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West Lake Station and West Lake Quarter Construction Well Underway

Since April, residents of West Maka Ska have been seeing the construction activity and hearing the noise as work on the West Lake Station of the Southwest Light Rail Line is underway directly across the street from West Lake Quarter (formerly Calhoun Towers), where a new parking ramp and 7-story apartment building are going up. Plans call for the apartment building to be available for rental in July 2022.  The timing for construction of a planned 23-story apartment building remains uncertain, but the concept plan calls for eventual construction of three mid-rise apartment buildings together with the high rise.

Abbott and Chowen Avenues are now dead end streets and will remain so well into 2022 when they will be reconnected by a new 31st Street running in front of the light rail station. The route of the Cedar Lake bike trail has been adjusted to make way for construction activity, but access to the trail remains available. Construction activity is limited by the City to 7AM to 6PM Monday through Friday, but exceptions may be allowed to accommodate unexpected needs.

As a result of unexpected soil conditions where a tunnel is being constructed to the north of West Maka Ska, heavy construction on the light rail line is now expected to extend into 2023 with the beginning of passenger service delayed well beyond the previously scheduled 2023 start date.

For more information about activity, please see:

Residents who have questions about construction or see potentially hazardous conditions should call the Construction Hotline at 612-373-3933

Following are links to documentation on the history of the West Lake Quarter project.

74-Unit Apartment Building Approved at Lake & Excelsior BP Gas Station Site

On June 28th the City Planning Commission gave approval to the Elevage and Bader development companies to build a 9-story 74-unit apartment building on the site where two years earlier they had approved a 100-unit hotel with 20 condominium units. Current plans call for a small restaurant or coffee shop on the first floor and 104 stalls for resident parking. The building will have a height of 119′ compared with 114′ previously approved for the hotel.

Here is a link to the Planning Commission staff report:–PLAN12796-3012ExcelsiorBlvd.pdf/58304/2582/3012%20Excelsior%20Blvd

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