Proposed New Developments

Building with Micro Apartments Approved on 31st Street

At a December 4th public hearing, the City Planning Commission approved a 15-unit, three-story apartment building at 3823 West 31st Street. The building will be a Transit Oriented Development consisting entirely of micro studio apartments ranging in size from 360 to 575 square feet, with five outdoor parking spaces. At the hearing your Council and area residents raised concerns about the limited amount of proposed parking on a street where there is already a shortage of parking spaces. However, the Commission unanimously approved the project as proposed.


Developer Exploring Additional High Rises at Calhoun Towers

Bader Development, which purchased Calhoun Towers in December 2016, is currently applying for a grant to investigate required mediation of the property for residential development.

The company presented  a concept plan for the site at the November West Calhoun Neighborhood Council meeting. Bader is proposing up to 739 additional transportation-oriented rental units to be built over a 3-to-5 year time frame adjacent to the proposed West Lake light rail station.


Bigos Parking Ramp Approved for Chowen Avenue

On January 8th, the City Planning Commission approved an application from Bigos Be Calhoun LLC for a two-story parking structure at 3121 Chowen Avenue.  The ramp will increase the number of parking spaces for the 202-unit apartment building to 227.




Boutique Hotel for BP Station Site?

Elevage Development Group has created concept plans for a hotel to replace the existing service station at the Lake/Excelsior intersection. Alternative concept plans were presented at our January 9th council meeting to obtain neighborhood feedback.


Highway Improvements Planned for Lake/Excelsior Intersection

The Hennepin County Transportation Department has developed plans for realignment and addition of greenery intended  to make the intersection safer for pedestrians and motorists. The plan was presented at the January 9th neighborhood council meeting.


West Calhoun Phase II Neighborhood Action Plan Receives Approval

On December 19, 2016, the City’s Neighborhood Revitalization Policy Board approved $258,994 in funding to our neighborhood council. As required by program rules, 70% of the money must be used for housing. West Calhoun will meet this obligation by lending money to the Non-Profit Assistance Fund for affordable housing support.

The remaining 30% will be split between public greenspace enhancement and amenities, which could be used for drainage and improvements to our park space, and safety improvements, especially those recommended by the Multi-Modal Transportation Study.

Residents with ideas for projects are invited to share them with the board at our regular meetings every second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM in the Bakken Museum.

Market Plaza Congestion Tips

Traffic congestion on Market Plaza has become heavy and dangerous to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, especially at rush hours. It also impedes both fire and ambulance vehicles, which raises additional serious public safety issues.

The joint CIDNA – West Calhoun Safety Committee has documented that a great deal of this congestion is caused by overuse of the Market Plaza access to the Commons; below are some tips to better navigate this popular neighborhood destination.

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Multi-Modal Transportation Study Awaiting Implementation

The City and County completed a Multi-Modal Transportation study in February 2016 to determine what improvements are needed to enable safe access to the proposed West Lake light rail station by multiple modes including foot, bicycle, bus and automobile. While some improvements will be funded by a portion of the $30 million the City negotiated with the Metropolitan Council in the light rail consent process, others still need funding sources.

Calhoun-Harriet Master Plan Recommendations Released


On December 21, 2016, the City Park and Recreation Board released a “Calhoun/Bde Maka Ska-Harriet Trail and Access Improvements Study Report” with recommendations for near-term projects, which can be viewed here.

These proposed projects do not include any improvements in our neighborhood beyond some trail repaving work. However in May 2016 the Board had produced recommendations for a total redesign of park land with new uses in the West Calhoun neighborhood, which can be viewed here.

This redesign could take place in stages over many years, but is dependent on additional funding.