September 11, 2018 Minutes

WCNC Calhoun – Meeting Minutes

Sept. 11, 2018

Submitted by Victoria Hoshal

Board members present:  Michael Sanders, Martha Yunker, Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis, Victoria Hoshal

Guests: Jack Whitehurst – Neighborhood Support Specialist, Meg Forney – Minneapolis Park Board member, Linea Palmisano- City Council Representative for Ward 13, Julie Aldrich – Greenspace Consultant.

Board Action:  The July meeting minutes were approved.

Committee Reports:  

Allan noted he has no separate President’s Report.  Re. the Treasurer’s Report – financials have been sent to the board.  Michael requested last year’s actuals so that we can compare YOY.

Development Plans – Calhoun Towers update:  Allan noted he received a call from Robb Bader.  Robb said that Bader Development will not be starting anything until next Spring. Unless the light rail issues are resolved they would begin construction on Phase III (vs. phases I, II or IV).  

Meeting attendee Steve Goltry noted that contractor staging can be difficult with multiple projects going – also emergency vehicle access is an issues.  Richard Logan added that he has observed “the abject failure of the planning commission to operate with best practice assumptions.” Richard suggested that we invite the head of planning commission to our next meeting.  We would question him on how development projects support the health safety and welfare of our neighborhoods.  There was no resolution on this item for an invitation/moving forward.

Allan reported on Movie Night.  There were not as many people as the previous year.  Cosf was $425. John Bordwell reminded the board of the upcoming wine tasting event on Thursday Oct. 11.  There has been $7,500 pledged from top donors and restaurants have donated food. We need 9 – 10 volunteers to work that night in 1 – 1.5 hour shifts.  Decision was made to provide discounted tickets to volunteers. Any tickets sold by WCNC will be our revenue. Attendance goal for the event is 400– 500. is goal – group agreed that volunteers will receive discounted tickets.  

Other conversation occurred around Environment: Buckthorn removal along Lake Calhoun would be desirable but would need to be done by specialists.  Richard will remind Tim about the storm drain stenciling. Re. Safety:  Richard has sent two emails to Calhoun Commons new ownership to commit to changing access points.  He is waiting to hear back from him about scheduling a meeting or joining our board meeting. Re. Traffic CalmingWCNC has $177,000 for traffic calming.  Allan is waiting to hear back from David Ngo.  We should discuss the banners at our next meeting, Annie is working on this and hopefully can provide a report/update.

Allan mentioned that there will be a November board retreat and Nikki is working on this.  Re. New Business: Richard suggested we have Michael present more about the Bakken Museum at our next meeting and we invite the public in.  The Bakken defines the sense of space for the neighborhood. Allan reminded the board that we have an open board seat. Please send nominees to Allan.  

Greenspace Committee:  Allan stated that short-term improvements should be furthering the master plan. Allan and Julie Aldrich are setting up a meeting with the planners to understand what would be permitted.  Allan would like full participation from Greenspace Committee or other board members. Proposal is on hold until we know what we can do. Then Julie will be back with a proposal. Julie stated that the project we are looking to do is ½ scope of full master plan. Park Board has agreed to allow some amenities – neighborhood council to facilitate the project to avoid delays.  We’ll work with PB and set milestones.   Design will happen during Fall/Winter, followed by contractor bids this Winter and construction next Summer.  There is a Category 3 wetland on the site; we will be avoiding that wetland. Will ask for community input. The  northwest portion of the site will be our focus – could be picnic tables, bocce court, fitness equipment, etc. These features would be permanent.  Funding would be outside of WCNC Neighborhood Action Plan.

Guest Jack Whitehurst presented financial information on the Neighborhood Action Plan status.  He also distributed a diversity survey around the demographic make-up of boards of neighborhood organizations.

He will provide online version for board members to respond to as well.

Neighborhood Crime Update from Linea Palmisano

There was a shooting on Excelsior Blvd. male/female victim – being investigated as possibly gang related.  They were in a car heading west on Excelsior Blvd – Saturday night of Labor Day weekend were fired at by another vehicle.  The victims were wounded.

Update on Hotel Proposal

Allan reported that the planners are in the due diligence process and don’t have a date yet for application to the city.  Still talking about traffic issues. No action has been taken over the course of the summer.

Update on Minneapolis 2040 Plan

Linea reported that the 2040 Plan Version 2 is scheduled to be released on Friday.  She has requested a three page summary with highlights of changes from the original plan. Linea has requested that comments received on the original be shared in the updated version.  Her office has organized the feedback. We have one scheduled meeting between now and the release of Version #2 the plan. After Version #2 there will be a public hearing on Oct. 29. There will be a Committee of the Whole meeting on Oct. 12 and a City Council meeting on December 7 for final adoption.  She has been working with the press and the mayor’s office.

Linea noted that Hennepin County is also doing a comprehensive plan – three members of the public are invited to the committee for this plan.  This should have been the case with the 2040 plan. Martha Yunker asked about Goth Public being hired as an agency for the 2040 plan and discussion occurred around the ethical implications for this action by the City.

Other updates from Linea: Early voting begins Sept. 21 downtown and week of Oct. 30 outside of downtown. Election day is Tuesday Nov. 6.  Lesser known items on the ballet include a school referendum proposal to increase funding and a charter amendment involving liquor sales.  To date this has been a very expensive process for restaurant owners. Wakame has had an exemption to serving liquor. Exemptions have to be passed at the state level.  This has been a barrier to small business success and the amendment is an easy solution – making it more viable for entrepreneurs and opening up opportunities for different parts of Minneapolis.  Linea is supportive of the amendment to change it. The current law requires 7 continuous acres of commercially zoned property as the requirement for serving liquor. The amendment does not pertain to off-sale liquor.  

Meg Fourney reported that the Linden Hills Bocce Ball Group has raised $13,000 to install the new courts and make them ADA – they’ve now raised $10,000 addl. From Bremer Bank to make it fully ADA accessible.  Dr. Art Ides is a neighborhood resident and dermatologist and the Natl. Dermatology Society donates money for Sun structures. This could be an additional funding option. Regarding the 2040 plan, Meg served on the planning commission in the past and has tried to advocate for the Shoreland Overlay early on.  Former Council Member and now President Lisa Bender, Ward 10, said that the planning looks at the Shoreland Overlay for rural areas only. The question is: how can we put teeth back into it? Advocating performance-based zoning is one way we could possibly protect water quality, bird safety, shadowing. We’ve asked for that to be put into the 2040 plan.  As it stands, each community can craft the Shoreland Overlay to their preference.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40


July 10, 2018 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2018

Attending board members: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Tim Musson, Victoria Hoshal, John Bordwell, Martha Yunker, Jennifer Davie

16 residents

Absent:  (excused) Jeff Idelkope, Michael Sanders, Annie Zager; (unexcused) Lynette Davis

Called to order 6:04

President’s Report: Linea to be coming

Secretary’s Report: June minutes – Richard/John approved

Treasurer’s Report: Fundamentally no changes from last month

City Council Update  Linea Palmisano

Calhoun Towers Planning Commission public hearing on Monday 7/16 (4:30 in Council Chambers). The following points were discussed in preparation for the hearing:

  • Planning Commission – has reps from City Council, Park Board, School Board, residents, and area experts. “Mission statement” is to make decisions on existing comp plan.
  • From here it will go to Zoning & Planning of Council committee then to full Council
  • May not have another opportunity for public comment unless there is an appeal (but need to double checking that info). (NOTE: Did confirm that this was likely the last public comment opportunity.)
  • Resident has been at Planning Commission Committee of the Whole (COW) meetings, and saw some of the architect presentations. Some on committee didn’t seem very well versed on the project. Felt like the traffic assumptions were not in line with reality. COW is an informal meeting of the Planning Commission.
  • City Public Works involved with project for moving of streets…assured that a ladder truck can fit and turn-around in response to concerns about emergency vehicle access in that area.
  • Assumptions that LRT will reduce traffic on Excelsior by 15% – but most agree that the opposite would happen. Actual access to transit is limited (only east-west) in the neighborhood, compounding the impact on these limited routes.
  • Who may live there does matter (will they have cars, are they working, do they have to buy/condo vs rent). This topic was dismissed in COW meetings as insignificant.
  • Affordable housing: this project has increased its commitment to address these concerns somewhat based on WCNC requests along with City Council’s office.
  • Any suggestions of how we may be able to sway this Planning Commission? Had some movement on affordability and the environment, but no movement on density and height. Traffic concerns need a voice.
  • Bader stated they can’t cut back on size and scope, but that if LRT does not come through, then changes would be needed. 2040 Plan seems to be based on LRT.
  • No family housing in the plan (limits that type of diversity).
  • We hope the development will provoke the county to fix the sidewalks on Excelsior.
  • Do they consider how the growth of St Louis Park affects us? Yes, the multi-modal study look at the full region.
  • Representatives at the meeting volunteered to speak at this public hearing on Monday, and will try to coordinate their efforts to maximize the messaging.
  • During the course of past planning commission meetings, big changes have happened. Approve about 80-85% of proposals.

2040 Plan

Best chance to impact change is right now through resident feedback. Next draft scheduled to available by the end of Sept.

Committee Reports:

Land Use:

  • Calhoun Tower project
  • 2040 – yard signs popping up by grassroots efforts of residents

Communications, Outreach, Events:

  • July newsletter – to print Wednesday morning
  • Movie (8/11 – Frozen) Ben & Jerry’s & Sweet Dreams Fair Favs, sponsored by Eli Johnson Realtor
  • Wine Tasting event (10/11)
  • Victoria – website; update, new navigation, logo, wants to do more user friendly: RFPs for redesign


  • Minneapolis Green Teams – Tim has joined, and looking into Master Water Steward program
  • Stencilling – we would still like to move forward on this


  • Landscape architect are still in discussions with Watershed District (regarding wetlands) hope we can have a proposal by September meeting if not sooner


  • In conjunction with banners and traffic calming & neighborhood character
    Contest for beautification ideas (way to combine ideas and efforts)
  • Regular scheduling of traffic observations to be set with Steve from CIDNA (information passed on to others) and volunteers are always welcome and needed
    Recommendation to do a quarterly report or such and distribute more widely

Coordinator’s Report:

  • Wine event meeting tomorrow, will monitor email on vaca, next meeting September

New Business:

Adjourn 7:30pm


June 12, 2018 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2018

Attending board members: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Victoria Hoshal, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis, Jeff Idelkope, Michael Sanders, Annie Zager

16 residents

Absent:  (excused) Jennifer Davie ; (unexcused) Tim Musson, Martha Yunker

Called to order 6:04

President’s Report: Board committee sign-ups

Secretary’s Report: May elected board members approved

Treasurer’s Report: Reports emailed to board. A summary of earmarked dollars (approx $177k each towards two initiatives: green space enhancements and safety improvements) was given to those in attendance.

Committee Reports:


  • Traffic calming
    • Banners – Annie has gotten several estimates, and requested a $10,000 budget to be able to continue to pursue installing light pole banners to help with traffic calming and place making in West Calhoun. Motion was approved.
      Details regarding the actual artwork will need to be verified with the City, so more on next steps to come. Suggestions of a design contest, business sponsorship, images of flowers or kids, as well as a tagline.
    • Carpooling – In response to the area’s congestion, we will promote the already existing Metro Transit program which helps connect people with others for carpooling opportunities
  • Concerns about sidewalk accessibility have been shared with the City and the County. The WCNC may be able to help fund a portion of a project along Excelsior. Waiting to hear back about options and timing.
  • Calhoun Commons traffic flow. We are working with the new management to re-direct traffic in/out via Excelsior Boulevard, rather than Market Plaza. Traffic on Market Plaza creates issues for the emergency vehicles, as well as other safety issues for bikes and pedestrians. Currently they have removed the confusing and unhelpful “access” signs. We will be working with City traffic planners as well to continue flow improvements.
  • 5:00 this Thursday Richard will be restarting traffic observations. All are welcome to come, as we restart this process.

Communications, Outreach, Events:

  • Neighborhood Happy Hour 5/3 at Urban Eatery
    Small turn out and didn’t draw any new people. May move back to Wakame. Recommend a topic for discussion. Evaluate best ways to promote (flyers, postcard mailing, social media).
  • July newsletter
    • list of committees and how to join / get involved
      • Volunteers to help with communications (web and FB)
    • carpooling program through Metro Transit
    • Movie
    • Wine event
    • status of development projects
  • Movie (8/11 – Frozen)
  • Wine Tasting event (10/11)

Land Use:

    • Calhoun Towers
      Recent public comments (including an editorial in the SWJ, and letters sent to those in office) were shared. The general feeling is that the City is so pro-density and development that resident concerns are not taken seriously. Safety concerns, about emergency vehicle access into this already dense/congested area were raised. Are there other opinions/experts who are able to help share these concerns? Victoria will contact her brother about his experience with FEMA. With the proposed LRT station, emergency access could be a real issue/concern.
    • 2040 discussion
      Public comment deadline is July 22. The board will work on a WCNC comment, but we encourage everyone to comment. If you choose to email comments, be sure to copy elected officials, etc. to broadcast these concerns to a wider net.


  • Update on hotel development Nothing to report. Believe developers are in negotiations with the County regarding the intersection. Current rumor is for a  groundbreaking in September.


  • Minikahda – Golf shop is to be replacement. The shop is categorized as an historic building, but the board felt if the club wanted to rebuild it, they had no issues with that and chose to do no official action.

Environment: No updates


  • Park idea (brought forth by resident, Paul Legler) on county land at France and Lake St (near bus stop). With the growing population of children in that area in particular, and the lack of a neighborhood park, we will be asking our SW parks CAC representative to bring this request forward in the long term park planning.
  • Park dedication fees from current or proposed area development could help us towards larger green space improvements that we are still hoping to bring to fruition. Additionally, we still have our own NRP dollars as mentioned earlier.)
  • Bob Close/Julie Aldrich proposal (landscape architectural work). Needs watershed  district approval, as there is a wetland buffer requirement. We will be updated as soon as possible.

Coordinator’s Report:

  • 2040 info, wine event, communications, community engagement workshop

Officer Elections: A motion was made and seconded for the following nominations. All motions carried.

Chair – Allan Campbell
Vice Chair – Lynette Davis
Treasurer – Tim Musson
Secretary – Jennifer Davie

New Business: A questions was raised regarding  the repair or replacement of railroad ties next to the Greenway (near Cityhomes) and why this work was taking place. No one was sure.

Safety concerns were raised regarding emergency evacuation plans for the areas near the tracks. CIDNA resident, Claire Ruebeck, has detailed knowledge/awareness about this issue.

A resident raised concerns about branches blocking stop and yield signs. These are good situations to report to 311.

Adjourn 7:30pm


May 8, 2018 Minutes

May 8, 2018

Annual Meeting

Speakers: Mayor Frey, Senator Dibble, Representative Hornstein, Council Member Palmisano)

Board Elections: The following were elected to the board for the next year

  • John Bordwell
  • Allan Campbell
  • Jennifer Davie
  • Lynette Davis
  • Victoria Hoshal
  • Jeff Idelkope
  • Richard Logan
  • Tim Musson
  • Michael Sanders
  • Martha Yunker
  • Annie Zager

April 10, 2018 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2018

Attending board members: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Tim Musson, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis, Michael Sanders, Martha Yunker, Jeff Idlekope, Jennifer Davie

Absent:  Annie Zager (excused)

President’s Report: Invitation to May annual meeting

Secretary’s Report: February & March minutes – John/Lynette approved

Treasurer’s Report: Shared about budget reports
Bookkeeper contract Richard/John approved

Committee Reports:


  • Safety walk 4/5/18 with 3 Hennepin County staff members (bike/ped safety, ADA and traffic)
    • Looked at intersections
    • Areas of congestion
    • Dynamic of sidewalks and roadways
      • poles, etc. that narrow/block way
      • no buffer spaces for ped vs cars
      • pedestrian refuges along Lake St.
    • Overuse of Market Plaza and underuse of Excelsior entrance/exit
      • “main” entrance is unmarked and less visible in many ways
      • issues with emergency vehicles and access
      • roadway signage to help awareness (and changing within lot from “access” to “exit”)

Communications, Outreach, Events:

  • Neighborhood Happy Hour 5/3 at Urban Eatery 4-6
  • April Newsletter to print tomorrow
  • Earth Day
    Saturday, April 21 • 9:30-noon
    Bde Maka Ska West (W. 32nd St. and Calhoun Pkwy)

Land Use:

  • Bader EAW meeting 3/26
    • not very high attendance
    • Submitting comments (approved)
    • This Thursday, 4:30 Committee meeting in City Hall. Public welcome to listen (not comment).


  • Greenspace – Allan speaking with Meg Forney. No response from Michael Schroder, Parks Board Planner.  Meeting to be planned with Meg this week (during the day) or in May. Allan will connect with her and the greenspace team to set this up.

Coordinator’s Report:

  • 2020 Roadmap: City Neighborhood and Community Relations Department – future of funding.
    • Online discussion points
    • Need something sent to the city by 4/30.
  • May meeting
    • Mayor Frey
    • Sen. Dibble
    • Possible safety presenter/s
    • Food in process

Hotel Presentation

  • Urban resort hotel. Open to neighborhood, not just hotel guests.
  • 16 month construction after permits. About 2 years from now.
  • Want to promote safety for pedestrians and traffic
  • Added pedestrian corridor (about 22 ft wide and 20 ft tall). Potential for glass “doors” for winter. “Spyhouse-like” cafe and also a restaurant.
  • Floors 1-2, event space. 3-5 hotel. 20 condo units on floor 6 & 7. Floor 8 is amenity deck/restaurant. Fitness center.  Small amenity deck on 3rd floor for hotel guests.
  • 99 hotel rooms, ~20 condo units
  • Base is masonry, brick and glass. Top is stone. Metal accent panels throughout elevation. Recessed balconies in condos.
  • Below ground parking is for the hotel, above ground is for condos. Each condo gets 2 parking spaces. Also valet offsite.
  • Elevation of building is 88-100 ft total.
  • May need to remediate the property for pollution from the gas station.
  • Lobbied to maintain control of median to make it green and nice, not concrete maintained by city.
  • Plans to own and operate the hotel for the long term, not a quick sell-off. Provenance Hotel Group (Top 5 Conde Nast). Just opening a small hotel in Stillwater.

Community Concerns:

  • Does this comply with the Shoreland Overlay Height Ordinance?  Worried about blocking views. Nearby buildings Foundry 68 ft, Loop 55 feet.  Office building is 75-86 feet. Brickstone is 94 ft high.
  • Who is going to sit on the bench on the median? At least there is a tree. Suggest addition of trees on south medians. Wonder about corridor being dark?

SWCA Park Presentation, Colleen O’Dell from the Minneapolis Parks & Rec Board

Southwest service area master plan:

  • Big endeavor. Hasn’t done anything like it in decades (REc centers in the 70s)
  • SW will be the last one done for the city, then all will have master plans.
  • New funding agreement with city, and trying to find out with people in the community want.
  • We can weigh in on the smaller parks in the SW. Not just in our neighborhood, also CIDNA and Linden Hills.
  • Summer of community engagement events
  • Come up with designs for parks, then get community feedback.
  • Land swap and purchasing is on the table
  • Artists will be involved for engagement
  • We can nominate one member to the CAC: Jana has been elected
    • Jana Griffin – Linden Hills. Renter, biker. How are we going to make sure everyone can access 43 parks and 14 rece centers? Trolley Path connect waveland triangle and Linden Hills park to Lake Harriet (bike/pedestrian path).  On the zoning committee in LH. Concerned about density. For parks, the more that can access, the better. 15 board members total (2 renters).
    • Steve Goldtry – CIDNA board. A few small parks there. Was on planning committee for Theodore Wirth park (long term planning). Background in architecture and urban planning. How to link parks for surrounding neighborhoods. Concerned about parks absorbing public density. Can you see it? Will new structures create too much shade? Must have developers think ahead.
  • What might be needed?
    • Not many soccer fields (we have lots of baseball fields).
    • Could we have the Greenspace be classified as a park?

New Business:

Adjourn 7:40pm


March 13, 2018 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2018

Attending board members: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Martha Yunker, John Bordwell,  Jennifer Davie

Absent: Jeff Idlekope, Tim Musson, Annie Zager, , Lynette Davis, Michael Sander, Dan Colvin

President’s Report: 2017 Annual Report was not approved. No quorum

Secretary’s Report: February minutes were not approved. No quorum

Treasurer’s Report: Bookkeeper Update – Rachel into Quickbooks. Nikki got updated amendment from the city today, and the 2018 CPP budget will go up to about $100,000 (currently ~$81,000). We owe the city a $7,000 advance. Waiting on contract for the Greenspace so we can be reimbursed. Same with utility boxes.

Committee Reports:


  • Safety Resolution with CIDNA – CIDNA unlikely to pass a resolution similar to ours. Board should vote to amend “Joint” Safety Resolution to take out “Joint” and parenthetical about CIDNA funding some changes. No quorum, so will do an e-vote.
  • Traffic Meeting Recap with City, County, and Park Board – Going to look at Dean/Lake intersection and likely move pedestrian crossing on the west side of the street (add Do Not Cross sign). Will look at traffic/pedestrian/bike organization at that corner. Consider adding right turn arrows. Consider signs facing eastbound on Lake to give warning for lanes to choose for upcoming streets (overhanging or on poles). Considering alerts for pedestrian and bike crossing, but worry they won’t have much effect. Follow up walk through of the Calhoun Commons/Market Plaza area, with attention to sidewalks. Request a buffer white line on Excelsior. Want to move Nice Ride station, but they have not been responsive to the idea. How could we use our safety money? Traffic calming on Excelsior. But, if the hotel moves forward, they might do those improvements or contribute to them. Holding on this idea. Brick sidewalk crossing treatments? County is not sure about this. Red fades. Considering zebra stripes for these crossings in the future. Can we add an electronic speed monitor going each way? Tried it, but did not notice a slowdown.

Communications, Outreach, Events:

  • Neighborhood Happy Hour
    • February HH not well attended
    • Next one: May (after Annual Meeting)- consider Urban Eatery? Nikki will talk to them
  • April Newsletter Topics
    • Earth Day, Movie- Frozen 8/11, May Annual Meeting
  • Can we get info on our meetings/events into apartment newsletters (e.g., Be, Greenway, Cal Towers…)?
  • Create a Facebook Event, could also “promote” it
  • Take an evening at each major apartment complex to have a table at the lobby to sign up for emails/facebook and get a snack or raffle entry or something?

Land Use:

  • Recent meeting updates
  • Late March/Early April – hosting public information session regarding the Calhoun Towers project (details to come)
  • Letter to Bader – Martha will take over from Annie


  • Stenciling on Earth Day
  • Greenspace
  • Midtown Greenway Coalition
    • GLOW event in the summer – art fair, bike ride, gets people on the Greenway.
    • Opposing last phase of Calhoun Towers, as it will shade the Greenway. Want a shading study.
    • Want a low impact streetcar rather than a Light-rail. Want more signs and benches. Want to expand to St Paul.

Coordinator’s Report:

  • Sponsorship Workshop
    • Approval of Workshop class ($125, shared with ANA) – Approved
    • Workshop learnings – Build relationships! Vision Zero – City Public Works: integrating groups to affect pedestrian/cyclist safety.

New Business:


February 13, 2018 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2018

Attending board members: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Jeff Idlekope, Tim Musson, Annie Zager, Lynette Davis, Michael Sanders, Martha Yunker, Dan Colvin, Jennifer Davie

Absent: John Bordwell (excused)

Plus many residents and Council Member Linea Palmisano

Secretary’s Report: The December and January meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Accounting will now be done by Nikki with support from a bookkeeper. The final CPP payment from the City for 2017 has been received.

ECCO presentation by Tamara Kaiser and Eric Storlie.

  • They asked for our support in their appeal of the approvals granted to the developers of the Sons of Norway site for up to R6 zoning along 31st Street.
  • They want to maintain the current zoning which provides for a transition in height to the neighborhood. This appeal comes before the city council on Thursday, February 15.
  • The effects on traffic from added density in the Lake and Hennepin area will be felt in our neighborhood.

Their request was considered by the board, but no action was taken.

Hotel presentation by Gretchen Camp of ESG Architects, and Elevage.

  • The conceptual design for the public green areas and pedestrian crossings was presented. The hotel would take responsibility for planting and maintaining this green space.
  • The low height of plantings was explained as necessary for car site lines. This was questioned based on Excelsior and Grand.
  • The site is organized to have 2 curb cuts with only right turns in and out. This replaces 6 for the gas station.
  • Hotel to be 8 stories with 100 rooms and 2 floors of condos at the top.
  • There will be a restaurant at ground level and possibly the terrace level.
  • Parking will be below grade. There will be 85 parking spaces.
  • The traffic study was presented indicating a reduction of traffic. This was questioned. The explanation was that the hotel is a destination; the gas station a service.


Resident objections were made to the validity of the traffic study, the ‘wall’ to and from the lake the hotel would create, the failure to meet the Shoreland Overlay District height restrictions which guard the natural amenity of the lake. The advantage of a local bar/restaurant destination, similar to the Hewing Hotel in the North Loop, was noted. This type of amenity would be a contribution to the quality of the neighborhood. Discussion had to be curtailed due to time constraints.


Calhoun Towers Bader Proposal discussion.

City will do the traffic study and the environmental study. Considerable strong opposition to the project on the basis of too much density, too little parking, and especially the negative impact on the already bad traffic situation which also includes fire truck access, Councilmember Palmisano explained that the city is in favor of density to benefit the quality of the city in general and the tax base. Density has not been defined by the Planning Commission. The possibility of further neighborhood meetings regarding the project was brought up but nothing definite planned. The question of how to get feedback to Bader and the city was raised. March 8 is a planning meeting on the environmental study. This meeting is of the Committee of the Whole. Citizens may listen but cannot participate. April will likely be the time of the first public hearing on the project. Discussion had to be curtailed due to time constraints.


The joint WCNA-CIDNA Resolutions on traffic were approved. Richard explained that the resolutions call for better lane markings to direct cars to proper lanes, overhung signage before the Dean Parkway intersection to direct traffic to the proper lanes, and warning signs for pedestrians and bicycles, among other things.


There will be a Happy Hour at Wakame on February 22. WCNC will provide appetizers.


January 9, 2018 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum

Date: 1.9.18

Called to order: 6:04pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, Chair

Note taker: Nikki Lindberg

In attendance: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, John Bordwell, Annie Zager, Lynette Davis

Note: There was no quorum, so no actions were taken

Absent: Michael Sanders (excused); Jeff Idelkope (excused); Martha Yunker (excused); Tim Musson (excused); Jennifer Davie, Dan Colvin

Others present: Nikki Lindberg, Louise Campbell; Linea Palmisano and aide; Stephen Goltry and Michael Wilson from WCNC-CIDNA Joint Safety Committee; Rog Adams; George Ephram;  Southwest Journal reporter Michelle Burke. total non-board (20);

Guest Presenters

  • Hennepin County Traffic, Drew McGovern – Lake/Excelsior
    • Received grant funds (via the Met Council). Main focus: bike and ped safety. Project will shorten ped distances and add refuge areas; ADA upgrades. Jan/Feb starting public involvement. 60% of plan by April–go for bid in 2019–construction June 2019.
    • Issues raised: Not responding to any additional traffic (Calhoun Towers project, etc.); should look at the need for better signage for Lake westbound to help reduce lane changes, esp. heading into that area.
    • Safety concerns also very important is the crossing of Lake at Market.
    • Concerns about how many folks need to do u-turns to access properties along Lake (design reduces left lane access, but may need to lengthen)
    • WCNC/CIDNA traffic resolution to be presented later in meeting
    • Calhoun Village plans for traffic (also should be considered)
    • Corridor (5 year CIP) — annual reranking of projects
  • Boutique hotel at Lake/Excelsior (replacing current BP) Gretchen Camp, ESG and Corey, Elevage Group
    • Current site has 6 access points. Proposal with have one access point off each Lake & Excel.
    • Parking up and down. 100 seat smaller restaurant (prob first floor, maybe second).
    • 1 option 10 story sitting on base; with outdoor decking
    • 2 option 12 story building; not as long (more slender tower)
    • 120 rooms for the project; assumption of use (70% occupancy + restaurant) 150 guests?  (to be compared to gas station use)
    • Want something unique/iconic for the neighborhood (maybe heavy glass); with a sense of motion/dynamic
    • Small conference center and business center on second; third is the decking level (SRF will be starting a traffic study) should have that info at February meeting.
    • In shoreline overlay district; allows 35 ft, project would be 100+ feet
    • Hospitality market study underway
    • Site as a gas station; will be addressing and cleaning up as needed
    • Linea Palmisano noted a recent shoreline denial for a 4-story in Lake Harriet area; Shoreline rules adopted in 1988 – most of area tall development built prior to that date
    • Zoned C3A
    • Contextual elevation for future presentation (so sense of how it fits in with existing structures, etc)
    • Resident concerns about the trajectory; visual impact; density
    • Provenance Hotels (hotel owner) working on a project in Stillwater too (only 40 rooms, but loved the location/project)
    • Parking (115 stalls)
    • Want to make some spaces more open to the public with areas people can come to enjoy the location (have a coffee and work)
    • WCNC February meeting – the will come back with preliminary traffic report; more building concepts; visual context
  • Bigos – Jeffery Flake, Calhoun Greenway parking ramp project
    • Space currently surrounded by their 3 buildings (and then Bader project); and want to turn small (60 space lot) into two layers of parking, adding 90 spaces for residents (dig down a little and then adding a level up)
    • Approved on consent
    • Ultimately barely visible from the street
    • Richard is a resident – and happy to see them addressing a serious parking problem; Bigos doing this because they feel it affects their rental; already a parking crunch in the area

President Report – Allan Campbell


Secretary Report

Unable to approve (no quorum)

Treasurer Report –

Mobius Contract

  • Those present in favor option 3

Events & Communications

  • Newsletter – finishing up
    • Happy Hour for neighborhood 2/22
  • Business happy hour tbd
  • Safety – whistles received
  • Banners (Annie); possibly in connection with lighting; could do seasonally
    • Effects: traffic calming; identity building
    • $6,000 estimate for 2 sets (double sided) banners along Lake/Excel (includes brackets, banners, installation); this would do 20 banners
    • May want to wait until lighting is determined; but lighting options are limited with the City, and because of LRT everything has been put on hold…
  • Movies in the Park – we can’t use CPP funds for movies; so we need to decide if we want to still host one. If so, we need to fundraise or find a sponsor. We want to do it…so we will figure out the funding. Cost is $450.


  • CIDNA and WCNC presented 9 resolutions for safety. We will have to do an e-vote once CINDA approves, as we do not have quorum


  • Updates with Michael — hope to have more details soon, but he will be bringing the project to the Park Board in February or March with a proposal to keep the project moving forward


  • Invasive species mitigation – we can enter into a park board agreement

Land Use

  • Linea asked to come in February (Calhoun Towers)

Coordinator’s Report

  • Nothing to add

Announcements & New Business

  • Jacob Frey event
  • Loppet – board hasn’t been contacted, so no plans for involvement this year
  • Calhoun Towers (resident concerns – rent increases during construction, etc) issues of ground quality

Meeting adjourned: 7:39pm

Submitted by: Nikki Lindberg

December 12, 2017 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Bakken Museum


Date: December 12, 2017

Called to order: 6:02pm

Presided by: Allan Campbell, President

Note taker: Jennifer Davie

In attendance: Board: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, John Bordwell, Lynette Davis, Jennifer Davie, Dan Colvin, Tim Musson, Jeff Idelkope; Other: Nikki Lindberg, Brad Bourn (Park Commissioner), Meg Forney (Park Commissioner)

Board Members not in Attendance: Martha Yunker, Michael Sanders, Annie Zager

Secretary Report

  • Richard moved to approve the November minutes. Seconded by John. Motion carries.

Park Commissioner – Brad Bourn

  • $3 million for Southern Chain of Lakes. First major improvements in about 15-20 years (Lake Harriet bandshell painted).
  • Crossing by Tin Fish mostly done.
  • WWI Memorial wrapping up now.
  • Ball field – Greenspace. Working with Michael Schroeder to do improvements there regarding drainage. Storm water drainage within parks crosses jurisdictions.
  • Park board pays a storm drainage fee to the city of Minneapolis. Richard mentioned worries about litter going to the lake. We are Minnehaha Creek Watershed
  • County voted on changing the name to Bde Maka Ska. Going to DNR and US Board of Geographic Names.
  • Old Tin Fish space will be Lola’s by the Lake – seafood and BBQ (5 year contract). Tin Fish did not expand contract when offered. 3 employees wanted to take over (city asks for 12.5% gross revenue and capital investment), but margins didn’t work for them (they were getting double franchise fee for Tin Fish name and to those retiring – $100,000/yr additional expenses). Possible other “grab and go” locations around the lake, TBD.
  • Richard brought up the need to think of driving congestion and parking problems before considering any additions to this area (i.e., sailing school).
  • Skate Park Master Plan meeting in November at Park Board. Concerns: regional park. Keep green space green. The plan is not set in stone.
  • Allan – Invasive species: buckthorn and garlic mustard. “Orphan of Minneapolis Park Board” – no one owns it. Cedar Lake brought in goats – incredibly effective! Cleared in 3 days what mechanical clearing would do in months. Need to do it over and over again to “traumatize” the plant, because you are not pulling it out by the roots. Surly had some buckthorn removal specialists. ~$30 per person per hour gets expensive. Park Board has a stewardship agreement. Nikki can get in touch with Jeremy Verick and Sherry Brooks to set up a project. Park Board provides Weed Wrenches. Can “adopt” an area to work on it. Some areas have about 5 people come out every week. Tim and John interested in this issue.
  • Latrisha Vetaw and Londel French were both elected city-wide. Could also contact Meg and Brad Bourn

Treasurer Report

  • Need to reup contract with Mobius (accountant services) in January. We pay $600/month now. When they were setting systems up, it was work it. Might not be now.

Committee Reports

Communications, Outreach, Events


    • Newsletter – January – Articles due by 12/22.
      • Safety Walk Recap – Richard
      • Enviro Corner – Tim
      • Utility Box Wrap – Allan (graffiti remover from fire station)
      • CPM being approved, Calhoun Towers moving forward in planning process
      • Upcoming events: Loppet in January- call for volunteers
      • Need a means of reporting safety concerns (gunpoint at Minnekada, car break-ins, etc). Could bring in Jennifer to talk safety in February.
      • Jenny is happy to edit the overall newsletter
    • Website: Nikki and Allan have access. Richard will get access.
    • Facebook – Nikki
    • eNews – Nikki
    • Nextdoor
    • Kiosk – Richard. Plexiglass getting clouded (Abbott and Chowen by Greenway, where LRT will be)


    • Businesses glad to hear we share their concerns about lighting, safety, etc.
    • Living Complexes – we will have business cards in new resident packets
    • Utility Box Wraps


    • Earth Day (stenciling) – Tim. Could we get Surly Gives a Damn involved?
    • Movie in the Park – Allan
    • National Night Out – Annie. In the greenspace and block off the blvd? Food trucks.
    • Wine Tasting Event – Annie. Looking at October 2018. Anything we directly sell or from the website, we get the proceeds for. We didn’t get any of the other profits, but maybe we could this time.
    • Happy Hours – do them more regularly? At least quarterly? Wakame. Maybe separate one for businesses? – Dan


    • Whistles Ordered
    • ADA and Sidewalks
      • Richard met with ADA Compliance Specialist – Nick No. He agreed that that like of old lampposts really do impede movement on the sidewalk. He is following up.
    • Allan forwarded email – Drew McGovern from the county will be able to come to January meeting to discuss plans for improvement on intersection of Lake and Excelsior
    • Lake Street: Meg talked to Marion Green, widened path for walking by taking 1 foot out of each lane. Don’t take off edges for new changes, create a traffic-calming boulevard.


    • Michael Schroeder has not gotten back to us on MOU
    • Meg: Passed master plan with skate park at greenspace, no capital money for this to happen. If there is community and/or commissioner backing to move forward, it could happen. Two master plans: 1 is skatepark, 1 is lake harriet/calhoun. It’s important for all of us to stay ahead of it and speak out if we feel strongly. 9 member board. Only 3 are returning (including member who initiated skate park). We need to influence 6 new members. We’d need a replacement plan. Want to keep it a spontaneous use green space. Critical to watershed. Do not be “anti-skate park.” Be pro other things.  Sailing school more likely than skate park.


Land Use

    • Allan’s letter to Bader
      • Richard moved to approve, Lynette seconds. Motion carries.
    • CPM hearing 12/4 update
    • Bigos parking ramp

Coordinator’s Report

  • Business Cards

This concluded our business portion of the regular meeting.

Meeting adjourned: 7:41 pm

Submitted by: Jennifer Davie


November 14, 2017 Minutes

West Calhoun Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Bakken Museum
Date: November 14, 2017
Called to order: 6:02pm
Presided by: Allan Campbell, President
Note taker: Nikki Lindberg
In attendance: Board: Allan Campbell, Richard Logan, Martha Yunker, John Bordwell, Michael Sanders, Lynette Davis, Jennifer Davie; Other: Nikki Lindberg, several people for the Bader Development presentation, Kendal Killian (Ward 13 Aide)

Secretary Report

  • Richard moved to approve the October minutes. Seconded by Michael. Motion carries.

Treasurer Report

  • Financial reports were emailed to the board
  • John requested that we talk about cost of accountant services at our December meeting. Our contract with Mobius is up at the end of the year.
  • Martha moved to enable the Vice Chair (Richard Logan) to approved payments. John seconded. Motion carries.
  • Richard moved to approve the language changes below. These changes will allow for us to leverage public space improvement dollars for the utility box wraps. John seconded. Motion carries.

NRP Phase II – – Public Greenspace Enhancement and Amenities

Implement the recommendations of the Lake Harriet/Lake Calhoun Master Plan. This will include legacy improvements to this community space, especially the green space at W. 32nd and Calhoun Parkway. Improvements also may be made to other public spaces throughout the West Calhoun neighborhood.

CPP Phase III – 2.1.2 – Neighborhood Green Space

Improve the neighborhood greenspaces, especially the green space near W 32nd and Calhoun Parkway.  Improvements also may be made to other public spaces throughout the West Calhoun neighborhood.

Committee Reports

Communications, Outreach, Events

    • New email sign-up drawing, winner for October: Emily Zniewski
    • Wine Tasting event (2018 involvement) – We need to decide on our future involvement. Took a fair amount of Nikki’s time, raised little money. But is a great event. The only fundraiser we currently are involved in. We could look to having a volunteer on the committee. We could have more intentional ticket sales to increase our funds raised. Discussion by event committee to include involved neighborhoods in split of general dollars.
    • Status of Utility Box Covers – all permits gathered, should be installing as weather permits, language change will allow us to pay for via City.
    • Next printed newsletter – January


  • Michael moved to reorder whistles (800 qty / $645). John seconded. Motion carries.
  • Safety Walk recap – From the walk, we have identified issues at each intersection and problem areas around the neighborhood. Calhoun Commons will work with us to help rework traffic patterns. The ADA person with NCR is coming Monday to look at some of the areas of concern. Traffic calming a top priority and we’d like to make our neighborhood a visibly pedestrian-friendly area.

Greenspace still waiting for a response from the Park Board

Coordinator’s Report

  • MCN ( offers great workshops (like the grant writing program that Nikki and Richard attended). An organization we should probably belong to in order to take advantage of class discounts and other resources they offer.
  • Board retreat recap: Top priorities for the next year focus on traffic calming and pedestrian safety (sidewalk compliance, area lighting). We will also look into hosting a National Night Out event, as well as increasing our engagement with residents and business. Like to do drain stenciling, perhaps in conjunction with Earth Day.
  • We will be receiving mail at the Bakken moving forward. We will have basic business cards created so board members have a way to share our contact info.

This concluded our business portion of the regular meeting.

A representative from Hennepin County Public Works mentioned that our neighborhood would be contacted early next year for engagement around improvements coming to the Excelsior & Lake intersection.

Calhoun Towers Project Presentation

  • Bader Development is a multi-generational business, operating for over 60 years
  • Steven Scott Management manages several of their facilities
  • Recent project examples: The Eclipse, Shorham, 700 Central, 1700 Plymouth (near Ridgedale)
  • Bader purchased Calhoun Towers and the surrounding land (5 acres) in December 2016
  • Initially focused on deferred maintenance, and moving into unit renovation as well as adding units to the top floor. (Going from 108 units to 113.)
  • The Calhoun Towers Project, at the earliest, would break ground fall of 2018
  • This project is a transit focused development, and hinges heavily on the proposed LRT
  • Presentation team had members from Bader Development as well as architects, interior designers, landscape architects, management company, and some City staff.
  • They consider themselves a neighborhood builder, and prioritize safety and pedestrian issues
  • The project attempts to meet the objectives of the Met Council and City of Minneapolis to promote transit use, density, and a more sustainable city
  • The project would add the following (bringing total units to 800+)
    • 2 additional towers similar to the current structure (22 stories)
    • 2 additional 6-story structures
    • Walk up unites
    • Parking ramp
  • The parking ramp would be constructed as part of Phase 1 and will be designed in a way to be repurposed in the future as parking needs subside due to transit use.
  • Design incorporates transitions from the LRT stop to the neighborhood.
  • There would be an realignment of 31st St
  • No numbers yet on how many parking stall would be constructed. Current City recommendation is .5 for each unit.
  • Project is designated a Planned Unit Development (PUD). Must follow several rules, but then don’t have to get variances, etc.
  • Although final aesthetics haven’t been determined, the overall plan is to have green spaces, public thoroughfares, sculpture, etc. Focus on sustainable and low-maintenance materials. Crime prevention through environmental design.
  • The LRT will block off residents to the north from most of the neighborhood amenities (no proposed plan to help create a cross over)
  • May be able to negotiate a better passage to Whole Foods and Calhoun Commons from this project area.
  • A traffic study is being conducted. Many concerns raised about the already limited parking in our neighborhood, and the congestion that is particularly bad a rush hour. This project, in conjunction with LRT, would mean a lot more people, and thus a lot more cars and buses in our area.
  • An environmental impact study is also underway.
  • Comments shared about the exterior design (to consider something more forward thinking versus “classic”).
  • Everything is in the very early stages of development, and no approvals have been officially submitted or granted at this point.

7:33 – Adjourn

Meeting adjourned: 7:29pmSubmitted by: Nikki Lindberg