Bakken, Commissioner Marion Greene, Park Board info, representative from lightrail (LRT) office
        • The board settled  on LRT representative as first choice for Happy Hour speaker
      • Put info in January newsletter
      • Locations: Bakken, empty Calhoun Towers penthouse
        • Calhoun Towers with self-catering
      • Nextdoor, Facebook
      • Anna to check on LRT rep (Sophia) schedule
      • Feb 21/27/28, 5:30/6pm-7:30pm
    • Name change/survey
      • Survey issues
        • Three name vote: West Lake, West Maka Ska, West Calhoun
        • Pedestrian safety
        • Open-ended: what would you like to see in our neighborhood? What is the biggest issue in our neighborhood?
      • Victoria has contact for info about surveying
      • Both hard copy and digital options
      • Look at past use of funds for gift card incentives, possibly donated from local business
  • Safety
    • Banners report: Victoria to email out banner proposal by February
      • Graphics without name seems safest due to potential name change
  • Environment
    • No new items
  • Land use
    • No new items

New business — No new business

Meeting adjourned: 7:20

Submitted by: Anna Schmitz

January Board Meeting Agenda


6:00 – Welcome by Chair

6:05 – Approval of December Minutes

6:10 – Treasurer’s Report

6:50 – Committee Reports

·       Greenspace –  Recommendations for spending NRP funds

·       Communications, Outreach, Events – newsletter articles, happy hours, name change/survey 

·       Safety – Banners report

·       Environment –

·       Land Use –

7:25 – New Business

7:30 – Adjourn

November 13, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

Monthly Board Meeting, 6 PM, November 13 2018

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Allan Campbell (chair), Lynette Davis (vice chair), Tim Musson (treasurer), John Bordwell, Victoria Hoshal, Jeff Idelkope, Richard Logan, Michael Sanders, Martha Yunker.

Excused: Annie Zager

6:00 – Welcome by Chair

Approval of October Minutes

  • Approved unanimously

Treasurer’s Report

New Appointments

  • Board Member: Paul Legler, former lawyer and federal Health & Human Services Dept appointee, recently moved to Minneapolis with wife, interested in green space in neighborhood.
    • Motion to bring Paul onto Board approved unanimously
  • Coordinator: Anna Schmitz, former coordinator at Saint Anthony East, currently also employed doing data science.
    • Motion to hire Anna as Coordinator approved unanimously
  • Secretary Anna to act as de facto secretary, Victoria to further consider secretary role

Planning for retreat

  • Retreat will be focused on setting priorities for 2019, work/future of neighborhood boards
  • Generally lasts ~2 hrs, was held last year in Bakken Great Hall with catering
  • Potential guests: Jack Whitehurst from Neighborhood and Community Relations Dept. Linea Palmisano, traffic/safety planning staff. Limit to 2 presenters.
  • Potential dates: November 26, 27. Will be decided via email follow-up.

Committee Reports

Greenspace: Discussion of committee recommendation on Greenspace proposalGreenspace Committee recommended rejection of proposal from Elan.

Alternative plan for south end of Greenspace, under one acre seems best for smaller budget/fewer requirements

  • Skate park may or may not happen. It is a priority for some Parks Board commissioners, but is dependent on funding.
  • Alternative plan potentially would just need a landscape architect and environmental consultant
  • Potential for sponsorship money for a stage?
  • Preference to keep area green rather than more cement, more focus on limiting traffic
  • Money needs to be contracted by end of 2019
  • Motion for Elan proposal to be rejected approved unanimously
  • Motion to bounce back to Greenspace Committee for new proposal approved unanimously
  • Communications, Outreach, Events: Needs leader
    • Victoria and Annie interested, Victoria to coordinate future meeting time
  • Safety: Banners
    • Spring and winter themes, minimal writing (westcalhoun.org possibly)
    • Phase 1 location Excelsior commercial area, Phase 2 along Lake Street with coordination with CIDNA, W Calhoun Pkwy likely not possible
    • May need new logo/design for banners, Victoria to communicate designer options with Annie
    • Total approved banner budget is $10k
  • Environment: Greenway Adoption
    • To send letter asking if lighting could be improved in addition to trash collection
    • $300 can be paid for from Community Participation Fund. No action taken,
  • Land Use
    • Public Hearing tomorrow at 4:30pm at City Hall on 2040 Plan
    • Injunction currently has $21k of $35k needed for lawsuit to pause 2040 plan for environmental assessment

New Business

  • Rogers Adams of CIDNA suggested that Earl Bakken be honored following his recent death. It was agreed that he would be a fitting subject for a Calhoun (or Maka Ska)Treasures award in 2019.

7:30 – Adjourn

December 4, 2018 Board Retreat Notes

WCNC Board Retreat Notes, 12.4.18

Date: December 4, 2018

Note taker: Anna Schmitz

In attendance: Allan Campbell, Michael Sanders, Martha Yunker, Lynette Davis, Richard Logan, Bordwell, Paul Legler, Victoria Hoshal

Guests: Nathan Koster, Mpls Transportation Planning and Programming; Allan Klugman, Mpls Traffic; Jack Whitehurst, Neighborhood and Community Relations; John Freude, Linea Palmisano Policy Aide

6:00 – 6:30:  Nathan Koster, Mpls Transportation Planning and Programming, and Allan Klugman, Mpls Traffic

-Reconfiguration of Lake and Excelsior to come in 2019 to improve pedestrian flow

-Lakehaus construction on Lake St in CIDNAhas either recently started or will start soon

-May add a plaza near SWLRT station stop

-Calhoun Towers development plan still TBD

-Seems likely that he will try to do all four buildings with a mid-rise first

-Multi-modal study didn’t anticipate increase in traffic growth on the Abbott/Chowen loopdue to Bader Project, kiss and ride traffic from SWLRT–will that be added? Need for traffic light at Abbott and Excelsior.

-According to Allan K, future growth was built into plan

-Bader Group was required to do traffic study considering number of vehicles

-Plans for pedestrian access to Greenway, shopping, etc, following SWLRT construction?

-Nathan: Dozens of recommendations went into SWLRT plan (for intersections etc)

-5 out of 6 targeted intersections have been/will be completed

-Done: Lagoon and Lake at E Calhoun

-Next year: Lake and Excelsior

-TBD in Jan: Lake at Dean, Lake at Thomas

-Plans for 32nd and Abbott sidewalk narrowness near Lakehaus project?

-Already done because project has been approved, wasn’t a big push to put in wider sidewalks, city doesn’t have influence

-Potential ADA issue?

-Allan K will do research and get back to WCNC

-Near-term projects:

-Left turn arrow on Lake and Dean (1-2 years ago)

-E Calhoun/Lake and Lagoon: trail conditions, lighting, sidewalk, additional trail space over the channel/wider bike area

-Longterm recommendations:

-Market Plaza: redoing parking lot/development from Greenway to Lake–raised trail crossing (Calhoun Village)

-Lake and Excelsior: coming in 2019

-Some longer-term projects happened within a year of the study being published

-Access issues on the Greenway behind new developments

-France and Lake intersection: improving crossings

-Pedestrian bridge across tracks connecting Ewing with Greenway

-Why no ped crossing/bridge across Lake St?

-Big lift, but was identified in study

-Will signal improvements include brighter lights for ped crossing icon and for peds?

-Can check, haven’t heard that complaint

-Lake/Market and SWLRT projects:

-Not a complete rebuilding of signal

-Will include enhancing ped facilities, talking push buttons, ADA enhancement, some poles moved to make corners more accessible

-Sidewalks will be widened on Lake St ~2 feet

-Elevators will be on either side of bridge

-Hope that landscaping will be high on list of priorities

-Many routes are working with county, continue to work with them on making county roads more like city roads, need appropriate soil, width, general conditions for trees

6:30 – 7:00: Jack Whitehurst, Neighborhood and Community Relations

-84 neighborhoods, 71 neighborhood organizations

-Funded by NRP since late ‘80s (Phase I and Phase II)

-Funded by CPP since 2011, through 2020

-$3.5 million for city, $28,340/yr for WCNC

-WCNC Phase I: $605,000, $276,888.39 rollover

-WCNC Phase II: $258,994, $10,315 used for CPP as “Equity Funds”  $181,295.80 spent on housing loan/grant

-$515,567.39 available once loan in paid back

-CPP funds to go away in 2020, future funding unclear

-Jack recommends discussing future funding with CM Palmisano

7:00 – 7:30: Priorities for 2019

-Martha talked to Meg Forney on Park Board about Greenspace

-Conversation seemed different than from past, encouraged to fundraise money (personal donations, asking Watershed, etc)  for an even larger area

-Goal of having green space function more like neighborhood park

-Priorities for spending our remaining $356,056 in NRP Funds

-E.g. a pocket park at the south end of our Greenspace, banners on street lights along our commercial corridors, improved sidewalks and/or lighting

-Richard: Priority for city officials to understand why West Calhoun not prepared for more density

-Allan: Accelerating plan for improving Excelsior sidewalks and advocating for Lake St ped crossing

-Need to see plans: will have ramps at corners for ADA compliance

-Traffic calming options: landscaping, trees, banners, elevation, painting options, making sidewalks more visible (with added potential to add character to neighborhood)

-John Freude:

-Partnering with local artists for placemaking/beautification project for sidewalks

-Downtown has done similar project with utility boxes

-Mary Altman as contact for designing RFP etc

-Could help with attention from other CMs

-Warm lighting with stylistic coherence, light stands as some kind of work of art

-Talking more to Jason Wittenberg, Dir of Planning

Submitted by: Anna Schmitz

December 11, 2018 Board Meeting Notes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council December Notes

No quorum for regular board meeting

In attendance: Allan Campbell, Martha Yunker, Lynette Davis, Richard Logan, John Bordwell

Guest: Chris Lundeen

Note taker: Anna Schmitz

6:00 – Welcome

  • No quorum for regular board meeting

Treasurer’s Report

  • No way to spend CPP money by deadline
    • $90,000 to be spent by end of 2019–ideas?
      • Underwrite some educational programming done by Bakken? Sponsor an event?
      • Meetings with population re traffic/transit
      • Bike racks at Bakken
        • Chris to talk with Michael about this
      • Attempting to fundraise for greenspace (hosting fundraiser)
        • Allan to check with Jack to see if admissible for funds
      • Giving away WCNC materials (t-shirts, stroller covers, etc) that heighten safety awareness
      • Renewal of bookkeeper’s contract
      • Ballards for road
      • Lighting path up with reflective material (paint, decals, etc)
      • Communicating about birds, biological habitats around the lake area
        • Providing binoculars or signage around the lake
        • Working with local artists to tie in art pieces
        • Raptor Center
      • Marking the edges/roads of the neighborhood with sculpture pieces
      • “Welcome to West Calhoun” signage
      • Sculpture/art around Bde Maka Ska/native community
      • Cameras controlling lights based on traffic
        • Can talk to Prospect Park about this
      • Lighting along West Calhoun Blvd
      • Outreach to renters, outreach to businesses
      • Renters’ coalition spearheaded by PPNA, Anna can attend
        • Possibility for WCNC Renters’ Committee
      • Happy hour in an apartment complex
      • Big Idea contest similar to other neighborhood associations
      • Event at Bakken
        • “Night at the Museum” with activities/food/beverages at Bakken
        • Bakken open house
      • Meetings in other areas of neighborhood?
      • Walk/bike/ped meeting

Committee Reports

  • Greenspace — Neighborhood Park, Mini Park reports
    • Martha to discuss potential approaches with committee members and Park Board rep
    • Discussion of who will water park area
  • Communications, Outreach, Events
    • January newsletter, assign topics
      • One piece of content from each committee
        • Greenspace: Pocket park, neighborhood park (Martha)
        • Safety: Congestion, Calhoun Commons (Richard)
        • Deadline January 7
      • Update on 2040
  • Safety — Banners report
  • Environment — Greenway Adoption
  • Land Use — Calhoun Towers, Hotel report

New Business

  • Happy Hour
    • Party room in one of the rental buildings

Submitted by: Anna Schmitz